Life Is Like A GPS: You're On A Need-To-Know Basis

Life Is Like A GPS: You're On A Need To Know Basis

A while back, in a conversation with my inner guidance, I was trying to find out some specifics on a project that I was working on. As in, when is this going to take place? Who's going to be handling it? Where is it going to be done? When is it going to be complete? All questions that my restless mind wanted to know. NOW!

However, the response that I got to my incessant questioning was that I didn't need the answers to those questions NOW. All those answers were in the future and I was on a "need-to-know" basis. In other words, I'd know it when I needed to know it! Well, I must admit, my jaw dropped a bit on this one as the full impact of that statement hit me. You're on a need-to-know basis.

After I reflected for a few minutes, I started to laugh. After all, when one is living in the present, one indeed doesn't need to know a lot of the particulars about the future. There's a lot of things we don't need to know until we get there. As a matter of fact, it seems that the way to be perfectly happy is to accept that you're on a need-to-know basis.

Letting Go of the Need to Control

Wow! Talk about being told to live in the present.  I really didn't need to know the answers to my questions yet. It was only my needy ego or my insecure little self that wanted the answers so it could feel safe and as if it had everything under control. Yet as I know from experience, I personally have nothing under control. I may think I do, I certainly may wish I did, but that is all illusion or wishful thinking.

The control lays elsewhere. It lays with what I like to call the Universe, and frankly, I can't give you an exact picture of what that looks like. I am reminded of a response I had given in college in the middle of a philosophy class debate on "Does God Exist?" My contribution to the conversation had been that it didn't really matter. Whether or not there is a God was irrelevant to how I would live my life. I would be the best person I could be anyway.

Living Day by Day, Moment by Moment

In the same way, we need to live our life in the best way we can, day by day, moment by moment, regardless of what will take place tomorrow, or the day after that. We're on a need-to-know basis! We don't need to know about the details of our future. We only need to know where we are now and where we want to be.

We can compare the whole scenario to a GPS system. When you program a GPS, you tell it your starting point, and you tell it where you want to go. Then you are given directions as you need them. If you're taking a journey of 1000 miles, the navigational system doesn't spout out the whole directions to you in the first five minutes. Of course not! It knows you're on a need-to-know basis. It gives you the directions as you need them, or perhaps just a bit ahead of time so you can be prepared for the turn or the junction coming up.

Universal GPS

You're on a Need to Know BasisIn much the same way, the Universe gives us directions or guidance as needed. When we're at the beginning of our journey, at mile marker 1, we don't need to know that at mile marker 995 we'll be making a left-hand turn. We will be given that information when we get closer to that point, because, who knows, we may choose to veer off on a different road at some point along our journey. We may decide to take the scenic route, or take what we believe is a short-cut.

The directions will change as we go along the way and exert our free will, perhaps taking a road that was not on the original route. But, not to worry, the Universal GPS (a.k.a. God's Perfect Solution) will take care of the details and provide you with updated directions to the destination that you have programmed.

One thing I know: If we stop being concerned about the specifics of the future, and instead take care of the specifics of the present, we will be much happier, more relaxed, healthier, and more at peace with ourselves and with our life.

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