Be (the) Present: It's The Best Gift There Is

Be (the) Present: It's The Best Gift There Is

‘Tis the season. And as we enter into any holiday season, we are planning exactly what our presents will be.

But to be fully present during this or any other moment in time, provides us with the best gift we can get, both for ourselves, and for those we love.

We are all on a timeless journey of sorts. The journey of Souls. Where the proverbial “new” soul has not had any human experiences. Clean of karma, but perhaps also void of any authentic human desires.

And then there are the old souls, who have incarnated hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of times. There is a whole different “present” that is available in the present moment. And that is the opportunity to feel old, subconscious feelings as they come into our awareness. They come into our awareness when we get triggered. When we bump up against people or events that trigger our suppressed subconscious emotions.

If you think about your current life, and what you want from it, those desires are based on your past experiences. Your desires arise from your experiences. And it is our emotions, that we are feeling in the present moment, that tell us what we prefer.

What's In Your Subconscious?

If we were to be asked … “What do we have in our subconscious?” ... at our best, we could only reply in generalities. “I know I have an aversion to water” … or such. And there would certainly be elements in our subconscious of which we are totally unaware. But there are times when these hidden, dormant imprints from our past do get triggered. They shift, in the present moment, from a subconscious space … into our conscious awareness. And that is the “present,” the gift, of the present moment.

When we first decide to clean out our karma, we can find the proverbial low-hanging fruit. The “just below the surface” feelings and emotions that have been lying dormant in our subconscious. But then there is the much deeper stuff. The deeper layers of our karmic imprinting. I suggest we feel these types of karmic elements as a general dense and stiff feeling located in our bodies. A very common one is our hips. To have a general sense of stiffness and lack of flexibility in our hips is a symptom, of sorts, to unresolved karmic imprinting.

Cleaning Out Your Karma?

For myself, I have been “cleaning out my karma” for a few decades now. When I first started paying attention to the feelings of the moment, there was a collage of easy to detect feelings. I would feel myself shift my emotions in the moment … and then dive in and immerse myself to the feelings to release them out of my personal energy persona. But after the easy stuff was discovered, I wanted to know more about what I wasn’t feeling, at least in my conscious space.

It took a different approach to uproot the denser karmic impressions. It took a much longer approach to release the denser energies. And I found out why. It turns out that the denser the energy is in your subconscious, the more energy is stored there. And if it were to be released all at once the feelings could easily overwhelm us.

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For me personally, it turned out that I had a huge amount of the emotion of anger stored in my subconscious. And for decades, I had no clue it was there. Not a clue. Yet anger was driving so many of my everyday choices. And then the moment I actually connected with it … everything changed.

OMG What Is Happening?

The very first time this anger made itself evident, it felt like a volcano erupting in my consciousness. My ego was startled and confused. “What the hell is THIS? OMG what is happening?” But once I understood that it was huge amounts of old suppressed emotions leaving my psyche, I was able to get over the impulse to panic and suppress it. And it changed my life forever.

Over time, as I reconnected to my anger, I no longer avoided choices that were connected to the feeling of anger. And anger shifted into a high-energy fuel of sorts. I could focus the energy of my anger into focused actions.

Instead of avoiding anything that just might stir up my subconscious anger, I would much more quickly catch my anger getting stirred up. Signaling me to take actions to change my relationship with the people and events that had triggered my anger. I let go of my desire to posture with the moment, and actually opened up to the triggers that I felt as I went through my day.

Harvesting Unresolved Issues

I don’t think that I am done harvesting the unresolved issues I have accumulated in my subconscious. But certainly, I do appreciate the in the moment present it provides me when I can catch myself being triggered.

The only time we can heal ourselves, is in the present moment. The past and the future are just mental references to moments in time that are not now.

Don’t avoid your feelings. They are gifts of the present moment. They are opportunities for healing, that show up in the present moment. Give yourself the gift of being present. In this now moment.

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jensen lesLes Jensen is an author, radio host, speaker, energy master and visionary, committed to promoting personal empowerment and his life-purpose of being of service to others. In that vein, Les created New Human Living in 2009, and also hosts New Human Living Radio, sharing insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness. Les’ latest book, “Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior” was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. His other books include “Citizen King: The New Age of Power” and “Personal Power Fundamentals.” To learn more visit his websites at and

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