Earth's Magnetic & Physical Shift

In their September 9, 2004, article entitled, “Earth’s Magnetic Field is Fading,” National Geographic News reported that since 1845, the Earth’s magnetism has weakened 10%. In Beyond Prophecies and Predictions, Moira Timms says, “During the past 1,800 years, this (magnetic) field is estimated to have fallen to less than two-thirds of its original strength.”

Professor Bannerjee, of the University of New Mexico, has stated that Earth’s magnetism has dropped 50% in the last 4,000 years. Vince Migliore, editor of the Geo-Monitor Newsletter, says that on a magnetic scale of 1–10, our magnetic field is currently at about 1.5.

Decline of the Magnetic Field: As Above, So Below

Whatever the exact decline of magnetism, the point is that it’s definitely declining. Besides the understandable interruption in your cell phone and satellite reception, there is another little wrinkle in the magnetic drop process. The “as above so below” principle applies here. The magnetic field around the Earth feeds the magnetic fields around our brains and within each individual brain cell. Our memory and synaptic functions are dependent on this magnetic field remaining strong. When the field drops, things don’t work right.

The early Russian space program discovered that when people go out into space away from the magnetism of the Earth for more than two weeks, they literally go crazy. Their scientists created a little device to be worn on their belts that creates a magnetic field so this won’t happen. However, providing everyone in the world with one of these to compensate for the dropping magnetism isn’t high on the priorities of our rulers.

From Illogical Brains to Open Hearts

People are simply going a little crazier all the time. This is mainly due to the drop in magnetism. We were told in a channeling session that right before the big shifts, when magnetism seriously drops, people will seriously lose it if they’re inclined to. There is a consolation however --- as our logical brains lose functionality, our hearts can become more functional, and harmony with Nature becomes easier.

This is the way Mother Earth periodically fine-tunes humanity. She usually drops her magnetism gradually, and this time will be one of the most gradual. This helps mankind come back into harmony with the Earth in a slow and natural way, especially if we cooperate with the process. Regardless of how abrupt this lowering of magnetism is, it always facilitates a much-needed reunion with Mother Earth every 13,000 years.

Harmonizing with Earth's Frequency

Gregg Braden explains why the dropping magnetism affects us this way: “Dense magnetics lock in emotional and mental patterns from generation to generation in the morphogenetic field. With weaker magnetic fields, this seems to ease up, allowing easier access to higher states, as the cells of our body tune to, and try to match, Earth’s frequency…”

This is a natural function of our body. We don’t really have to consciously do anything. However, we can fight it. We can go a little crazy. That’s a natural reaction too. It’s our choice, but harmonizing is better.

It’s said that parts of the Egyptian pyramids are constructed so that they somehow have less magnetism than anywhere else. They were constructed this way to help initiates let go of their “emotional and mental patterns” so they could come into better harmony with Nature.

We are so fortunate to be living in a time when we don’t have to travel to Egypt or climb into a dusty old pyramid just to enjoy the benefits of lower magnetism! With Mother Earth’s help, we can let go our emotional mindsets right now. And this blessing is only going to be increasing up until the time of the shift.

Magnetic, Physical, and Dimensional Shift

When the dimensional shift happens, about a year or so after the magnetic and physical shifting of the Earth (and a possible brief void), those who are ready will just consciously move into the next dimension. That’s why, “Now’s the time to find your center.”

That was the message from a recent channeling session. My translation would be, “Now’s the time to come into harmony with your heart and Nature.” Now’s the time to practice faith in the One Thing. Picture someone holding onto the stone of harmony as a hurricane swirls around them. Finding our center, clinging to the One real Thing, creates a balanced energy all its own.

Connecting with Nature & The One Thing

Ignorance of our connection with Nature can take many forms. In past eras, people used to think that when things went bad, God was punishing them for something they did wrong. Today, most people think there’s no intelligence behind catastrophic “acts of God.”

Why is it so hard to understand that being out of harmony with Nature could have adverse consequences? When we breathe in an allergen, the natural reaction is to try to sneeze it out. When dog has fleas, it tries to scratch them off. The Earth is sneezing and scratching at its disharmonious parts.

Mother Earth is no more merely rock and water than we are simply flesh and blood. She’s an enlightened soul who constantly scans the surface of her body, our planet, for activity, attitude and intent. She may seem to paint new pictures with a broad brush-stroke sometimes. However, a harmonious relationship with our inner guidance along with a harmonious relationship with Nature will assure that we’re always where we need to be.

All According to Plan: Peaceful Eye of the Storm

Practice harmonizing with Nature and the presence of the One Thing, and you’ll react right when the time comes. In the meantime, don’t worry about the drop in magnetism, or the cyclone of world events, or the possible whirlwind of disappointing personal experiences around you.

Look for the beauty and order of Nature. Know that it’s there, no matter how hidden it is, and that everything is proceeding according to plan. When you can see God in all people and situations without judging or second guessing his/her/its purpose, you’re ready to weather all the changes in the peaceful eye of the storm.

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