What's Really Going On and What Do We Do About It?

What's Really Going On and What Do We Do About It?
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Now, get ready for my most important post. How's that for drama? This is about a 2 or 3-minute read so for those who don't have time, you can skip to the punchline at the end.

So, who knows exactly what's going on right now? I've reviewed videos, read blogs and articles and books, accessed a variety of news sources, mainstream and sidestream, watched YouTube videos of doctors and economists, listened to informed and anxious friends, and I'm no closer to knowing for sure than before.

Is this what it sure seems to be, a killer virus that social distancing helps contain? Is it some kind of conspiracy by Big Pharma to scare us into agreeing to mandatory vaccinations next year? Is it a global heist to steal even more of our savings? Is it the effects of EMF's, especially 5-G? All of the above, none of the above...? The only thing I know for sure (other than that, personally, social distancing is a choice my wife and I have embraced) is this. This moment I mean.

In This Moment...

In this moment I have the opportunity to choose what I express. It's called personal empowerment.

Common to all those scenarios and a dozen more is that we are urged to identify as victims, at the mercy of powerful forces (and / or people) beyond our control. It's undeniably true that I can't control what Fox News broadcasts or what McDonald's puts in their food, but it's my choice what I watch and where I eat. That limits my options but it doesn't seem that we have any lack of options in the 21st century, does it?

My priority option is to broadcast those qualities that can serve best as the invisible blueprint for the world I choose to live in, that world I'd like to leave for our grandchildren. Just as we can feel the tension in a room where an argument is raging, without needing to witness the conflict first-hand, the world we share – created by a broad range of dysfunctional qualities like greed and hatred – now resonates with a cacophony of grating frequencies... ouch! I'd like to change that. At least in my immediate environment.

When I Woke Up This Morning...

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I awoke this morning feeling anxious. I carefully stepped back to examine what was going on. I felt anxious, worried, and scared. There was nothing in my environment causing this; it was all internal.

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Whether I was feeling the fear in the world right now, being bombarded by some kind of invisible weapon, or just being jostled around by my own monkey mind, it was absolutely clear that I had a choice. I could just lay there, inert, or I could choose to put my attention on something else.

So, I chose to lovingly disconnect from that static and relax into peace. This wasn't denial. I still noticed those other disruptive sensations. But they moved to a distant corner. Front and center? Peace, love, gratitude, even joy. After all, I suddenly found myself thinking, it's a total miracle to be alive, right?

The sun is shining here in the Oregon woods as I write this. I'm swelling up with gratitude, thinking about you, friends that I know well and others I've never met, all around the world, each of you in your own way choosing the qualities you want to express. Thank you!

Making A Difference In Our Lives and For Others

Thank you in each moment and thank you for noon. (See The Noon Club.) More and more of us are setting our phones, tuning in, and broadcasting together. We are making a difference, in our own lives for sure, just as I did for myself this morning, and also in what flows from us to touch others.

May others always be touched by our good vibes. This may just be a worthy assignment for the rest of our lives, to become world-class experts in transmitting the qualities we wish to see the future constructed from.

And maybe this will also turn out to be our best personal protection. Yes to medicine, yes to common sense lifestyle precautions and taking responsibility for our health. But just as there are mysterious stories about holy men who were impervious to poison, maybe we can improve our ability to survive whatever threats come our way, because we keep our bodies, minds, and hearts in balance with the all-powerful frequencies resonating through the natural world.

That's more than some theory about oneness, it's a physiological state. Which reminds me, the woods are calling. Signing off, hoping this encourages you to make this your priority and yes, I also mean hanging out more in nature. Entrainment is happening!

I love being in this orchestra with you all. Let's play on together without fear!

Now, the promised punchline: the following video. Watch it to enjoy, and then spread the word by sharing this.

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