Kindness Matters -- So Does Appreciation, Respect, Listening, And Generosity.

Kindness Matters -- So Does Appreciation, Respect, Listening, And Generosity.

Throughout this book [Let Your Spirit Guides Speak], I’ve emphasized that the relationship with your guides is equivalent in many ways to your relationships with other people. I’ve also said how important it is to express your gratitude daily. But these two points are so important, I want to drive them home by sharing a not-so-comfortable experience of mine from a few years ago, when I had a major meltdown about money.

Actually, it wasn’t just about money. It was about feeling that I wasn’t progressing in my career the way I wanted to. I was taking on projects I didn’t want to do because they paid the bills, but they didn’t give me any joy or satisfaction. I was helping others move forward with their writing but wasn’t doing the same for myself. And, as my guides so succinctly pointed out to me one day, “Trying to get published without writing is like trying to get pregnant without having sex.'

Point taken.

My feelings came to a head one day when one of my writing clients had an op-ed piece published in the Washington Post. The Washington Post! She sent it in one day, and it was published the next.

And so my meltdown began.

Was I happy for her? Sure. Was I jealous and internally screaming What about me? Definitely.

And then I did something I’d never done before. I blamed it all on my guides.

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Typically, in that kind of situation, I would have asked my guides what I could learn from it, what lesson it held for me, what I could do differently from that point on. But this time, years of frustration exploded in finger-pointing and the loudest, most fear-driven blame I could think of, all directed at my team.

“You’re not helping me,' I yelled. I literally yelled out loud, “I’m doing everything I possibly can, and you’re not supporting me.'

That was nasty enough, but it got much worse from there.

It was so bad that, when I told one of my best friends about it with all the vehemence I was feeling, she literally drew back and stared at me, frightened. “Who are you?” she said.

She didn’t need to be scared, because I had more than enough fear for the entire state of Iowa. And the only ones I wanted to hurt in that moment were my guides, those beings of light in white jogging suits who had been cheering me on. It was one of the biggest ego tantrums and explosions I’ve ever experienced, and I kept at it, righteously holding on to my anger and indignation for two days.

Ugly doesn’t begin to describe it.

Gradually, I settled down, but my ego refused to give in. I talked to my guides, but I was still angry with them, believing they were somehow standing in the way of the flow of money I thought I deserved. But over time, I started to behave with a bit more sanity.

Fast forward three months.

I was on the phone with a healer in Illinois, a woman who specializes in working with entities. I was talking to my guides through her, asking questions and receiving their responses. I asked about my writing, and they gave me excellent, practical advice.

Then I asked about money. She posed the question to Ralph, the name I’d given my primary guide, and there was silence on the phone.

“Hmm,” she finally said, “I’ve never heard a guide say this before.”

She, of course, knew nothing about my tirade against the guides. She said, “Let me ask again.”

Again, silence.

Then she said, “Well, this surprises me, but he’s saying he doesn’t have to help you with money because you’re ungrateful.”

Oops. I immediately thought of my tantrum a few months earlier.

I gulped. “Really?” I said, feeling suddenly chastened. “Does he say anything else about it?”

She checked in. “He’s saying that they help you all the time, but you don’t acknowledge it.”

I took a deep breath, realized I’d been busted, and told her the story of blaming my guides. She listened and then said, “Well, I think you need to apologize.”

And so I did. I took responsibility, asked for their forgiveness, and thanked them for the countless ways—so many of which are unknown to me—that they help me every single day.

And I haven’t blamed them for anything since.

The experience was painful, but it taught me an enormous lesson. Until that time, I figured guides were higher beings beyond human emotion, available to serve us in any way we asked. But their response to my behavior was exactly the same as if I’d mistreated another human being. They are not interested in being taken advantage of, abused, or blamed. They want to be acknowledged and appreciated for the work they do.

This is so important.

For the non-physical souls who work with us daily, kindness matters. So does appreciation, respect, listening, and generosity.

So here are a few important tips, which I learned the hard way:

√ When you ask for something, trust that your guides are doing everything possible to bring it your way.

√ When they give you direction, follow it.

√ When you don’t understand, ask questions and listen rather than arguing or insisting that you’re right.

√ When you set a time to meet with them, be on time.

√ Recognize their devotion to you, and that they will do everything in their power to help.

√ Most of all, give thanks daily for everything they do on your behalf. Believe me, they deserve it.

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Hampton Roads Publishing.
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Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy
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Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy by Debra Landwehr Engle.This is a clear and thoughtful introduction to building relationships with your spirit guides. It shows readers how helpful spirit guides and angels can be in everything from the simplest to the most challenging of life decisions and how easy they are to connect with, too.

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