Creating Your Experience by Opening Your Eyes, Your Mind, Your Inner Ear

Creating Your Experience by Opening Your Eyes, Your Mind, Your Inner Ear

Did you ever say to yourself, "I wish that I might never again be afraid of anything"? Or have you met someone who had such a deep calm and peace that you have thought, "How I wish that I might be like that person"? Did you ever, in some still moment, feel as though you could almost reach out and touch something that would make you whole, happy, and complete?

You share this feeling with every other person, and you instinctively know that there is something you ought to be able to tune in to which could make everything right, not only for yourself but for others and for the whole world. We are all alike because we are all human beings.

The Remedy: Opening Your Eyes, Your Mind, Your Inner Ear

What is the remedy for all this? Open your spiritual eyes! Listen with the inner ear! Open your minds!

What is it that you are to open your eyes, your ears, and your minds to? What is it that you must see, hear, and understand? It is this:

Life flows into everything, through everything. It passes into every human event and translates Itself through every human act. If you learn to think of Life as flowing through your every action, you will soon discover that the things you give your attention to are quickened with new energy, for you are breathing the very essence of Being into them.

You can think yourself into being unhappy and depressed, or you can think yourself into being glad. Did it ever occur to you that you can also think yourself into being well? into being prosperous? that you can think yourself into success? Well, you can if you believe in the Law of Life, and use It rightly.

Becoming the Master of Your Own Thinking

You must become the master of your own thinking. This is the only way you can realize freedom and joy. Therefore, you will have to turn your thoughts away from lack, want, and limitation, and let them dwell on good. Make yourself do this. Learn to think about what you wish to become.

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You are a thinking center in Life, and the chief characteristic of the Law of Life is that It responds to thought. Your slightest thought sets up a pattern which is acted upon by Creative Intelligence, causing to be created for you circumstances which will correspond to your thought.

If you think of Life as always bringing to you everything you need, you will have formed a partnership with the Invisible which will prosper you in everything you do. If you think of the organs and functions of your body as activities of Life, then automatically you will be benefited physically.

Life is Not Vindictive; It Is Not Withholding Anything From You

Creating Your Experience: Opening Your Eyes, Your Mind, Your Inner EarThe spiritual gifts which people have so earnestly sought after are not something that God has withheld from man. Quite the reverse. They are something which man, in his ignorance, has withheld from himself. Life is not vindictive; It is not withholding anything from you.

If you will take time daily to sense the presence of Life within you, to believe in It, to accept It, it will not be long before undesirable experiences which you have known will gradually disappear and something new will be born — a bigger, better, and more perfect you. You will pass from lack and want into greater freedom; from fear into faith. From a sense of being alone, you will pass into the realization of a Oneness with everything, and you will rejoice.

Implicit Confidence in the Law of Good

When you have implicit confidence in the Law of Good, and when you use this belief for a definite purpose, then something will happen. And the reason why it happens is that you are surrounded by a creative Power — or a creative Mind, or a creative Principle, whatever you choose to call it — which actually does respond according to your thinking. This is the key to the whole situation.

Learn to make known your requests with thanksgiving and in acceptance. And having done this, in that silent communion of your soul with its Source, believe that the Law of Good will do the rest. What you do is plant an acorn and let nature create the oak tree for you.

Therefore, say to yourself quietly but with deep conviction:

I now accept my Divine birthright. I now consciously enter into my partnership with love, with peace, with joy, with God. I feel the infinite Presence close around me. I feel the warmth, the color, and the radiance of this Presence like a living thing in which I am enveloped.

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Discover a Richer Life
by Ernest Holmes.

Discover a Richer Life by Ernest Holmes.Is something missing in your life? The quality of our life's experience, from health and success to prosperity and happiness, stems directly from our relationship with the Universe and the patterns of thought that it inspires. In this beloved inspirational guidebook, Ernest Holmes provides the tools and blueprint for the foundation of a new and more successful life, grounded by and centered on the nature and meaning of reality. Discover a Richer Life is the map that will guide readers on a great adventure to a vibrant, fully realized life.

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Ernest Holmes, author of: Discover a Richer LifeErnest Holmes (1887 – 1960) was the founder of the worldwide Religious Science Movement. A uniquely gifted scholar with a vast command of the world’s spiritual philosophies, his magnum opus, The Science of Mind, has been in continuous print since 1926. Other inspirational works include Creative Mind, This Thing Called You, The Art of Life, Creative Mind and Success, Love and Law, The Hidden Power of the Bible, and many others.

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