We Can All Be A Little Radicalized

We Can All Be A Little Radicalized

The conviction of radical Islamist preacher Anjem Choudary for swearing allegiance to Islamic State shows that those breaking the law by inviting support for a terrorist organisation can and will be prosecuted.

Can We Stop Living the Never Enough! Story?

You Are Enough! We Are Enough!We are currently living in what I call the Never Enough Story, a cultural myth characterized by ideas of separation, unworthiness, and scarcity. It is a culture that indoctrinates each and every one of us to the idea that we are separate, on our own, and there is never enough to go around. 

Let’s Talk about Guilt

Let’s Talk about GuiltGuilt is a difficult burden to carry around with you. And guilt perpet­uates what you are guilty about; how does it do that?  Guilt is a very negative, destructive energy. It is different from remorse, the feeling we get when we know we have done something wrong and we’re dreadfully sorry. In the case of remorse...

Once Upon A Now: Retiring Our Victim Stories

Once Upon A Now: Letting Go of the Victim StoriesIt’s time for humanity to write new parables. New voices. A new language. It’s time for new books. New songs. New pictures. Tradition and nostalgia served their place to bond us and then, to separate us. Fear kept us from grace. It kept us from one another. It kept us from the divine. It kept us lonely and isolated and frightened. Always frightened.

When Is Childhood Shyness A Cause For Concern?

When Is Childhood Shyness A Cause For Concern?When parents observe shyness in their child, they may wonder if it is normal or cause for concern. For instance, in social situations, the child may cling to their parent, be hesitant to speak, reluctant to interact with others, and play alone when in groups more often than other children their age.

How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s Skull

How to Safely Remove Your Husband’s SkullI saw a documentary that introduced Jawara women who wear the bones of their dead husbands around their necks. In some cases, the widow totes the man’s skull. In our culture many of us also wear the skulls, bones, or remnants of dead husbands, lovers, family members, business partners, or  friends around our necks—not physically, but energetically. We hang past memories, resentments, and upsets...

Helping Kids Cope With Stress

Helping Kids Cope With StressChildren are not as adept as adults at understanding complex emotions like stress, and aren’t likely to be able to tell you when they have too much on their plate. A child who is stressed out isn’t likely to appear so. Rather, their anxiety is often portrayed through a series of signs, which can be physical, emotional, or behavioral.

7 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Love

7 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of LoveWe all want to be loved. But if we've experienced a love loss in the past, it can be hard to get over that fear. You can spend your whole life trying to avoid being in a similar situation, so you don't have to feel vulnerable that way again. Or, you can...

Here’s What Free Will Looks Like In Your Brain

Here’s What Free Will Looks Like In Your BrainScientists have for the first time watched the human brain making a purely voluntary decision to act. Unlike in brain imaging studies where researchers watch as people respond to cues or commands, Johns Hopkins researchers found a way to observe people’s brain activity as they made choices entirely on their own.

How Cute Things Hijack Our Brains And Drive Behavior

How Cute Things Hijack Our Brains And Drive BehaviorWhat is the cutest thing you have ever seen? Chances are it involves a baby, a puppy or another adorable animal. And chances are it is forever imprinted on your mind. But what exactly is this powerful attractive force and how is it expressed in the brain?

Forgiveness and Everyday Compassion Are A Gift

Forgiveness and Everyday Compassion Are A GiftIt’s necessary to be conscious of the way we store events in the body and how they create layers of similar emotions—grief with grief, joy with joy, anger with anger, and love with love. These layers are like the strata in rocks, building great cliffs of emotions that are touched each time another similar emotion is experienced.

We Behave A Lot More Badly Than We Remember

We Behave A Lot More Badly Than We RememberIn a 1997 U.S. News and World Report survey, 1,000 Americans were asked the following question: “Who do you think is most likely to get into heaven?” According to respondents, then-president Bill Clinton had a 52 percent chance; basketball star Michael Jordan had a 65 percent chance; and Mother Teresa had a 79 percent chance.

De-Stressing After A Long Work Day

De-Stressing After A Long Work DayNo matter what your field, or how much you love your job, you’re always going to have days that drain you. Days where you feel exhausted and stressed, days that you are happy to see come to an end. When you are finally done with work and you get home to unwind, there are some healthy ways to go about it.

Living a Stress-Free Life Every Day

Living a Stress-Free Life Every DaySometimes in life we come to a point where we want to leave everything behind and run away from society. It feels as though we cannot take one more abusive comment from our boss, another long drive in traffic or another broken night of sleep. We feel as though our cup is so full that the next time...

How Does A Bicycle Stay Upright?

How Does A Bicycle Stay Upright?It’s as easy as riding a bike … or so the saying goes. But how do we manage to stay upright on a bicycle? If anyone ventures an answer they most often say that it’s because of the “gyroscopic effect” – but this can’t be true.

Emotions Leave Older Adults Open To Being Swindled

Emotions Leave Older Adults Open To Being Swindled"When emotionally aroused, either excited or frustrated, older adults may be more susceptible to being victimized by scammers than are younger individuals," says Ian H. Gotlib. "In the present study, they were more likely to want to pay for an item advertised misleadingly, regardless of how credible they believed the advertisement was."

A Romantic View Of Helping The Needy?

man begging 4 5“Is it possible I could have steeled my purse against him?” the Romantic essayist Charles Lamb asked in 1822, writing about a man who sat each day by the road begging alms. “Give, and ask no questions.” Today, charities must answer plenty of questions before they can persuade an often wary public to untie their purse strings.

Lil' Kim And The Unbearable Whiteness Of Being

lill kimThis week the world saw – via that new, visual means of wildfire gossip-mongering known as “trending on social media” – Lil’ Kim’s new face and hair. For anyone who doesn’t know Lil Kim, she isn’t a teenage Instagram model – born Kimberley Jones in 1974, she’s one of the most successful female rappers the world has ever seen.

Retire Early: Why Leaving Work Can Be Good For You

Retirement may not automatically lead to better health but it presents an opportunity to engineer a healthier lifestyle. Daniel Lee/Flickr, CC BY-NDRetirement may not automatically lead to better health but it presents an opportunity to engineer a healthier lifestyle.A few years ago, my mother had a bit of a crisis in the lead-up to her retirement. She struggled with her self-worth, perceived value to society and fears of boredom.

A Bit Of Claustrophobia Is Normal

tight spaces 4 4“Claustrophobia” is generally described as an irrational fear of confined spaces, and it has been estimated to affect some 5-7% of the world population. Clearly, some people are more distressed than others when they are in confined spaces, but a fear of physical restraint is so normal that it seems illogical not to

Are Blondes Actually Dumb?

Are Blondes Actually Dumb?The dumb female blonde is a staple of Hollywood movies, such as Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde.” Amazon currently sells many joke books that poke fun at blondes’ perceived lack of intelligence.

How Our Bias Toward The Future Can Cloud Our Moral Judgement

How Our Bias Toward The Future Can Cloud Our Moral JudgementPeople are often forgiven for actions that they would never get permission for in the first place – a phenomenon described as “Stuart’s Law of Retroaction”. Children who watch TV for longer than they are allowed to, teenagers who elope without telling their parents and adults who empty joint

Why There's No Such Thing As An Addictive Personality

Why There's No Such Thing As An Addictive Personality“Life is a series of addictions and without them we die”. This is my favourite quote in academic addiction literature and was made back in 1990 in the British Journal of Addiction by Isaac Marks. This deliberately provocative and controversial statement was made to stimulate debate about whether excessive and potentially problematic activities such as gambling, sex and work really can

I'll Punish Your Bad Behavior To Make Me Look Good

Standing up for what’s right can come with a cost to the individual – but also a benefit. Michael Fleshman, CC BY-NCWhat makes human morality unique? One important answer is that we care when other people are harmed. While many animals retaliate when directly mistreated, humans also get outraged at transgressions against others. And this outrage drives us to protest injustice, boycott companies, blow whistles...

Turning On Your Brights & Beaming Your Radiance

Turning On Your Brights & Beaming Your RadianceSweet Sara. That’s what people always used to call me. It didn’t matter where I went in the world — whether it was to visit a cousin in the Midwest, have tea with a girlfriend in Bangkok, or read a piece of fan mail from someone I’d never met before. Everyone I knew at some point arrived at “Sweet Sara” as my nickname.

Drinking Is Bad For You And That's Why It's Fun

Drinking Is Bad For You And That's Why It's FunWhy do we drink alcohol? And what would make us do less of it? The government has its own answers – on January 8, the chief medical officer for England, Dame Sally Davies, announced the new government alcohol guidelines. There is now no “safe” drinking level, and the recommended lower-risk maximum per week has been reduced to 14 units, for both men and women.

Why We Feel Rage And How To Control It

Why We Feel Rage And How To Control ItYou’re at the park with the kids. Everyone’s having fun, and then a strange dog appears. There’s no owner around. It’s eyeballing the kids. Immediately your threat system becomes activated.

Is Seeing Sacrifice As "Going Without" Holding Us Back?

Is Seeing Sacrifice As Going Without Holding Us Back?Humankind is fit only to be exterminated – that might sometimes seem like the only answer to our ever-growing population, environmental degradation and the human threat to biodiversity. But if you accept it’s impossible to reconcile this with any meaningful morality, we need a new approach to how we conduct ourselves.


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