How Can You Relight Your Inner Passion?

How Can You Relight Your Inner Passion?

The first question I ask people when they are feeling lost in life is, "What is your passion?" About nine-and-a-half out of ten people don't know the answer.

The truth is that passion is everything we love. Passion dictates our direction when we allow ourselves the freedom of feeling to great depths. Passion allows us to give ourselves over completely to our actions and emotions. It fuels us when we are tired, and releases chemicals in our bodies that make us feel terrific. Passion gives us a spring in our step and the ability to spring out of bed in the morning with anticipation of a terrific day.

So why is it missing? How do we find that big, elusive feeling that brings exuberance to our everyday experiences?

Why Is Our Passion, Our Exuberance, Missing?

First of all we have to stop being so emotionally guarded. We hide our emotional expressions because we feel vulnerable and even exposed if we show our true feelings. As we defend ourselves subconsciously we use up our vitality, the energy we have every day to apply to whatever we do, and our internal resources become taxed, even limited.

We also need to self-nurture. We must do what we love, what opens our hearts, what comforts us. A long massage, a walk in the woods, a great book, anything that brings us back to center and inner comfort.

We must recall what brought passion to us in our past, like during our childhood when we were innocent and not guarded from life and everything was interesting and exciting.

A fun way to begin is to think about what you loved as a child. What brought you joy? What made you smile? What games did you play, stories did you tell, jokes did you share? What were your fantasies when you were a kid? Tap into those childhood memories. Let yourself grin.

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Your Passion is an Internal Experience

How Can You Relight Your Inner Passion?Most of the people who I have assisted with this subject have immediately identified passion as having to do with other people. This saddens me. From my point of view, passion is an internal experience that brings animation and fulfillment to the expression of outward experience — life!

Passion is a lap full of puppies, a classic movie that jerks the emotions all over the board, leaving us always with a face full of tears or deep belly laughs. Passion is our spiritual self, that self that is limitless in heart and depth. Passion is a great conversation in which your ideas are challenged, and in the process come the inevitable aha moments. Passion is love and anger, grief and compassion. Passion is the penultimate emotion, bested only by love. Passion occurs any time that you feel love.

Quite frankly, if you aren't feeling passion, you are probably too busy doing for everyone else and haven't realized that receiving is just as important as giving. When we give and give without replenishing our resources, we get tired to the core. When we are emotionally unfulfilled and tired we cannot find the depth of feeling that we so desire. To change this we must begin by learning how to command what we need and then gracefully receive it.

Learning to Receive by Doing Something That Brings You Joy

Receiving is about value. If we don't give ourselves the perception of value we only get what we believe. In other words, if we envision ourselves as having lack then we receive lack. Lack finds us. After all, everything that we seek seeks us. What we intend is truth . . . at least our truth. We seek validation, a sense of belonging, a feeling of value, but if we don't know how to receive what we have asked for, how can we possibly ever have it?

Learning to receive isn't that hard. It is about giving yourself an hour or two (even if you have to make an appointment with yourself!) and doing something that brings joy to you. Even if it is something as simple as a walk in the woods, fantastic. Having a massage is wonderfully self-nurturing. Safe touch, relaxing completely with the focus on you for a change.

Sitting by a creek with the water flowing and the sun reflecting off the water can be extremely nurturing. Feed the ducks or the fish while you are there. Let yourself merge in nature or in the dark or in the sun.

An intimate discussion with a friend, your favorite movie, a special dinner that someone else makes and does the dishes too, the play-offs of your favorite team, time to tinker in your workshop to create that thing you have imagined for years . . .it doesn't matter — do it and just feel. That feeling is a spark of the very passion you seek.

Finding Reasons to Laugh, and Laughing For No Reason At All

Find reasons to laugh. Laugh for no reason at all. If you are laughing believe it or not you are almost there.

Passion is laughter that has become systemic.

It is all through your body, mind, and soul. Passion is like that. Passion fills every molecule of every cell in your body with definite direction or an etheric pause, if that is what is needed.

Passion: A State of Being, Not Something To Do

Do you have to have something to be passionate about? Honestly, no. Passion is a state of being, not something to do. If you let your guard down and stop defending yourself, let the tension ooze out of your body, what you will find is the capacity to feel much more deeply than you knew you were capable of.

If you feel that your passion needs direction, what is it that you have always wanted to do but have not ever done? Do that. Do something exotic like a hot air balloon ride or a midnight sail. Why save a bucket list for some other day? Do it now!

If you do what you love you will love what you do!

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