Finding Inspiration & Guidance in Your Inner Sanctuary

Entering the Inner Sanctuary to Find Inspiration & Guidance

This is the time when the newly born Universal Human emerges from the womb of self-centered consciousness. We begin to realize our new identity as our own higher, Essential Self. We break out of the limits of our egoic identity and, in innocence and humility, make room for something new.

The Story...

On my sixty-ninth birthday, in 1999, I made the choice that started me on this journey.

I was alone with a huge project — to write a conscious evolution curriculum for Universal Humans. I found myself to be driven and compulsive about my work, trapped in a struggle to get the job done. Although I was urging and encouraging others to experience a positive future in their lives, now I was not at peace and could find no place of rest within.

I realized I had to stop my life to make way for something new.

Creating An Inner Sanctuary

To begin, I decided to arise before dawn and devote three hours every morning to being silent and alone, long enough to allow something new to happen. In my early morning silence, I created an Inner Sanctuary, a safe inner space where I felt protected, secure, empty, uninterrupted by my own demands or anyone else's. This was a place as profound as the quietest monastery or cave, a place I created within and around myself.

I set aside time "out of time" to be in the Inner Sanctuary. But even at the thought of doing this, my compulsive, egoic local self was prickling. I was bombarded by its loud complaint: "We don't have time; we'll never get the curriculum done." My driven local self always felt "behind" no matter what time I woke up and began my work.

But I persisted. Every morning, I simply sat in silence, open and empty. I offered my burdens and responsibilities as sacrifices at the threshold of the Inner Sanctuary, literally laying them at the entrance before I entered into my meditation. I imagined myself as a pilgrim in front of a temple, purifying myself before entering.

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When the compulsive local self prodded me with "You forgot to call so-and-so!" or "What are you going to have for lunch?" I resisted, no matter how magnetic the pull.

Creating a Special Place for Journal Writing & Guidance

Within the Inner Sanctuary, I created a special place for my journal writing and a quiet time following my meditation to gain more intimate access to the wise and Beloved inner voice, the Essential Self, that had guided me all my life. This was a voice I'd heard many times, sometimes coming to me in intuitive flashes, but more often, when I wrote in my journal, it flowed as a stream of ideas emerging from a deeper awareness than my conscious mind. Whenever I felt this flow of inspiration, I relaxed, listened, felt joy, and received guidance from my Higher Self.

It was a motivating presence that had been with me since my origins as a young girl living with my family. I had been raised with no religion, no metaphysics, no idea of any kind of greater existence, and so this inner voice became the agent of transformation in my life.

While I had no idea of this then, I know now that all of us have this inner voice. It is the Higher Self, the Essential Self, within each of us — which is each of us — and it is communicating with us all the time. Sometimes we hear it, and sometimes we don't, but it is never really silent.

Allowing the Inner Voice to Share Its Guidance

Entering the Inner Sanctuary to Find Inspiration & GuidanceI went to my writing table and allowed the inner voice to write. One morning, shortly after I began this practice, these words flowed from my pen:

There are no demands on you now but to rest in my arms — the Inner Beloved — who is one with God. Rest in me. Release all cares. Your work is over as a separated local self... I am now preparing the way for you to enter into the world as who you really are. Rest in peace. Do your yoga and your journal as you rise at dawn each day for the next twenty-one days. Be still. This is your time of communion. Do not hesitate now. By remaining still for long enough with me during these twenty-one days, the alchemical process will be set at the next stage of your evolution as a Universal Human.

I want you to rest in the arms of others who are also transcending now You are not alone. Feel their strength and know that you are part of them, they are part of you, and that your function is to be an expression of them. You are part of all who are transcending. Patterned within all of you is a new humanity. This is the purpose of the curriculum you are writing.

Follow precisely the path I dictate to you for the next twenty-one days. That is what it takes. Everything has been prepared for you to take this step alone. Then you may join other co-creators as an expression of the new human. But you must take this time now to secure the incorruptible connection.

Now is the greatest leap of faith for you. Have utter faith in me. Achieve deep peace. Be prepared for a great force to enter your life to do this work. It cannot enter till you have achieved deep peace. Your reward for peace that can only be achieved by faith is contact with the force and the forces waiting in the wings.

I was thrilled with this guidance. An electric excitement awakened a deep sense of expectancy in me.

Your Own Essential Self Offers You Guidance & Inspiration

Your own Essential Self, as you access it through your meditation and writing in the Inner Sanctuary, will offer you guidance, inspirations, and practices as well. That guidance will create for you a unique manual for the Emergence of the Universal Hu­man you are now becoming.

Copyright 2012 by Barbara Marx Hubbard.
Reprinted with permission of Hampton Roads Publishing Co.
Dist by Red Wheel Weiser,

Article Source

Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence
by Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence by Barbara Marx Hubbard.According to visionary and futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard, we will see a new type of human emerge in the world. She calls this the Universal Human, and it is connected through the heart to the whole of life, evolving consciously and helping to co-create a new kind of spiritual path. Emergence lays out the blueprints for birthing this new kind of human for all who wish to make the transition to the next stage of evolution.

Click here for more info and/or to order this book.

About the Author

Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of: Emergence -- The Shift from Ego to EssenceBarbara Marx Hubbard is an evolutionary educator, speaker, author, and social innovator. She has been called "the voice for conscious evolution of our time" by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch's new book "The Mother of Invention." Along with Stephen Dinan, she has launched the “Agents of Conscious Evolution” training and is forming a global team to co-produce a global multi-media event entitled, "Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time" on Dec. 22, 2012 ( Visit her website at


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