Are You Allowing Your Mind to Fence You In?

Looking at Life Through the Distorted Lens of the Past

Life is intelligent, and it’s powerful, too. Yet, we rarely consider it as anything other than unpredictable and unknowable. What an amazing journey we’d have if we trusted life. Instead, in our fear of the unknown, we have turned life into a series of attempts to make the future as predictable as possible. Perhaps as we look out into the vast and infinite universe we feel small and insignificant, and so we want to exert some control where we can.

We have forgotten that we are at the center of creation. We are one with all we see. The same energy that flows through your neighbors flows through you, and God or Divine Intelligence is at the core.

For too long we have indulged in the illusion of separation. We have forsaken our true natures for the roller coaster ride of duality and the ego. It may be fun to go up and down and up and down on that crazy ride, but most of us have lost sight of the novelty of it. We have become entrenched in the frustration of it, and the result is suffering.

Seeking Peacefulness and Security... In All The Wrong Ways

We are all searching for ways to feel peaceful and secure. Unfortunately, the most common solution seems to be the least effective: when we want to heal an emotion, we give it all of our attention. In traditional therapy we spend lots of time and money dissecting our negative emotions in an attempt to be free, and what is the best we can hope for? A state of precarious peace that must be constantly tended to in order to be maintained. Not exactly inspiring, is it?

Instead of putting our negative emotions under a magnifying glass, why not shift our attention to something else? I don’t mean go into denial. We can acknowledge and give flow to the unwanted emotions. At the same time, we can experience our connection to something everlasting and unchanging. Some call it God. I like the Spiritualist term Divine Intelligence.

You are already tuned into this energy. You’re just not paying attention. If we would, the fear and anguish would simply fade away because we would feel so empowered and safe, there would be no need for fear.

Alas, we rarely, if ever, pay attention to God. We give our power to Mind instead. Now, Mind knows nothing of Divine Intelligence. Divine Intelligence is spontaneous. Mind is the complete opposite.

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Mind is all forethought and no spontaneity. Mind uses past knowledge to create plans as it moves toward the future (attempting to remove unpredictability!). That is your karma. You may think karma is something out of your control, a balancing of the scales. No. Karma is your mind taking you for a ride down memory lane. It distracts you with the past, and hopes that you will never enter the world of spontaneity and present-time: the world of God.

Looking Through the Distorted Lens of the Past

When you look at the world through the mind’s (karmic) eyes, you see it through the distorted lens of your history. In other words, you try to understand present situations using past experience as your guide. Let me put it to you this way. If I blindfold you and send you into your house, you will probably get around OK. You might bump into a few things, but you know how it’s arranged so you’ll do all right.

But what if I rearrange your furniture without telling you? Now things get interesting. You start wandering through the house using your past understanding of the layout. You bump into everything! You might trip or fall down. You could get hurt. Who knows what will happen? It’s all new and you’re not seeing it!

It’s the same with life: when you make decisions about the present moment based on knowledge acquired from past experience, you are putting on that blindfold, and you are bound to make mistakes. Some mistakes might be small, but some might be really big. One thing is for sure, challenges will be harder to overcome and may have a lasting impact on your life.

So, take off the blindfold! Forget about exploring the past. Instead, start exploring Divine Intelligence (i.e. your true nature). You will still face challenges; but you will face them with greater ease. You will move through them in less time and with fewer bruises. That is the blessing of trusting God.

Quieting the Mind & Teaching It Its Proper Place

The best way to achieve this is through meditation. When we meditate, we quiet the mind. We reveal an alternative to its controlling and scheming methods, and we teach it its proper place. The mind is the observer, not the director. Its job, and our job, is to remain open and trusting and to enjoy the ride.

It is the responsibility of Divine Intelligence to determine the course. Yet we humans drive ourselves crazy trying to prove that we can contain something as powerful as life. The evidence of that is all around you. Isn’t the world pathologically unstable? And the more we try to control things, the more unstable it becomes!

Trying to contain life is like trying to fence a wild horse. When it’s free, a wild horse is strong and sure. It is swift and beautiful. Confine it with a fence, and it’s a chaotic beast that must be broken. That’s what we are doing to our lives.

Instead of remaining open and trusting, we have allowed our minds to fence us in, and we are beating against the railings trying desperately to break free. That’s the chaos and the negativity upon which we focus so intently. Yet, we’re so trusting of the fence, we no longer question it. We only look at our fear and frustration and wonder why. Don’t give it another thought. Meditate.

As we grow quiet and still, our awareness shifts. We realize that we are already attuned to Divine Intelligence, that everything else has been a daydream, a distraction. When we quiet the mind, we automatically experience God.

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