Can You Change the Effects of a Past Experience?

You Can Change the Effects of a Past Experience

A past experience is stored in your memory like a video with a separate 'feelings' track, which releases these feelings whenever the memory-box is opened. This feelings track can be re-recorded, replacing the original. To do this, you simply go back to the time the event began and rerun the event, changing it in many imaginative ways. This is called a memory rerun.

Having difficulty understanding this concept? Imagine watching a horror movie with a threatening and sinister soundtrack. Imagine you could replace the soundtrack with one from a comedy film. The story would stay the same, but you would feel very differently when you watched the film with the comedy soundtrack playing.

The following exercise re-records good feelings over the original feelings track. In the future, whenever that memory-box opens only neutral or good feelings will escape.

Changing the Effects of a Past Experience: Step by Step

Step 1

Relax and close your eyes.

Step 2

Think back to a time just before the event began. If you find it hard to remember, just imagine where you might have been at this point.

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Step 3

Lift up, out of that version of you, sail through the air and drop down into the present-day version of you.

Step 4

Imagine the earlier version of yourself is right in front of you and look at 'you'. If your memory doesn't work by showing you pictures, just 'know' that you are addressing that past version of yourself as you speak.

Step 5

Give yourself a brief description of what is about to happen. Make sure you are completely truthful, in keeping with reality, until you have your magic wand at step 8.

For example:

"You are going to drive home, and you will arrive safely at 11 p.m." "You are going on a ski trip, and you will have an accident. You will go to hospital and then get back to work in six weeks."

Don't include any feelings when you tell yourself the list of events. For example, don't say,

"You will be terrified because you think you will never walk again".

Step 6

Tell yourself what you now know, but you didn't know then. Give your­self information that would have helped you to feel much better had you known it before going through the event.

For instance, if you fell into a river and thought you were going to drown, if you had known how quickly you would be rescued, you might have been able to simply relax until you were back on dry land. Whatever you say must be truthful. For instance, "Your leg will completely recover and you'll be right back to normal in five weeks". Or, "You will pass this exam with flying colours". Or perhaps after you have failed an exam, "You will fail this exam, but this will never happen to you again".

This step in the exercise removes the effect of shock from the experience.

Strangely, when you do the rerun, having just told yourself the outcome and the order of events, the rerun may stray far from the original experi­ence.

Step 7

Lift up and sail back into that other version of you, at the time just before the event began.

Step 8

Use a magic wand to make special things appear. From this point on, you can depart from reality.

Step 9

You Can Change the Effects of a Past ExperienceBegin the memory rerun. You gave yourself a list of the real order of events earlier, but you don't have to work faithfully down that list now. From this moment, you have a magic wand and you can make any changes: realistic or completely fanciful. Before you begin to move forward through the rerun, have everything already in place. As if you have a magic wand, before you even begin, change bullies into funny characters, terrifying teachers into teddy bears, and the landscape into a fairyland. Once the rerun starts, there shouldn't be a moment's doubt or a hint of any unwanted feelings. It should be happiness, wonder and joy all the way.

You can step into Cinderella's magic carriage, put on the magic shoes, get onto your steed, or have other people or pets with you. You can grow wings, change into a mermaid, or place yourself on top of an elephant. When you were planning your rerun, I hope you let your imagination run wild!

Go forward through the event, using the new storyline and all of your special gifts all the way through.

Step 10

Rejoin reality. It is important to end this exercise correctly. Right at the end of the rerun, rejoin reality for the last few moments of the original past experience. For example, the moment you came back through your own front door after a long stay in hospital.

Step 11

Rerun, making any extra changes. Think about that memory again after you have finished the first rerun. It should feel a lot easier now. Run through the past experience in your mind, and if there are any moments where any unpleasant feelings remain, make adjustments to the storyline and do the exercise again, adding the additional changes. You can just rerun the part of the memory that needs the extra work.

This is how you can make an old memory-box feel so much better. When­ever your subconscious makes a connection with this memory-box and opens the lid, only neutral feelings will escape.

Learning Resolution Magic: An Effective Coping Mechanism

You might wonder whether unfortunate experiences will always cause a problem later in life. The fact is, some people have the most terrible experiences but don't have any subsequent problems. This is because their subconscious already has a very successful coping mechanism.

Resolution Magic gives the rest of us an effective coping mechanism too.

If you have been involved in traumatic events, such as horrific wartime incidents, it may seem hard to believe that Resolution Magic can change the effects, but with a little imagination, making sure that all of your needs are taken into consideration, it can be done. Enlist the help of a Resolution Magic practitioner if you need extra help.

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