Google's Glucose Contact Lenses Could Transform Diabetes Care

Google's Glucose Contact Lenses Could Transform Diabetes Care

Google has teamed up with researchers at the University of Washington to create a contact lens that can measure blood glucose levels in a person’s tears and display the reading on their mobile phone. If this smart contact lens project is successful, people with diabetes may be able to stop drawing blood to measure their sugar levels.

Magnetism: How Human Energy Affects Things and People

Magnetism: How Human Energy Affects Things and People

You have no doubt met people whose very presence emanated an indefinable power. Perhaps you persuaded yourself that their influence was due to something perfectly ordinary: physical stature, or good looks, or reputation...

An Invisible Bike Helmet? The Impossible Made Possible

An Invisible Bike Helmet? The Impossible Made Possible

As we move to a more sustainable lifestyle, bicycling to work or to the store etc. can be an option for many. However, in many cities, riding a bicycle may seem like you're taking your life in your own hands. However, there is a happy solution...

The Economic Injustice of Plastic and a "Disposable" Society

This talk (13 min approx) is amazing... talking about our belief in a "disposable" society... disposable bottles, cans...  but it seems we also believe in disposable people. Van Jones speaks of Cancer Alley, smog, 1 out of 4 people in jail, etc. THIS IS A MUST WATCH! Want to make a difference? Start with watching this video!

A Fairy Tale Come True? Uncovering the River to Happiness

South Korea: River Restoration Project

An engineering survey found that the road had several structural weaknesses and that it would be very costly to renovate the road, so instead, the city government decided to demolish the highway and restore the flow to the river...

Sunspot Cycles and Human Behavior

Sunspot Cycles and Human Behavior

Since the 1800s astronomers have noted that there is an eleven and a twenty-two-year sunspot cycle; that is, for some years there would be hardly any sunspots, and then for some years the sun's face would be as blotchy as a teenager with acne. It was discovered that sunspot emissions affected a wide variety of...

Two New Printing Technologies To Change the World

Printing Technologies Change the World

As with most technologies it is the limitation of human imagination, the need to overcome conventionalism and fend off of those with a vested financial interests in doing it the old way, that often holds back new technologies.

No December 30th in Samoa?

Dateline prior to December 2011 shift

The 186,000 residents of the island of Samoa will go to bed on December 29th and wake up on December 31st. They will have missed a whole day! No, they won't have slept 24 hours, they will simply be experiencing the...

First Planet in the Habitable Zone Confirmed


NASA's Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the "habitable zone," the region where liquid water could exist on a planet’s surface. Kepler also has discovered more than 1,000 new planet candidates, nearly doubling its previously known count. Ten of these candidates are near-Earth-size and orbit in the habitable zone of their host star. Candidates require follow-up observations to verify they are actual planets.

Earth's Magnetic & Physical Shift

The magnetic field around the Earth feeds the magnetic fields around our brains and within each individual brain cell. Our memory and synaptic functions are dependent on this magnetic field remaining strong. When the field drops, things don’t work right.

The Great Shift: 11:11, 12.21.12 & 13:13

Do you often see the numbers 11:11, or even various triple digits when you glance at your digital clock such as 4:44, 5:55, etc.? Have you wondered if there was any significance to this or if it was just a random occurrence? Does this have anything to do with the year 2012? There are clues to...

Evolution or Extinction

Had he lived today, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, would affirm with deeper conviction than ever: To be or not to be is indeed the question. This living blue-green planet, the home of humanity -- how long will it support us? Will we manage to evolve as a conscious social and cultural species -- or will we become extinct like the dinosaurs?

Brain Structure May Affect Reading Ability

New research indicates that "Brain Structure May Affect Reading Ability" - INNERSELF MAGAZINE - Creating new attitudes for the new millennium

Changing the Weather

If you choose to change the weather, you can. But why would you? Isn't there love in a storm? You see, the ego gets caught up with it. The ego judges that a storm is something bad, something not desirable. And as a result, it wants to change it. We would suggest this isn't about change as much as it is about acceptance and appreciation.

Genetic Engineering -- Is It Safe???

Genetic engineering -- of food and other products -- has far outrun the science that must be its first governing discipline. Therein lies the peril, the risk, and the foolhardiness. Scientists who do not recognize this chasm may be practicing 'corporate science' driven by sales, profits, proprietary secrets, and political influence-peddling.


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