Embarking On A Maiden Voyage Is Scary

Embarking On A Maiden Voyage Is Scary

I hope this finds you somewhere warm and feeling a moment of peace in your day. That is always my hope as I type these love notes to you. When you read this, you feel a little tension subside and it's like a warm hug. Let your shoulders relax a bit and feel that now. 

Deep breath, heart expanding, aaaaahhhh.....

Nice job! 

That felt good.

Encouraging You To Do Something A Little Risky

I want to share with you a quick insight and offer encouragement to you if you've ever considered doing something a little risky before.

Last night I taught my first art class.

You might be thinking, "big whoop. You're an artist. So what?" 

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But what I want you to know is that this is embarking way out of my comfort zone. It is a place I have never ventured to go before now.

Uncharted waters, me at the helm, no real experience per se.

This is something I have a million reasons never to do in my life. 

The Story of Not Being Good Enough

Like most of us, I have my own story of not being good enough, smart enough or experienced enough to call myself an expert or a teacher.  I have that nagging fear of being found out as a fraud, a poser, someone who is just faking it. 

So when I felt the strong inspiration to teach an art class, one that was unique, delved deep into self-love, creativity, fun and magic, I knew it was totally what I wanted to do. My heart just lit up!

Then came the doubts.

I'm not a teacher and I never went to art school, so right there my fear of failing found a whole lot of evidence to support it's case. 

But to make a long and familiar story short, I did it anyway

I decided to put an invitation out to a few friends. Women I knew that trusted me and would be delighted at the chance to paint together.

I played it safe in that way and that felt good.

The response was a BIG YES

It was on!

The Heat Is On!

I've been transforming the studio space ever so slowly since we moved in, but now I had a deadline!

The day of the 1st class came and even though the space was set, I started to get pretty nervous and ask myself silly questions like, "who do you think you are? This is going to be a disaster." 

You know the ones. Not cool.

It was classic doubt creeping in, but the great thing about putting yourself out there is that you can't undo it. Your people are expecting you to show up. 

So I talked myself into trusting the process, practicing what I preach and all. One step at a time.

And the first class was super fun!

Once we got going, it was hard to stop!

One of my students even said "This gave me more happiness than I've felt in a long time."


What if I had not dared to teach? 

What if I let the voice of doubt be right?

Tragic, don't you think?

What Are You Inspired To Do?

So, I ask you now, where are you wanting to offer something uniquely YOU, but you are scared of not getting it right, being laughed at, flopping?

Where are you really wanting to shine, but afraid of some backlash?

It could show up anywhere in your life. You could feel inspired to do something romantic for someone and the fear of being laughed at is just too much to bear. 

Well, I am here to tell you in no uncertain terms, screw that.

You never know until you try.

And so what? We've all fallen on our faces before and we continue to live on.

Take A Chance

Listen to that quiet whisper inside that's actually encouraging you and tell that annoying voice of fear and doubt to take a hike for a while.

Because the truth is your love changes the world.

Period.  And your fear is not doing anyone any favors!

It's time, my dear and I am right here cheering you on!!!

Go for it!

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