You're Living In A Hologram: How To Change What It Feeds Back To You

You're Living In A Hologram: How To Change What It Feeds Back To You

Using the analogy of the hologram, when I make a deci­sion or judgment (perception and judgment are the same thing) I create a set of highly likely outcomes or a probable timeline, if you like. The entire hologram now reflects back to me this decision and, no matter what direction I take, my experience is shaped by my decision.

For example (and I know you will relate to this), I have decided to purchase a Volkswagen. I am now seeing Volkswagens all around me. They weren’t there before, but now I can’t get away from them! My hologram has become reflective of my decision. But let’s say I change my mind. No, I think I’ll buy a Volvo. Guess what I will start seeing?

The World Hologram Reflects my Decisions

In a similar manner, when I decide that others are out to get me — that it is a dog-eat-dog world of lack, with terrorists behind every tree, where I must struggle to survive — what will my holo­gram feed back to me? No matter where I turn, my decision is waiting for me. And I act surprised! So, when I get tired of that, I can just change my mind and the world will shift to suit my intentions. When I move, the image in the mirror moves too. Funny how that works!

Now what if a whole bunch of us decide it is time we live in a world ruled by Love? What if a whole bunch of us went though some kind of electro-spiritual mind wave that made it impos­sible to think fearful thoughts, or at least made it easy to let them go?

What If They Gave a War and Nobody Came?

The Shift of the Ages: Letting Go of the PastI think this is as good an explanation for the Shift of Ages as any. As the 1960s poster said: “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Future headline: “All conflicts and unfair practices on Earth have been canceled due to a lack of interest. Now everybody — take the day off.”

Bringing this reasoning back to the personal sphere, doesn’t it make sense to experience as much joy, love, and peace as you can right now, thus ensuring that your hologram will return just that to you? How do you do this? By stopping anything that doesn’t give you that experience! As the doctor said to the patient who asked how to stop the pain as he was hammering his thumb: “Stop doing that!”

Let's Forgive Our Way Out of the Dream of Separation

The whole notion of sacrificing ourselves to make others happy simply does not stand up to quantum reality or sanity. It worked for some in the old days of slavery, but that is so passé!

Currently, part of the mind of the One believes it is in a dream of separation, but you and I know that’s not possible or real. So let’s agree to show the sleeping part of the One Mind what it is like to be Awake. By acting as if it were, we make it real. Let’s be the light that is always on. Let’s start forgiving our way out of here!

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True Forgiveness: There is Nothing to Forgive

The key to releasing ourselves and others from the past is Forgiveness. Not the old kind of forgiveness that first looks at the behavior and then forgives it. That kind of forgive­ness makes the behavior real, and doesn’t really overlook it. It is actually the ego feeling superior for being so generous and gra­cious, even though you are a lousy so-and-so.

True Forgiveness comes from an understanding that there is really nothing to forgive. No action, no matter how heinous it may appear, can change the fact of the Divine and eternal Self that you and I share with every other seemingly fragmented part of this Self. This is true for me, and for you. This freedom is not a license to do whatever we want — which is what the ego would prefer you to think.

True Forgiveness rec­ognizes that the cause of suffering is in the mind and, as we all share the One Mind, your suffering is my suffering. Therefore, the only way I can perceive fault in you is if the fault, on some level, is in me. And on the level of One Mind, it is.

The fault in me is in the form of unconscious guilt for which I have not yet accepted my own forgiveness. So I take respon­sibility for my perception of you, and my role in our mutual suffering. When I forgive — that is, when I overlook the fault in you — I receive the immediate benefit of Forgiveness in myself. And all of a sudden I see you as you are — perfect, Divine, and an expression of Divine Love come to help and teach me an irreversible Forgiveness lesson! Now that’s “win-win”!

You could say your forgiveness creates a new world of possi­bilities.

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Navigating the Collapse of Time: A Peaceful Path Through the End of Illusions
by David Ian Cowan.

Navigating the Collapse of Time by David Ian Cowan.In Navigating the Collapse of Time, the author synthesizes a broad range of perspectives about this time of transition, from the writings of the ancient Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas, to speculative theory, quantum physics, philosophy, and the nature of illusion and reality posed by a range of theorists and academics including Ken Carey, Barbara Hand Clow, Gary Renard, and many others. He also lets us know what to expect as events continue to unfold and how to navigate this time of change.

Click here for more info and/or to order Navigating the Collapse of Time on Amazon.

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David Cowan, author of the InnerSelf article: The Shift of the Ages -- Letting Go of the PastDave Cowan is a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. He has 'morphed' from being a professional musician, counselor, alternative health practitioner, and biofeedback trainer into an author of and speaker on modern Spirituality. He and his wife Erina offer a Licensing program for Spiritual Healers and a Certification program in Spiritual Dowsing. Visit their website for more information.


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