An Infinite Number of Possible Realities: How Do You Get There?

An Infinite Number of Possible Realities: What You See is What You Get

Ponder this: Everything in the physical universe is made up of subatomic particles such as electrons. By their very nature, these particles, when they exist as pure potential, are in their wave state while they are not being observed. They are potentially “every thing” and “no thing” until they are observed. They exist everywhere and nowhere until they are observed. Thus, everything in our physical reality exists as pure potential.

If you can imagine a future event in your life based on any one of your personal desires, that reality already exists as a possibility in the quantum field, waiting to be observed by you. This means that the quantum field contains a reality in which you are healthy, wealthy, and happy, and possess all of the qualities and capabilities of the idealized self that you hold in your thoughts.

With willful attention, sincere application of new knowledge, and repeated daily efforts, you can use your mind, as the observer, to collapse quantum particles and organize a vast number of subatomic waves of probability into a desired physical event called an experience in your life.

Can You See Me Now?

The quantum universe is just waiting for a conscious observer (you or me) to come along and influence energy in the form of potential matter by using the mind and consciousness (which are themselves energy) to make waves of energetic probabilities coalesce into physical matter. Just as the wave of possibility of the electron manifests as a particle within a specific momentary event, we observers cause a particle or groups of particles to manifest physical experiences in the form of events in our lives.

This is crucial to understanding how you can cause an effect or make a change in your life. When you learn how to sharpen your skills of observation to intentionally affect your destiny, you are well on your way toward living the ideal version of your life by becoming the idealized version of your self.

Thoughts + Feelings = Test-Tube Results

We communicate with the quantum field primarily through our thoughts and feelings. Since our thoughts are themselves energy — as you know, the electrical impulses the brain generates can easily be measured by devices such as an EEG — they are one of the primary means by which we send out signals into the field.

I want to share with you a remarkable study that demonstrates how our thoughts and feelings influence matter.

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What You See is What You Get: An Infinite Number of Possible RealitiesCellular biologist Glen Rein, Ph.D., conceived of a series of experiments to test healers’ ability to affect biological systems. Since DNA is more stable than substances such as cells or bacterial cultures, he decided to have healers hold test tubes containing DNA.

This study took place at the HeartMath Research Center in California. The folks there have conducted extraordinary research into the physiology of emotions, heart-brain interactions, and much more. Essentially, they and others have documented a specific link between our emotional states and our heart rhythms.

When we have negative emotions (such as anger and fear), our heart rhythms become erratic and disorganized. In contrast, positive emotions (love and joy, for instance) produce highly ordered, coherent patterns that HeartMath researchers refer to as heart coherence.

In Dr. Rein’s experiment, he first studied a group of ten individuals who were well practiced in using techniques that HeartMath teaches to build heart-focused coherence. They applied the techniques to produce strong, elevated feelings such as love and appreciation, then for two minutes, they held vials containing DNA samples suspended in deionized water. When those samples were analyzed, no statistically significant changes had occurred.

A second group of trained participants did the same thing, but instead of just creating positive emotions (a feeling) of love and appreciation, they simultaneously held an intention (a thought) to either wind or unwind the strands of DNA. This group produced statistically significant changes in the conformation (shape) of the DNA samples. In some cases the DNA was wound or unwound as much as 25 percent!

A third group of trained subjects held a clear intent to change the DNA, but they were instructed not to enter into a positive emotional state. In other words, they were only using thought (intention) to affect matter. The result? No changes to the DNA samples.

The positive emotional state that the first group entered did nothing by itself to the DNA. Another group’s clearly held intentional thought, not accompanied by emotion, also had no impact. Only when subjects held both heightened emotions and clear objectives in alignment were they able to produce the intended effect.

Elevated Emotion + Open Heart + Conscious Intention + Clear Thought = Amazing Results

An intentional thought needs an energizer, a catalyst — and that energy is an elevated emotion. Heart and mind working together. Feelings and thoughts unified into a state of being.

What the HeartMath experiment demonstrates is that the quantum field doesn’t respond simply to our wishes — our emotional requests. It doesn’t just respond to our aims — our thoughts. It only responds when those two are aligned or coherent — that is, when they are broadcasting the same signal. When we combine an elevated emotion with an open heart and a conscious intention with clear thought, we signal the field to respond in amazing ways.

The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.

Thoughts and Feelings: Changing the Electromagnetic Signal We Are Broadcasting

I find it a useful model to think of thoughts as the electrical charge in the quantum field and feelings as the magnetic charge in the field. The thoughts we think send an electrical signal out into the field. The feelings we generate magnetically draw events back to us. Together, how we think and how we feel produces a state of being, which generates an electromagnetic signature that influences every atom in our world. This should prompt us to ask, “What are we broadcasting (consciously or unconsciously) on a daily basis?”

I know that it’s frustrating when life seems to produce an endless succession of minor variations on the same negative outcomes. But as long as you stay the same person, as long as your electromagnetic signature remains the same, you can’t expect a new outcome. To change your life is to change your energy.

If you want a new outcome, you will have to break the habit of being yourself, and reinvent a new self.

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Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One
by Joe Dispenza.

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