Can We Avoid The Changes and Challenges That Happen In This Crazy World?

Being Masterfully Human: Passing Human Mastery 101

"Life is not about being a master in a human body,
but being a human masterfully!"

Who said that if you lived consciously nothing bad or challenging would ever happen to you? Who told you would never get sick, have a lover leave you, have a loved one die, have a car accident, or make a bad choice, huh? Who ever said that walking the spiritual path would be a piece of cake, easy as pie? Come on now, stand up, and let's take a look at your life, because I could use a good example to follow.

When a friend asks you how you are, do you hide the fact you might feel miserable that day? Do you respond to your friends by saying "Hey I am great, it's all perfect!" Why do we hide the truth and hide ourselves from each other. Why are we so afraid of being judged for being human, for having a down day.

How often have you felt like eating a pint of ice cream and hid the carton at the bottom of the shopping cart away from the curious eyes? Why is it that we do not allow each other to be human with all our amazing qualities and frailties? Where is the non-judgment, the compassion, and why is it that having human vulnerabilities means you're not on a spiritual path, not heading for spiritual graduation?

Human Mastery 101

Welcome everyone to HUMAN MASTERY 101. I'll have to say that at times I felt I was not getting good grades in this class. In fact sometimes I felt like I was failing altogether and wishing I could drop the course. Guess I have been judging myself.

But the fact is that if you and I are in a human body we are not getting out of this class without a few major challenges, illnesses and bad choices. And YES, we will get judged for these at the very time we need support.

So what do we do, we try harder to be perfect and work harder to hide our human vulnerabilities. But soon the law called "being human" rears its ugly head and takes us down another peg, another wrung of the ladder, with the next challenge. Sometimes don't you wish you could stick your head in the sand to avoid further persecution? But sadly we can not avoid persecution from ourselves.

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A World of Polarity, Not Neutrality

From the world's major religions to New Age thought, we have bought into the subtle program that we must be perfect, live a balanced life to warrant a graduating degree in HUMAN MASTERY 101. The paradox is our world is a world of polarity, not neutrality.

Being balanced 100% of the time in this reality really means you are stuck -- not growing -- or dead. If you think your life is balanced all the time, you are in denial, and running as hard as you can from the challenges chasing you down. But guess what? The conflict and challenge that we are embarrassed to have in our lives, or try to avoid, are the very spiritual fuel that makes us all grow stronger toward Mastery.

So my big question here is how can we be super human, ascended masters and the pure embodiment of an angel while being human in a dualistic world? Now this is the test, the challenge, and the ironic joke the creator has given us to figure out. And I don't have any answers myself yet.

Finding Good Examples to Follow

Like I said before, I need a good example to follow. If it is possible to be masterful in this dualistic world then surely there is some example of this happening in history. So I complied a quick list of those I felt are top shelf, got the Grammy, the Oscar, really did it right in their life. Off the top of my head I thought of Jesus, the Dalai Lama, St. Francis, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Joan of Arc, and Mother Theresa.

I began at the top of my list with Jesus, a master teacher of love and compassion, but didn't he create a situation in his life in which a good buddy, one of his own disciples, betrayed him and this betrayal cost him his life at the hand of his own people? Hummm. Wow, he must have really been out of balance the day they hung him on the cross. Why did he attract that to his life?  OK... next one.

His Holiness, The Dalai Lama, is a beautiful being with the purest of hearts and the most beautiful teaching of love and compassion. There is hardly anyone on the planet he has not touched thanks to modern media. But yet with all his sincerity, ceremony, sand mandalas, political clout, Nobel Peace Prize and a entire lineage of incredible power he could not save Tibet and still can not save his people from daily torture. Hummm? Did he forget to meditate the day the Chinese took over Tibet, did he mess up one of those sand mandalas creating/attracting to himself such a horrible outcome? Next?

OK, let's look at those who taught and lived non-violence, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Oh yeah, they both attracted violent murderous deaths. Now how did that happen? Gandhi freed India and Dr. King freed the African Americans from racial segregation. But they both got a fatal bullet. Now that doesn't seem right does it?

Joan of Arc -- granted she was a little strange, led by intense visions from spirit, but she won great battles for France. Oh yeah? They burned her at the stake as a witch. Mother Theresa, now how about her? She gave up all personal desires to heal the poorest of poor, but she got sick and died. And St. Francis gave up everything for peace and love and was never accepted for it in his lifetime and lost what little he did have.

So who said if you are a master you do not attract any bad, challenging or hard situations to you? I don't get it. If we think these ones are saints, masters and great examples to follow then why do we judge our friends for having a frail moment, week or month? And why do we judge ourselves just as badly?

What Makes One A Master, An Angel or Saint?

Do you know what makes one a Master, an angel or saint? It is not the absence of challenge but the right reaction to challenge that makes us masters of our human existence. If we act using what we know is right, unconditionally in light of hard challenges, that is mastery.

We honor Jesus, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, His Holiness and the rest for their enlightened behaviors based on their truth principles. This is why we honor them.

Jesus taught love and non-judgment even while hung on the cross. Now that had to be a hard to do. The Dalai Lama still smiles and practices non-violence and compassion even though the Chinese still today torture his people. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi both doubted their teachings, wondering if the world was ready for what they had to offer, but they kept on until someone judged them so much they took them out. They acted the best they could, with what they had to work with based on their truth principles.

How could we live perfectly balanced when so much of the population is waging war, committing murder, suffering, and starving? If we think we can separate ourselves from the collective and become masters over the material world, well I don't think so, unless you are a monk in a cave in the Himalayas. Even then, you would be challenged by yourself.

I think we are all capable of AMAZING deeds and actions, but I think we are being a little idealist and maybe not very authentic to think we can avoid the changes and challenges that happen in this crazy world. Maybe if we want to pass HUMAN MASTERY 101, it is as simple as reacting with love when faced with hate, when faced with anger react with peace, when there is judgment react with compassion.

Being A Human Masterfully

Life is not about being a master in a human body, but being a human masterfully! Maybe our challenges are masterful tests so we have the opportunity to put into action the truth principles we personally believe in. Maybe, just maybe, the greater the test we attract the stronger we are and the closer we are to passing final exams.

So if you are having bad day, bad week, bad life -- hey get over it. Own it, and decide to act rightly to the best of your ability with what you have and learn from the experience. And if you mess up -- again... FORGIVE YOURSELF and go on and remember no one out there is getting it right all the time even though they would like you to think so.

We are not superhuman, at least not all the time. We get tired, feel ill, get angry or sad. It is part of living in a dualistic world. On good days we are all heroes, masters, saints, and angels, and these are great days to be honored and celebrated. But remember to honor the courage it takes us everyday to face our lives when the picture is not so pretty.

Celebrate the growth when we are sick, lonely, lost, angry and sad. Hey it IS all perfect, if you own the beautiful fact you are human and a master, an angel, a saint all wrapped into one very human body in a very wacky world. Oh and by the way, everyone passes HUMAN MASTERY 101 -- because God never judges you.

About The Author

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an internationally known speaker, author, Mayan Astrologer, Clairvoyant / Clairsentient, and Sacred Site Essence Formulator. She has been called a modern mystic and psycho-geographical healer. She is author of Mayan Astrology and her articles have been published worldwide. Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339. Ph: 928-282-6292. Webpage:

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