Are You A Chronic Worrier? Here's How To Remove The Worrier Mask

Are You A Chronic Worrier? Here's How To Remove The Worrier Mask

The Ageless Wisdom texts tell us that scarcely a person in the world is exempt from worry, and that worry is the cause of all planetary problems. True, but there are Worriers of the common, everyday variety, and then there are Worriers of the chronic type, where the black cloud hanging over their heads just won't go away.

I've never been concerned about my health or my marital relationship with Jan, but I have experienced anxious times in other areas -- such as trying to decide what I wanted to do in life (I had five different majors in college), and then after getting into the advertising business, not being sure this was where I was supposed to be.

There have also been worries over finances, trying to build a business, and later, the uneasy feeling I had regarding my books -- whether they would be accepted and prove helpful to people. In addition, I've felt concern about conditions and situations regarding others, including the state of the world, the well-being of our daughters, the health and protection of our dogs, and my mother's physical condition over the years. And of course, I was a bit disturbed when the paramedic turned to me and said, "We've lost her" -- referring to Jan's full cardiac arrest, followed by her near-death experience and her cavorting in the Great Beyond.

Tuning in to the Worries of Others and to Spirit

Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul said that "the increased sensitivity of the human mechanism is also such that men 'tune in' on each other's emotional conditions and mental attitudes, in a new and more potent manner. To their own engrossing concerns and worries are added those of their fellowmen with whom they may be en rapport."

So we may conclude that some form of worry is a common occurrence in modern-day life, but we have a choice. We can handle concerns as a passing cloud, a minimal blip on our screen of life, or we can stew and seethe until things mushroom into a threatening storm.

One way I've dealt with a worry thought is to immediately say, "Thank you, God." The intention here is to remind myself that whatever negative scenario appears in my mind is not the will of God -- that God's will is perfect harmony -- and my expression of gratitude is simply to affirm that truth.

I also try to "tune in" quickly to Spirit when an uneasy feeling registers in the solar plexus. I did that on one particular occasion and heard the words: "Don't fret over a problem that doesn't exist."

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What Are You Worried About?

What are you worried about? In 1999, we asked a number of people this question, and the answers included concerns about finances, job insecurity, old age, physical disability, violence in the schools, domestic terrorism, road rage, strained relationships, and family problems. (No mention of Y2K.) While the participants did not seem to be in a state of deep-seated anxiety and felt generally optimistic about life, we have met others with all the symptoms of acute anxiety.

Kate fits the psychological profile of the if-anything-can-go-wrong-it-will state of mind perfectly. She grew up during the Depression, and for most of her childhood experienced deprivation situations -- inadequate food, clothing, and shelter -- and from the "constant fearful talk" of her parent, she grew up afraid of essentially everything in life. This included strangers, going to school, men, social activities, and having to interview for a job. She continued to live with her parents and earned money by working in a nursing home.

Her adult life was filled with out-of-control anxiety until she finally went for counseling, and with professional help, she was able to identify the fear triggers. She later joined a mental health support group that helped her deal with situations such as feeling comfortable with strangers, thinking for herself, and accepting responsibilities. In time, the black cloud began to dissipate.

Severe Anxiety Disorders Rooted in Childhood

Perhaps in Kate's case, and in others with severe anxiety disorders, there were early interpersonal experiences in childhood that gave them the feeling of being isolated, helpless, unloved, or unworthy. The failure of the mother to meet the baby's physical needs through rejection or indifference is unconsciously communicated to the baby, which builds the foundation for insecurity.

In adolescent years, the lack of parental guidance creates a worry syndrome -- "I don't know what to do." A neurotic trend of security-seeking develops and is carried through life. These individuals tend to lean on other people and look to others to help them handle their anxieties. They can also appear highly conceited -- wanting to be the center of attention -- while all the time feeling terribly anxious inside. They expect the worst, and when something good happens in life, they don't believe it will last.

For those who are vulnerable to constant worry, the planetary energies will cause the person to be swayed by every negative opinion uttered by someone else, resulting in a concentration on "what may happen." The mind becomes overly analytical and polarized in pessimism, particularly concerning material things. The individual is apt to be very self-centered, overly cautious, anxious about domestic affairs, and often has weight problems. He or she may also be a procrastinator, putting things off until disorganization sets in, which brings on attacks of nervousness leading to impetuous, irresponsible actions.

When the inner archetypes are blocked through an anxious, uneasy state of mind, they will become a force for agitation and dread. The person will experience a weakness of will, hesitation, frustration, self-doubt, and an inability to face reality. Tunnel vision becomes the norm, with a stubborn refusal to learn from past mistakes.

Mythologically speaking, we see a woman in bed, face tightened in an expression of fear, hand on brow, as the roof (ceiling) is caving in. The key words are: "If anything can go wrong, it will."

Removing the Mask of Uncontrolled Anxiety

Are You A Chronic Worrier? How to Remove the Worrier MaskThe objective here is to peel off the false face of uncontrolled anxiety, which is definitely not a part of the natural order of the universe. While we may not eliminate all concerns while wearing a suit of flesh, we should strive for a higher plateau in life where worries do not control us -- where we quickly think through them and get back on the beam of peace and joy.

To work with the planetary energies, think on these thoughts:

I concentrate only on that which is good, true, and beautiful in life.

I meditate daily to connect mind and heart, to balance my masculine and feminine energies.

I love Love, and I radiate love to one and all throughout each day.

I am in the Joy Stream, and every activity of my life is in divine order.

I have moved from self-centeredness to self-awareness; my focus is on Truth.

I am secure in Spirit; my courage is strong.

I am not overly cautious about anything; I am optimistic about life.

And to release the angels within to do their mighty work, continue with these thoughts:

I place my faith in God, and not the effects of the material world.

My initiative is directed only toward success and triumph.

I face change creatively, and I look eagerly to reaping what I have sown.

The doors to my mind are open, and I am free to follow the highest vision.

A teaching from The Jesus Code says: "Nothing can touch you but God, for God is all there is. What is there to fear? As a Being of God, all power is within you as protective guidance, and around you as a shield of security. Can you not trust omnipotence?"

In that particular chapter, I wrote about the night of my firewalk:

A Native American woman asked each one of us to name our most pressing fears -- to talk about them and bring them to light so that their darkness could be dissolved. When I realized that there was really nothing to fear, I could feel myself growing stronger, more in tune with the Spirit within, and when I walked across the fire, I felt nothing but gentle warmth.

Bringing Your Greatest Fears to the Light

What are your greatest fears? Name them. Expose them, and then notice how insignificant they seem in the light.... The activity of God -- spiritual consciousness -- is the only power at work. There is no other power, and let all beliefs to the contrary be uprooted and dissolved now. God is our spirit, our soul, our mind, our everything. So what is there to fear? Nothing! This is a benevolent universe, a world of harmony and goodwill, so let's cease projecting ignorance and false beliefs onto the screen of life.

It all goes back to where we are in consciousness. Let's remember that God meets us on the level where we are. I've addressed this in several of my books, but we should take another look at what this means. The Central Sun of our being, the embodiment of FatherMother God and the Christ Aspect as Spirit, as One, eternally shines through us. This shining is power, will, love, wisdom, creative intelligence, light, substance, energy. It is the Allness of God radiating in and through us at every moment in time and space. And where is this radiation taking place? Through the level, the frequency, on which our consciousness is focused.

Think of a scale from one to ten, ten being the highest. If you are registering in the mid-to-lower range for health and wealth, for example, the energy radiating through that aperture has no choice but to express/manifest on that level, seeking the best possible answer-solution for you in that state of consciousness. This could mean intuitive guidance to see a particular health professional for treatment, or a creative idea that once implemented, could lead to greater prosperity.

God can do for you only what God can do through you. If you are in the pigpen, you get to wallow with the pigs; if you're on the mountaintop, all things are not only possible, but are fully manifest. Spirit is always doing Its part; we are the ones who limit the Great Unlimited with our states of consciousness.

Keep in mind that Spirit sees you as whole, complete, abundantly supplied with every good thing, and living a life of love, joy, and peace -- because Spirit sees you as Itself. This is the truth of you, but somewhere along the line, you have made the choice to see an illusion, and then worry about it. You see yourself as ill when you're not, experiencing scarcity and failure when you're not, and in situations of opposition and conflict that are real only to you. What Spirit is seeing is what Spirit is radiating through you, but pure light shining through a slide of imperfection does not change the pattern. It picks up the form and shape of the design and projects it into the phenomenal world as perceived reality.

Where is Your Consciousness?

In the higher frequencies, we begin to see as Spirit sees, know as Spirit knows. All that the Father is, I am. All that the Father has is mine. But many of us sit around worrying and wondering why prayer isn't answered, why nothing happens with meditation, affirmations, and other "techniques" to relieve the situation. We let the tears flow and finally get down on our knees in surrender, not realizing that all of this anxious activity is taking place while consciousness is still in the lower frequencies. God meets us where we are in consciousness!

Yes, sometimes a seeming miracle does occur. What has happened is that in a momentary infusion of faith and/or love energy -- brought on by our whirlwind efforts -- we bounce ourselves up the scale. It's like jumping on a trampoline. We hit bottom and bounce up to a higher level where the spiritual energy radiates through at a new altitude, and even though we come back down, sufficient light went through "up there" to produce a positive change in our affairs. This isn't the greatest of analogies, but I think you get the point.

To rise into the higher frequencies -- above worry, anxiety, distress -- meditate on ALL that you are and have, and absorb like a sponge the fullness of Spirit. Think of a sponge being saturated with water, and get the same feeling within as you ponder the energy of wholeness, the light of creative accomplishment, the substance of infinite supply, and the love of joyful relationships flowing, pouring, and radiating into your personal force field. Absorb, absorb, absorb, and keep working at it until you are in the realm of mastery and dominion.

Now see-feel-know that the Divine Energy is shining forth, bringing heaven to earth through this new altitude of consciousness. And remember that attraction always follows radiation, the manifest good flowing back to you on the rays shining from within. Keep at it until everything locks together in a Spirit-heart-mind connection.

On what level is God meeting you now? Above the quicksand of worry and the briar patch of anxiety, watch with awe and wonder as your life shifts dramatically to reveal the work, will, and way of Spirit.

Moving Above the Currents of Worry

Another way to move above the currents of worry is to contemplate three particular aspects of your being: Love, Harmony, and Peace. The key here is to become polarized in the highest vibration of each pole. Remember that love and hate, harmony and hostility, and peace and violence are all poles of the same thing with many degrees between them. What we want to do is to raise our mental vibrations so that we polarize in the highest extreme of each pole and thus be invulnerable to the planes of manifestation below.

Draw a triangle with Love at the top point, Harmony at the lower left point, and Peace at the base on the right. See the poles of polarity in the form of this triangle, and with purpose of mind and with the feeling nature activated, move up to the highest degree of Love, Harmony, and Peace. Lock into those energies in consciousness, then place yourself right in the middle of the triangle. Stay there and radiate the energies as a great searchlight. You will do more for yourself and others with this exercise than you can imagine.

Let Love flow forth from every heart.
Let Harmony reign in every soul.
Let Peace be the common bond.

We used the triangle exercise in a 1999 workshop, and one of the participants wrote us later:

"The sacred Triangle of Love, Harmony, and Peace worked miracles on the journey home. It worked on five crying babies all around us and even on the food we were served. Then when we were in St. Louis, flight after flight was cancelled into our area due to heavy thunderstorms. So we constructed that Sacred Triangle over the country to Michigan and our flight left on time. Oh, here's another story. A friend and I later drove to Virginia, and before we left to come home we put the triangle around us and the car. In Ohio, l suddenly had an urge to stop for lunch (no plans to do this; it was previously agreed we would stop only to get gas). We stopped, a bad storm blew in, but we were safe. We later found out there were tornado warnings and 'touch-downs' in the county where we would have been if we hadn't stopped."

Look again now at the mythological picture. It is a woman in bed, face tightened in an expression of fear, hand on brow, as the roof (ceiling) is caving in. The key words are: "If anything can go wrong, it will." In interpreting this, we see that she is in a bedroom, which is a symbol of privacy, and the bed signifies a need for rest. The point is: The worry and anxiety have placed her in isolation (her choice), away from the activities of life and the verbalization of others. The ceiling falling in symbolizes self-punishment for perceived guilt -- guilt for expecting the worst in life, which she knows is a denial of God. The expression of fear is her consciousness of unfulfilled desires, some of which she considers "forbidden." And the hand on the brow is a nonverbal statement of "woe is me."

But now we see that her eyes are closed, her head turned to the side on the pillow. She is asleep! In her dream, she is playing out a self-scripted scenario of her feelings about life. The anxiety disorders are all a dream and not a reality. It is an ego-dream. And how does she -- representing all who live with constant worry -- awaken from the dream and remove the mask? Exactly what we've been doing in this chapter -- building our faith in that which is real.

As we work positively with the planetary energies; free the inner archetypes; expose our fears to the light; move into the higher frequencies in consciousness; break the ego-connection by understanding and knowing there's really nothing to worry about; and polarize in the highest aspects of Love, Harmony, and Peace, our faith power begins to shine as bright as the noonday sun -- and the clouds of worry and anxiety are quickly scattered. We become the faith of God in action . . . and the mask of the Worrier is removed.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Hay House Inc.

Article Source

Removing the Masks that Bind Us
by John Randolph Price.

Removing the Masks that Bind Us by John Randolph PriceHumans create their own experiences by the masks they choose to wear. The author lists the 12 masks humans tend to wear, for example, "Victim", "Tyrant", and "Warrior", and explains the resulting cause and effect relationships, their relationship to planetary energies, inner archetypes, the inner psyche, and life conditioning. Through a new understanding and inner knowledge life can be enjoyed to the full as the true persona is revealed.

Info/Order book. Also available as a Kindle edition.

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John Randolph PriceJohn Randolph Price is the recipient of national and international awards for humanitarianism, progress toward global peace, and for contributions to a higher degree of positive living. He and his wife Jan, also an author, are the founders of The Quartus Foundation. John is the author of: Removing the Masks that Bind Us, The Abundance Book, The Jesus Code, Living a Life of Joy, The Alchemist's Handbook, The Superbeings, A Spiritual Philosophy for the New World and many more.


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