It's Clean Up Time! Healing and Cleansing the Heart

It's Clean Up Time! Healing and Cleansing the Heart

Years ago I read a small (yet immense) book entitled The Door of Everything, published by DeVorss. When I first saw it in a bookstore, I immediately bought it. It sat at home in a bookcase for a few weeks, until one morning, as I was headed out to the beach, I heard "Take the small book." I looked around and wondered to what small book my inner voice was referring.

I eventually saw it on my library shelf and took it with me. As usual, it was the perfect thing for me to read. It fit right in with what I was experiencing in my life and filled in the gaps in my understanding and knowledge. What I would like to share with you now relates to what I read, which helped me tune in to the creative power within the heart.

You Are A Master at Creating Your Reality

We have often been told that we create our reality by the thoughts we think. Well, it involves more than our thoughts. It involves the feelings we hold in our heart.

For any of you who think you are not good at creating your reality, think again. You have been creating your reality for years. We are all masters at this and are truly powerful beings.

Unfortunately, we were programming things into our being that we did not really desire, such as fears of poverty, rape, theft, etc. We also held on to angers, resentments, jealousies, etc. We filled our heart with these energies and it responded in loving fashion by giving us what we were focusing on.

It's Time to Clean Up Your Heart

It's time to take a look at what we have been holding in our heart, and clean it up so that we can fill it with the visions of what we truly desire. Towards that goal, I would like to share with you a meditation-visualization that came to me in the process of reading this book.

Sit quietly and relax in the healing presence of Life.

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Close your eyes. Now, in your imagination, reach in and take your heart out of your body. Hold it out in front of you.

How big is it? What color is it?

Imagine that you are by a river. You are going to wash out the accumulation of stuff that has been muddying up your creative powers.

Walk into the river, holding your heart in your hands, until you have water at least up to your knees. Wash your heart out as if it were a sponge. Let it soak up some water and squeeze the water out. See the darkness being washed out of your heart and flowing away with the current. Keep washing it, rubbing out the spots, squeezing out the debris.

When you feel that you have cleaned it enough, see "the sponge" absorbing the healing clean waters of the river. You can also think of that water as a source of Light, Life, and Healing. Let your heart soak up this healing water and swell up and get bigger.

When you are complete with this step, put your heart back into your chest. Even though it might seem as if it has expanded because of the healing process, it will fit in wonderfully in your body.

Breathe in this new energy for a while. When you are ready, walk out of the river, open your eyes, and give thanks for the cleansing received from the river of Life.

I recommend you repeat this process daily. You can even use it throughout the day whenever you find yourself heading into some dark energies (i.e. feeling angry, fearful, doubtful, etc.). In the split second it takes, imagine taking your heart and holding it out in the river of healing energy and cleanse it out. You'll be amazed at how you will be able to approach each situation with a more peaceful attitude.

Holding the Desired Vision

It's Clean Up Time graphic: heart in handTune in often to the state of your heart. Ask yourself what you are holding there. Is it fear or is it love? Is it what you want to create? Is it what you desire?

If not, wash out any negative energy. Let go of anything in your heart that is not love and trust.

Fill it with the energy of Light and Healing. Let it be cleansed of the old so that you can move forward in your life and enjoy paradise on Earth as it was meant to be. Then your life will truly be a shining Light.

Recommended book:

The Door of Everything
by Ruby Nelson.

Recommended book: The Door of Everything by Ruby NelsonTwelve short chapters cover the gamut of living by spiritual values - a pocket-size manual in easily readable style. (FROM THE AUTHOR:Come! Meet me just inside the Door of Everything, in my timeless realm of Being, where all the perfect qualities of your Grand Cosmic Self will intersect and blend into one precious jewel -- the precious jewel of Love.)

Info/Order book.

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