How Consciousness Can Heal Our Emotions

How Consciousness Can Heal Our EmotionsThe art of consciousness is attention. It is not an inherited skill, a faculty of only the intelligent ones, something that can be bought or sold. It is the essence of the soul that sleeps within the mind of the cell and permeates all our subtle bodies. Yet it is, however, a discipline that requires surrender of the ego, a truce of the emotional body. Once this threshold is passed, it comes to us easily, although in increments, like the waves on the shore of the incoming tide.

Initially, the emotional body resists conscious expansion because it is like the guilty child being discovered by the parent who thwarts its play. If it is engaged in projection of blame or responsibility, or judgment and self righteousness, it must relinquish all these cloaking devices in the light of truth. Once the emotional body discovers that it can express itself in new and delicious ways, it quickly surrenders to the sensations of elation and joy that flood it in the presence of the Higher Self.

Healing Our Emotional Body

We heal the emotional body as we focus our attention on the highest octaves and vibrations of our emotions. We develop the capacity to experience happiness, ecstasy, and tranquility to the degree to which we can free ourselves from the residue of our emotional body. When the heart is filled with joy, the emotions soar. The purpose is to recognize and experience the universal energies of our own being.

I will suggest a number of exercises to do this. However, an exercise is never an end in itself. The goal is to awaken consciousness. At best, techniques can help get our consciousness in gear. Our Higher Self is already in existence and in touch with us, directly or indirectly. We are, in truth, light and divine consciousness. There is nothing that has to be created, we are simply not aware of it yet.

If we go beyond or deeper into ourselves we will discover new aspects of life. It is not a matter of discarding emotions, but rather of letting them be permeated by higher vibrations and light-filled energy. Exercises can help us orient our inner spiritual focus to develop the energies that flow to the desired goal, so that we create an energy spiral or an energy pattern, rather than set up a routine. It is the consciousness that supports our changes. 

Focusing on Higher Cosmic Vibrations

Exercises are like impulses to focus on higher cosmic vibrations. If, for instance, we wish to alter and improve our relationships with our parents or partners because communication between us has become icebound, our actual goal is to change in our consciousness, not theirs -- our goal is to witness the relationship from the spiritual perspective.

Exercises help us open to new dimensions to receive new energies. Each new energy flow releases old residue and crystallizations, and sets us free. If we influence it through focusing on spiritual octaves, the emotional body increases its own vibration so that residues such as fear, anger, self-righteousness, and so forth, are disintegrated.

Protecting Yourself by Crossing Your Arms?

We can often observe people crossing their arms in front of their stomachs, or bending over slightly in that area, even when they are standing. This posture is an attempt at self-protection because the stomach or solar plexus area is the seat of the emotional body. Via our solar plexus, we unconsciously receive the emotional vibrations of others. Normally, we stretch out the feelers or antennae of our emotional body so as to come into contact with the energies of our surroundings through these delicate threads or fibers, and to exchange energies.

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However, the vulnerable energy of infants and small children is confronted again and again with negative vibrations, so that these fibers begin to retract at the first sign of emotional negativity. We all know the feeling of nausea, or butterflies in our stomach, when we are about to enter or are in an emotionally oppressive situation. Our sympathetic nervous system is registering fear via the solar plexus ganglion.

We try to protect ourselves by covering and contracting the solar plexus. Unfortunately constant contraction of this area serves to weaken it, leaving us very permeable to outside energies. We can cleanse our emotional body fibers by extending our energy out through the solar plexus. This protects us from energies we might otherwise take in. As we do this, we are able to alter the messages we are sending out to the world about who we are.

The following exercise teaches us how to do this. You can do it anywhere, in the car, at a desk, lying on a bed. Just be sure to uncross your arms and legs. It is useful to loosen your belt and any tight clothing so that you are really relaxed.

Protection Exercise Using White Light

Through your crown chakra, through your scalp, let clear, white light flow into yourself. If you think you cannot do that without using your imagination, then by all means use it! Simply imagine that white light is flowing into your head from above. Then, let it flow out again through your stomach and solar plexus in the form of a ray of white light. The process is to "inhale" white light though your head and "exhale" it through your solar plexus. Doing it with your breath is an excellent way to learn it.

Lay your hand lightly over the stomach area to focus your attention on what you perceive with your senses. You may feel warmth, or an itching, or a light vibrating motion, or even a light electric current.

Once you begin to sense the energy, hold your hand a little bit away from the stomach, maybe two to four inches. Continue the process of directing the flow of white light in through your head and out through your solar plexus. With your hand held in front of your stomach, you can sense changes and fluctuations in the energy as you extend your hand. Does it appear different, less or more strong?

Gradually increase the space between the stomach and hand until your hand is at arm's length from the solar plexus. At the same time, take note of how you feel. Do you feel differently, perhaps better, more secure and open, freer? I hope so.

For the next stage of this exercise, continue to receive and transmit the white light without holding your hand in front of you. Now try to direct the "ray of energy" at an object. This could be a doorknob, a book, a chair, the telephone, anything at all. Practice this until you can perceive when the ray of energy reaches the object. It will bounce back slightly when it hits an inanimate object.

The purpose of this whole exercise is to understand that, when you are sending out light and energy, you cannot receive or absorb anything through the solar plexus. This is the best protection from unwanted influences. After doing this exercise, people feel, sometimes for the first time, how a harmonious energy flows through them to connect with the world.

The above is excerpted from the book:

This article is excerpted from the book: The Healing of Emotion by Chris Griscom.The Healing of Emotion
by Chris Griscom.

 Reprinted with permission. Published by Light Institute Press, Galisteo, NM. ©1988.

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