This Is Your Choice: Easy World or Difficult?


This Is Your Choice: Easy World or Difficult?

You are multifaceted and so much larger than you may be aware. Your ordinary waking consciousness and personality are just the tip of the iceberg. What you have probably been con­sidering to be "you" is not the largest part of you, nor the high­est in vibration, nor the most aware. Actually, the largest definition of "you" encompasses as much as you are willing to believe and allow! As far up the vibrational scale as you can go, you will find your Self there.

But for the purposes of this discussion, let's simply consider that there is what you perceive as the human you, and what you perceive as the Spirit of you. Your Spirit is the interface between your ordinary, ego-influenced self and your infinite Self — the Self that is one with and inseparable from Source. Just as an electrical outlet serves as your interface between the plug of the appliance you want to supply electricity to and the main power plant, so your Spirit is your interface with the infinite higher levels of Source energy and Divine Intelligence. And, of course, with Easy World.

Spirit is Always Operating in Easy World

Your Spirit is perpetually operating in Easy World. It is a per­manent resident, and it never leaves. It is never seduced out of Easy World and the Design for Harmony — ever. Even when you are experiencing Difficult World, your Spirit is completely ensconced in Easy World.

While you may go "unconscious" and drift back to Difficult World, you can be assured that your Spirit never does. It is al­ways fully attuned with the Design for Harmony, and orches­trating events to promote your ultimate well-being. This is true even when you are completely unaware of it and not feeling a connection with your Spirit.

Difficult World: Not Allowing Spirit to Navigate

You're never truly separated from your Spirit, but you can move vibrationally to a space where you are unaware of it. You can become polarized to other influences so that your Spirit's intelligence is not steering your experience, and when this hap­pens, you are in Difficult World.

You are always in Easy World when you are allowing your Spirit to navigate, and always in Difficult World when you are not. You have free will to stay within the embrace of your Spirit and follow its guidance or not, and thus, to be in the embrace of Easy World or not to be.

When you invoke Easy World, and relax and allow yourself to be pulled into alignment with it, you are allowing yourself to be reunited with your Spirit. Just like Easy World is your "de­fault reality," the one you always go back to when you relax and stop resisting its powerful magnetic draw, your Spirit is there, always waiting with open arms to embrace you when you allow yourself to be embraced.

Easy World or Difficult? Who Is Running Your Show?

Your Choice: Easy World or Difficult?You get to choose, ultimately, whether your Love-embodying, joy-inducing Spirit or your Difficult World–preferring, pain-mongering, fearful self is going to determine what you experi­ence.

A magician in the highest and truest sense, your Spirit has the power to arrange events and situations so that they serve your ultimate well-being, as well as the ultimate well-being of everyone else. Whatever you need, your Spirit knows it. And arranges delivery of it. Your Spirit is always working things out perfectly for you in Easy World. Sounds like someone whose guidance you'd be willing to follow, doesn't it?

Believe me when I tell you that it's not just some airy-fairy mystical practice to honor your Spirit as your guide — it's su­premely practical! Would you prefer that the navigator of your life be a limited facet of the human mind that is fearful and not very bright and bases its shortsighted agenda on something other than what is ultimately right and harmonious for you, one that thrives as long as it can keep you in Difficult World? Or would you rather rely on your unlimited Spirit, who is divine and all-knowing, all-seeing, with your highest possibilities for your well-being and happiness as its priority?

Another great advantage to allowing your Spirit to be in charge is that, because it is interfaced with the overall Design for Harmony and with the Spirit of every other being, the per­fect outworking of events it is orchestrating for you is always exactly in alignment with the highest possibilities for everyone and everything else as well. That's the beauty of allowing an omniscient and omnipotent intelligence to be in charge!

Easy World: Letting Spirit Have the Remote

Making sure you keep the remote in the hands of your Spirit assures you of having an Easy World life that is harmonious and joyful. The more you consciously align with your Spirit, the more you will naturally dwell in Easy World. When you honor your Spirit as the guiding star for your life, have faith in its continual arrangement of things to support your well-being and joy, and deliberately choose for it to be in charge of your reality and experience, you empower Easy World as your de­sired reality.

You Drive: How I Fell In Love with Spirit

There have been times in my life that I've been so out of align­ment, so mired in Difficult World and feeling so powerless, I've had no choice but to take my hands completely off the wheel and say, "You drive!" And things have worked out amazingly. Magically, even.

I've approached difficult situations both ways, and it is absolutely more empowering to stay in conscious com­munion with my Spirit and to trust that I, at a limited, person­ality level, do not have to be in charge, and indeed am better off when I'm not!

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Choosing Easy World: A Guide to Opting Out Of Struggle and Strife...
by Julia Rogers Hamrick.

Choosing Easy World by Julia Rogers Hamrick.Life does not have to be hard. Choosing Easy World explores the concept that there is a parallel reality we can access where everything works out effortlessly, harmoniously, and in support of our highest possibilities for well-being. Woven through with powerful personal stories of opting into Easy World with remarkable results, Choosing Easy World provides readers with inspiration, instructions, and support for doing so themselves.

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Julia Rogers Hamrick, author of the book: Choosing Easy WorldJULIA ROGERS HAMRICK, author of Recreating Eden: The exquisitely simple, divinely ordained plan for transforming your life and your planet, has been a spiritual-growth facilitator since the early 1980s. After having been a visual arts instructor in both public and private schools at the onset of her teaching career, she left the formal world of teaching in 1983 and began designing and facilitating spiritual-growth experiences featuring such diverse topics as recovering creativity, reclaiming self-esteem, the spiritual aspects of nutrition, inner-child healing, sound healing using the human voice, aromatherapy, and more. Visit her website at

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