How Moon Cycles Affect Your Sleep and Behavior

How The Full Moon Affects Your Sleep And Behavior

In the new paper, researchers report that sleep cycles in people oscillate during the 29.5-day lunar cycle: In the days leading up to a full moon, people go to sleep later in the evening and sleep for shorter periods of time.

ADHD as a State of Mind, Not A Disorder

ADHD as a State of Mind, Not A Disorder

If you are an adult who has experienced chronic issues with restlessness, impatience, poor listening skills, or a difficulty doing “boring” jobs like balancing a checkbook, you already know what it feels like to experience some of the challenges associated with ADHD.

Choosing Hope by Stepping Away from Apathy and Indifference

Choosing Hope By Stepping Away from Apathy & Indifference

We all have a choice. We can submit to apathy and indifference or we can choose hope. This dialogue is about choosing hope and recognizing that we each have a responsibility to make a difference in the world.

5 Strategies For Cultivating Hope This Year

5 Strategies For Cultivating Hope This Year

The raging coronavirus pandemic, along with political turbulence and uncertainty, have overwhelmed many of us. Indeed, all through these times, both the dark and bright sides of human nature were evident as many people engaged in extraordinary compassion and courage when others were committing acts of violence, self-interest or greed. 

How Guilt Is Not A Wasted Emotion, But A Wonderful Teacher

How Guilt Is Not A Wasted Emotion, But A Wonderful Teacher

I remember once believing that guilt was a wasted emotion. Like all emotions, there is a place for guilt. A centered spiritual being, one who has moved past limiting beliefs, will feel guilty doing something that goes against who she is or wants to be.

Attitudes Transformed: Reversing Our Attitudes Towards Ourselves and Others

Attitudes Transformed

Without reversing our present attitudes towards ourselves and others, we cannot attain enlightenment. We might think, "Well, so what?" But at the same time we don't want to remain in our present condition, experiencing unhappiness and suffering. By considering all these points carefully, we will realize that making this switch in our attitudes is possible.



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