How To Go From Fear-Based Expectations to Heart-Based Experience

How To Go From Fear-Based Expectations to Heart-Based Experience
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I want to share a story with you because it shows well the dance between our thoughts and outcomes, and illustrates the power of the heart. This story happened fairly early on in my journey when I made a strong request to the universe to help me become more aware of how my thinking affected reality. Be careful what you ask of the universe!

I was booking a trip to Las Vegas where for the first time in my life I was going to fly first class. Because of my previous play at the casino I was being given a free room for the first time. I was very excited about the trip and had just two small niggling worries. They were: “I wonder how they will treat an old hippy like me in first class?” and, “I wonder what kind of hotel room they will give me for free?”

Beware (Be Aware) of Your Doubts, Fears, and Expectations!

I dressed in nice slacks and sport jacket to go on my journey. My plane was late. When I boarded the plane at my small town airport for the short hop to Charlotte to catch the big jet to Vegas, there was someone in my first class seat. I smiled and showed him my boarding pass which was 1B. I said, “Excuse me sir, I have 1B.” He frowned disapprovingly at me and flipped his boarding pass at me, like he was flipping me the bird, and grumbled “I do too,” and then quickly looked back at his newspaper.

I went to the flight attendant and told her that someone was in my assigned seat. She said testily, “Oh, sit anywhere.” I had never been treated as poorly in coach.

The only seat available was right next to the grouch in 1B. When I settled in awkwardly next to him, I realized, “Ah, that is my fear-thought, 'I wonder how I will be treated in first class' being manifested into reality.”

The next flight went fine.

Strong Expectations & Fears Manifest Loud and Clear

How To Go from Fear-Based Expectations to Heart-Based ExperienceI arrived feeling very tired at midnight Vegas time, which was three in the morning my time. I checked into the hotel and went up to my room which was on the twentieth floor. As soon as I put my bag down, I noticed a terribly loud hum in my room. I said to myself, “Oh man, I can’t sleep with this.

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I called down to the front desk. They sent up a maintenance man who arrived about a half-hour later. He searched all around then went down to the basement, finally returning to say that he could not track down the source of the noise and that I would have to change rooms.

I called down to the desk. By now I was beyond tired. They said that I would have to come down to get a new room assignment and key. I picked up my bag to leave the room and the noise stopped.

When I had originally placed my bag down upon entering the room, the electric shaver in my bag had turned on and the bag was pressed against the wall which contained a heating duct that acted like an amplifier for the sound. This was the expression of my fear-thought: “I wonder what kind of room I will get for free.

Ask and You Shall Receive...

I had a great trip and was now heading home. Having learned my lesson and having raised good energy during the trip, I was careful in my thinking. I was returning on a red-eye flight getting into my home town at about nine in the morning and going straight to work to see a full day of clients.

As I was preparing to leave the hotel I decided to pattern for a great flight, “Universe, how about arranging it so that I sit next to the prettiest girl on the plane?” Yet I knew that I needed sleep and could not help myself from thinking, “I hope there are no screaming babies on the plane, I have to get some sleep.

I boarded the plane and took my seat again in first class at the window 1D. No one was sitting next to me. I thought, “This is great, I have the row to myself.

At the last minute before the door closed, a ravishingly beautiful woman came in loaded down with bags and with a screaming baby in her arms. She looked with embattled eyes at the seat next to mine. I had a split second to react.

On the plane at that moment I opened my heart. I turned to the woman, smiled and said, “Would you like me to hold your little one as you get settled?” Her expression changed to surprise and then softened. She became a bit misty-eyed in appreciation and said, “Would you? My husband said that they would kill me in first class. Our baby girl has colic.” I said it would be my pleasure and took her infant gently.

The baby stopped crying immediately and gazing into my eyes, she gave me a wonderful hug with her whole body. Perhaps she thought I was her father, I do not know.

Going from Fear-Based Expectations to Heart-Based Experience

After Mom got settled in, I attempted to give her back her baby, and the child immediately started to cry again. I took her back to me.

I slept more peacefully than I ever have before or since on a red-eye flight, all the way across country with the child sleeping comfortably on my chest. It was almost as if the universe, in the form of this innocent child, was loving me unconditionally.

As I drifted to sleep I thought of the impact it would have on my life and the lives of others if I would just lead with my heart.

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Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health
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Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health by Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

Inner Vegas is a guide to using scientifically-proven psychic abilities to create miracles in your life. It is grounded in science, experience, and astounding stories of success. Dr. Joe’s surprising discoveries take place in university laboratories, mysterious meditation centers, and even casinos. He proves that these skills are practical and teachable.

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