The Key to Life and Happiness in Four Words Only!

Allowing is the Key to Life and Happiness

ALLOWING IS THE KEY. That, in a nutshell, is what I learned is the key to life, to creating your own life. Those four seemingly simple words are the basis of the power we can harness in life to use for our benefit. It took me many years to learn the power of those four words.

The best way to begin is to illustrate an example of what I am talking about in the telling of this short fictional tale.

There was a lone wanderer who had been traveling for many days and had grown weary. One day he stumbled upon an abandoned cabin in the woods. Night began to fall as he peered through the cabin window. Deciding no one was occupying the space, the lone wanderer stepped inside and began to undress.

Finding a small cot in a corner of the room, he tiredly rested his head upon a pillow. The last faint streams of sunlight illuminated a wooden chair a few feet from the cot. Upon the chair the man viewed an object. It sat coiled on the chair perfectly still.

A rattlesnake, the wanderer deduced and began to shiver. His fear of snakes, born in childhood, rose up inside him. The wanderer remained very still as the sun dipped completely below the horizon. His eyes stayed fixed upon the chair throughout the night.

At one point, he swore to himself that the snake began to slither and hiss. The petrified wanderer stiffened his body and shut his eyes tight. His heart pumped faster and faster, and he began to sweat profusely. His panic raced through the night along with the rapid beat of his heart.

The following morning, the owner of the cabin returned from his trip. He discovered the wanderer lying on his cot. He prodded the man several times, only to realize the man was dead. Confused, the owner looked around the room for clues to the stranger's identity.

He noticed the small pile of clothes tucked neatly beneath the wooden chair. Finding no clue to the man's identity inside the clothes, the owner gently placed them on the wooden chair. He removed the coil of rope on the wooden chair that he had left behind. What strange circumstances, the owner thought to himself.

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Beliefs Are Powerful

What this short tale illustrates is the incredibly immense power inside each one of us. The wanderer's sure belief that the coil of rope on the chair was a snake created within him a panic that eventually killed him.

This example may seem strange to you, but we have inside of us this very same immense power. This is the power of our beliefs, our thoughts, of that which we accept and hold within us.

Allowing a reality of danger to overpower him, the wanderer created for himself his death that peaceful night. We do this same creating for ourselves all the time.

It is what we are, so it is what we do. We are creators, the constant creators of our own reality. We do this creating because it is our nature.

Life Power: Who's In Charge?

Life doesn't command you, you command life. It may seem at times that we are powerless over certain situations in our lives, but the truth is we are cause and effect creatures. We are constantly influencing every part of our lives.

You see, whatever you are accepting as true and factual for yourself is what you are making the rule of your life. What you accept as true and factual is up to no one else but yourself. You are constant in one of two states, one of two choices.

You are either allowing something into your life or you are rejecting something from entering your life. What am I giving access to? That is the first question to ask yourself. Since life cannot rob from you or take from you without your cooperation, looking at what you are letting in is the place to put your focus.

Whether you are living none, some, or all of your life's dreams depends on this allowing, this giving access which, of course, begins with you. You are in charge of your life. You have been given the power to receive all that you wish to receive. This ability is your life power.

You are creating the difference of what you desire to live and what you actually do live. How are you doing this? You do this by your choices and decisions. You do this by what you hold to be true and factual. Any thought or idea you hold that runs contrary to your desires blocks those desires from entering your life. You are living within an illusion, a lie, and it is that lie that denies access to your dreams.

What Are You Allowing Into Your Life?

Life isn't random. Life isn't a chance experience by any stretch of the imagination. So you can only be receiving or living exactly that for which you have allowed a path. In order to create your dreams, you need to allow the power within you to affect the circumstances you are dealing in.

Your say has tremendous power. Your say is a tremendous force -- one that has been dictating the details of your life since the day you were born. So if it seems that you are stuck in an undesirable situation, it helps to remember this tremendous force within us, our life power.

We are beings who are able to choose, think and process from all the information that surrounds us. What we choose is what shapes and molds our lives. There is a response to everything that we think -- every thought, idea, belief and inclination that we hold.

What Do You Believe Is Impossible or Improbable?

The first tool in using your life power in creating for you is to identify just what it is you are holding inside as impossible or improbable, the limitations of your life. The goal is to connect to a new idea, a new concept, that opens your life to bigger and grander heights.

Using your tremendous force, your life power, changes your focus from the problems in your life to actively using your inner force as a natural part of yourself. To put it simply, whatever you allow for yourself is what you will receive in your life.

Whenever you allow something in your life, you tap into the constant stream of possibilities that always surround you. What happens is that concepts begin manifesting into realities. This process expands your life and your evolution as a constant creator.

Problems stem whenever a clash or conflict enters the areas of your wishes. This clash has to do with your thoughts and feelings, which is the powerful surge of energy inside you. If you desired a raise in pay but felt you didn't have a right to it for some reason, there would exist a clash or conflict within you and you would then create a block to that pay raise.

The area to place your focus is always inside yourself. This puts you at total choice and empowerment in your life. It has to be this way, for any other concept ultimately renders you helpless. Your assertion in any situation is very powerful as there is no other force that can override it.

Working With the Forces Around You

Some people use the terms "mind over matter" or "positive thinking." It would be more accurate to describe it as "mind with matter" and "power thinking". You are working with the forces around you to shape and build your life.

It's not an arm wrestling match where one force must dominate over another. It's a matter of the force in you joining the forces around you. What is happening is that you are no longer fighting the entrance or admission of a desire into your life. Know that there are only two choices that you can make in your life. You can either let something in or block it out.

There may be varying degrees as to how much you let something in or block it out, but that is a matter of semantics. You are in one of these two energies, allowing or blocking. Creating becomes a much easier concept when you understand it this way. In order to create in your life, to bring in all the results you seek, you place your focus on allowing and letting in. You unleash, from the endless realm of choices, only that which you desire to have in your life.

Have you ever imagined that life is unfair? Maybe you've even thought some force, maybe God, was trying to keep you from your good. But that is irrational thinking and is simply not the way life works.

When it comes to receiving in your life, it is much more of a technical process. This is important to remember in order to create. You want to stay with the thought that it is you creating your life. The moment you place that responsibility outside yourself, you return to victim class. You are not a victim and can never become one since the life power inside you is creating your life.

Watch Your Words & Take What You Say Literally

Begin to take your say literally. Begin to notice that you are causing things to happen or not happen. You are a cause and effect being. You are thinking, choosing and deciding in every moment of the day, and those thoughts, choices and decisions are bringing things to you. It's an exciting concept to embrace.

Every corner of the universe has an ear open listening to your next choice, your next opinion. Based on that opinion comes a corresponding response. Take the example of the telephone. There are an enormous amount of choices and possibilities contained in such a seemingly simple device.

Based on the numbers you select, you get a corresponding answer. You can speak to your neighbor across the street or to Aunt Tilly 8,000 miles away. This ability is not limited to Earthly conversations. We use the same technology to communicate from a building in Florida to various spacecraft that we launch miles above us.

The Range of Possibilities in Limitless

The range of possible calls or connections is virtually limitless. It is the same with us. We exert a force that has an endless combination of possible connections and corresponding answers.

Do you find it impossible to believe that you can speak to Aunt Tilly so far away? Probably not. Then, why is it so impossible to understand that we are functioning in the same way? Contained within us is the same kind of choice and response communication. It is an amazing phenomenon, but no more amazing than the telephone.

You desire to speak to Aunt Tilly, you dial the number. You are using the system already in place. A few moments later, you are realizing your desire. It's amazingly simple and yet amazingly effective in its function. It gets the job done.

It's the same with the life power inside us, it may seem simple, and it is. But it is absolutely amazing in its ability to connect for you.

Dial Up Your Future

The thoughts you choose, the words you speak, the feelings you hold are the equivalent of dialing a phone. The words you speak are a command, pushing buttons and resulting in connections. The power you hold is much more extensive than the technology of the telephone.

For the words you speak and feelings you send out are a prophecy. You will live out those words and feelings. The "number" you are dialing is based on your perceptions, your slant on things. Life will never give you a "the number you have reached is not in service at this time" response. For every time you make a choice, you dial a number, and a response is given.

What am I speaking? What am I dialing? What connections am I blocking or allowing? These are excellent questions to ask yourself. You are becoming aware of the process occurring all the time. You are placing an energy into life and getting its corresponding answer.

Deciding which responses you desire will not dictate which energy you choose, which numbers you dial. Gone become the days of believing life is a random series of events. Do you really believe you can dial any number and get Aunt Tilly? No, it takes certain numbers to reach your favorite aunt.

Activating New Connections

You can begin to use your life power and activate new connections in your life. The more unhappy you are in any area of life, the more you feel an imbalance, the more sure you can be there is an adjustment to make within. It is a matter of going inside to discover the causes of your current connections and disconnections. There is corresponding thought for your dream, just as there is a specific phone number to call Aunt Tilly.

Knowing that your circumstance is not in charge allows you to tap into a powerful way of life. You are returning to the power that is part of the truest you. You choose to enforce your power and bring it into your life as a regular part of your life. This power works in any part of our lives whether it be about money, joy, success, the home, relationships. What is it you are seeing in these areas of your life? Whatever it is, it's a direct reflection of the feelings you're holding inside.

What you are seeing around you is the result of the connections those feelings have made. These are the things you believe and hold as the truth. These are the things you have called into your life. You have made laws and rules through your feelings. What you are seeing is your laws and rules made real.

Since you are making the rules, you can also change them. All of life's challenges have to do with changing rules since they are the very thing that shapes your life. When you change your rules from being very strict and closed to open and generous, your life becomes the same.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The truth will set you free?" This is so because it is a false or mistaken opinion or feeling that limited you to begin with. Therefore, a truth can erase that limit and set you free from it.

"I can do it ," "It is possible," and "There is a way," become your new mottos, your new laws and then your new reality. You no longer disable yourself or disallow your good from coming to you.

You join life's constant flow and use it to create for yourself. It's not a matter of trying to become all that you can be, but allowing all that you already are to surface. You stop drawing limiting lines and wondering why you keep encountering roadblocks. Now you know there is no line but the one you draw.

Choosing What You Allow Into Your Life

You begin to let things in and to let things be. You allow events to enter your life and become a part of you. You understand that your say has enormous influence and that your rules are life's bottom line. You have a life power -- the power to affect changes in your life.

You are in the lead. You can cause conflict and unfulfillment to leave your world. Feeling incomplete, out of whack and "not whole" end. Your power is a tremendous force. You now use that force as a dominating aspect of yourself.

You are a creator, a maker, and not a helpless victim on the sidelines. Your word is made real. You can begin to connect with all your dreams and wishes. ALLOWING IS THE KEY.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Rainbow Books Inc. ©2000.

Article Source

The Constant Creator In You
by Ralph Carpio.

The Constant Creator In You by Ralph Carpio. "... you cannot be separated from what you are. You are powerful, radiant, loving and creative. You are an owner of the universe and everything in it. You can't be robbed of your creatorship. But you can throw it away -- refuse to accept it.

When you acknowledge and use everything inside yourself, you pave the way for a fuller life. Let it be a glorious thing. Above all, know this: 'There is a constant creator in you, and allowing is the key.'"

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About the Author

After experiencing years of frustrating blocks and disappointments in work, personal life and a "soul unrest," Ralph Carpio fell into a depression that took over his life. During this period, which lasted several years, he began a personal search for a deeper understanding of the causes of life's circumstances. He is currently a freelance writer and published poet, and lives in Miami, Florida.

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