Using Prayer & Visualization To Destroy Your Fears

Using Prayer & Visualization To Destroy Your Fears

Dear God, we ask for guidance, love, and your healing power for all the people who are close to us. We ask for special healing to be sent to all -- to get through the next week with their trials, their tribulations, and their heartaches. We ask this in the name of the Holy Spirit and the Mother and Father God. We ask that each and every one of us, our family and our friends [quietly list the names of any people you wish], will be joined together in this prayer for healing.

Praying for Yourself & for Others

Don't be afraid to ask for yourself. For anyone that's having financial worries and problems, anyone who is having job worries, love affair problems, marriage problems, ask that the grace of God flows so that the answers are available and mostly that we don't get so burned out from life's toils and trials that we're not able to walk strong.

Feel a green light shooting through the very top of your head and moving down through your face, and down through your whole entire body. This emerald green light that's healing spreads down even to your hands so that you will also be able to go out and heal others. Down through the whole trunk of the body into the lower half of the body, legs, clear down to the toes. Outside that, white and gold light.

Visualization to Destroy Fears

I want you to think of yourself standing in a meadow, with the sun is shining on your face. You're standing there, and you're glowing with the White Light around you.

I want you to begin to put out in front of you all your phobias, all your fears, all your worries, and I want you to label them like muddy dark blocks. Label them anxiety, money worries, love matters, and, fears: fear of losing anything; fear of death; fear of annihilation; fear of not having a job that's good enough; fear of getting old and feeble; or whatever else it is that you fear.

I want you to take both of your hands, mentally, and put them in the White Light around you. I want you to pull that Light toward you and make it like a snowball. Throw that Light from your arm, from your emanation, toward those blocks of fears and worries. They begin to crumble and split.

You reach your hands in again, and you take another ball of Light and throw it. You feel your strength and your God-Centeredness. Each time you throw this Light, the fear, worry, and anxiety crumble. Now they're all dissolved; all those fears, pains, and anxieties are gone. You're going to steal yourself away from them, and you're not going to start gathering new ones.

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You're going to really open your arms wide, staying in that meadow, and say with all of your heart, all of your soul, "Thy will be done." God's will is your will. It's not different. Once you know that and you give it up to God, you will never have to be worried again. Really give it up, give it all up. Thy will be done. Bring yourself out on the count of three, all the way out. One, two, three ...

Reprinted with permission of the publisher
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This article is excerpted with permission from the book:

The Nature of Good and Evil
by Sylvia Browne.

This article was excerpted from the book: The Nature of Good and Evil by Sylvia Browne.A framework for understanding the nature of good and evil. The struggle to continue being good when many bad people seem to get ahead faster is given a deeper meaning, as the author counsels that the choices made will impact directly on the soul, and invites the reader to find a path with God.

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browne sylviaSylvia Browne is the author of: Adventures of a Psychic, Life on the Other Side, and The Other Side and Back, among other works. Sylvia died in November 2013 at the age of 77. Contact Sylvia Browne's foundation at: or Sylvia Browne Corporation, 35 Dillon Ave., Campbell, CA 95008. (408) 379-7070.


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