Appreciation and Being of Service Contribute To Evolutionary Shift

Appreciation & Being of Service Contribute To An Evolutionary Shift

I now understand that my welfare is only possible if
I acknowledge my unity with all the people of the world
without exception.
                                       ~ Leo Tolstoy

Think of how you feel when you are appreciating anything – life, your family, your friends, or the beauty of this earth. That energetic vibration of appreciation is like a soothing balm to the soul. Not only does it feel good, the resonance of this magnetic field can cause shifts in lower emotional states of frustration, resentment, and injustice.

Consider what happens when you are upset and your child, friend, or spouse tells you how much they appreciate you. If it’s only lip service, it won’t be effective, but if they are magnifying an expression of Love from the heart it will begin to melt whatever anxiety you feel.

Be the change’ is a meaningful phrase we’ve heard over and again, but how can we consciously apply it to our own lives? When we recognize the impact we have, purely by being responsible for our state of mind – and how that affects the electromagnetic field that surrounds us, we realize that every moment sets in motion an incremental modification of such import that its trajectory could create a global shift in consciousness.

How can you participate? A deeper dimension opens in your own life as you recognize the significance of your role in creating a peaceful, sustainable future for this world, solely by living in connection to the Energy stream of peace in you.

When you become still, you can tap into a level of presence where your fears, doubts, and resentments begin to subside; where that Energy of equanimity magnifies an expression of thankfulness. This simple Practice where you focus on appreciation, can incrementally increase your overall enjoyment of life.

being of service is a natural evolution
for becoming a more loving and caring society

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Expanding the Higher Vibration of Appreciation and Well-Being

This life force Energy that opens the heart and inspires you to share the innate wisdom, love, and clarity found there – is what will ignite an evolutionary shift to become a society that lives in harmony with nature and each other. In this chapter, ‘Serving & Empowering Others’, each person found that their experience of appreciation grew to where they literally began searching for ways to contribute to people’s lives. As in the case of Lizzy, where she discovered that her own gifts could make an immeasurable difference to the young girls she taught – while Isabel found others in depressed situations, similar to what she had known, and now could invite them to find new pathways out of their own darkness.

In many people’s stories throughout the book, the theme of service is quite naturally replicated; The Angry Man instantly wanted to share what he had found with his entire community, Katie gave back by searching out the kids who were vulnerable to being bullied at school, Jake made films that inspired compassion. When your life resonates with heartfelt moments and immeasurable blessings, you just naturally want to give back. Being of service is a key practice for living with expansive Love in your life and for fostering this experience to grow in the world.

Appreciation & Being of Service Contributes To An Evolutionary ShiftAs this higher vibration of appreciation and well-being expands, you gain access to the invaluable qualities of well-being, vitality, and resourcefulness, and yes, even more synchronicity. Adding time spent in appreciation as a daily or weekly practice, you will discover the journey ahead filled with promise and the singular adventures that make life so worthwhile.

The Practice of Appreciation & Being of Service

  • Write in your journal a list of the things you appreciate in your life. Write anything that comes to mind, no matter how big or small. Notice how it makes you feel. On one day, you might focus on your family, another on your friends, self, nature, world, work, and home. It’s a great reminder of the many blessings that are in your life.

  • Contemplate how you can be of service. Write down whatever comes up.

  • Reflect on people you’ve met along life’s journey and what they have taught and offered you along the way. Allow your heart to fill with gratitude.

  • Write down any ideas or inspiration you have.

  • Share your appreciation. Find opportunities to extend appreciation to others through your thoughts, words, and actions, and observe your life transforming as well as the lives of all you touch and serve.

Writing down what you appreciate is very powerful – it tends to take your focus off what pains you and puts into action what makes you feel good, thereby shifting your focus off any negative chatter that could be present and moving into a more resourceful vibration. It’s not about painting a happy face on storm clouds, and it is about disciplining the mind. Here are a few simple suggestions for moving from upset to appreciation:

  • I love the beauty of nature. (Just be with this thought... how does it feel...)
  • I appreciate how kind people are to me. (See the faces of people who are supportive and loving in your life.)
  • My life (on the whole) is very blessed.
  • Even the most challenging times have brought gifts of knowledge into my life.
  • Somehow I seem to make it through all of life’s difficulties and I find that (eventually...) everything works out just fine.

(Notice if you are feeling better – add new thoughts that continue bringing the feelings of appreciation higher.)

This Week’s Practice:

  • Contemplate the people you appreciate and why.

  • Write a list of the people that have touched and inspired your life.

  • Write in your journal different ways to express your appreciation from a simple thank you to an acknowledgment of who they are, or of work they have done.

  • Reflect on different ways you would like to be of service to others.

  • Take a Stillness Walking Session and as that clarity and inspiration arises:

  • Take Action and make a call, send a note, or email and just communicate your appreciation. Make an appointment with the person or company you want to offer your services to and let them know how you feel. Make being of service and appreciation a daily habit.

This is the gift that keeps on giving; each word or thought of appreciation or service you offer comes back tenfold. Consider how very simply this can happen: through a smile, or an act of kindness. Realize that you are enriching not only one person’s life, but many – as that Energy of peace magnifies exponentially, it transforms your life, and evolves consciousness throughout the world.

Your experience of the world will be profoundly enhanced, by turning your attention toward the true reverence of life... appreciation. What an extraordinarily transformative and yet simple way to make a difference... every day.

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The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century by Marlise Karlin.

The Power of Peace in You: A Revolutionary Tool for Hope, Healing, & Happiness in the 21st Century
by Marlise Karlin.

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Marlise Karlin, author of: The Power of Peace in YouMarlise Karlin is a visionary pioneer, author, and humanitarian, recognized globally for igniting an Energy of peace that brings exceptional healing to the mind and body. Titled the "Inner Peace Expert" by, Marlise has been interviewed on NBC and Fox News, spoken at Cesar Milan Events to ignite an intention of peace, is a contributor to The Huffington Post and Malika Chopra's "You can't create lasting peace in the world, until you know it in your own heart." ~Marlise. Visit her website at

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