We Need a New Precedent!

Swami's WORLD WIN Campaign to Elect Ourselves and Choose a New Precedent...

Early this year, my inner voice told me loudly and clearly to campaign for President. My inner voice, like my outer voice, speaks with a slight East Indian accent, and so is sometimes difficult to understand. When I recently replayed my inner messages, I realized the message was, "we need a new precedent."

Yes, in these unprecedented times, what we really need to do is set a new precedent -- and a new President will follow. Because if we only do things the way we?ve always done them, we?ll only get what we?ve always gotten. Even a rat will stop pulling the lever when there is no more reward, and as an optimystic I have to believe we humans are smarter than rats.

So let?s elect ourselves and choose a new precedent. In fact, while we?re at it, let?s choose a whole platform of precedents. And we can start with government of the people, by the people, and for the people -- where the government actually does our bidding, not the bidding of the highest bidder. If that happened, it would be truly unprecedented.

Take the Democrats -- Please!

Yes, we have looked to the various political parties to make a change -- and we?ve been disappointed. Take the Democrats -- please. Ever since that electile dysfunction they suffered back in Florida, they just haven?t been able to get an election, have they? And so, if we want to provide stiff opposition to the current fossilized fools in power, we must become the upstanding citizens our Founding Fathers intended -- and elect ourselves.

Turn Devotees Into? Votees

Years ago, many spiritual people got turned off to the dirty world of politics, and devoted themselves to finding inner peace. And they found it, which is great. But in a world with less and less outer peace, it is no longer appropriate for the peacekeepers to keep the peace to themselves. That is why we have launched our Blisskrieg and declared "all out peace." All of that peace we?ve been developing inside -- time to let it all out! And time for all of those devotees to become... votees.

Bring Down the Irony Curtain

And that is the mission of the Swami for Precedent campaign and the Right-to-Laugh Party -- to turn the devotees into votees, to give the "silenced majority" a voice, to awaken a slumbering body politic, and to use the magic of laughter to lift the Irony Curtain which separates the people from the truth.

In response to the laugh-threatening seriousness we face thanks to both terrorism and the war on terrorism, we think it?s time for a real political "party" -- and that is our slogan, "One big party, everyone is invited ... all for fun, and fun for all!"

Use One B2... To Be One?

And if we?re going to invite everyone to the party, we must make sure there are enough refreshments to go around. I don?t know about you, but I don?t think it?s any fun to fight over a few crumbs. It?s way more fun to bake a bigger pie. That is why, the Right-to-Laugh Party is offering a radically ridiculous idea ... what if we took a small portion of the resources we currently use on behalf of death and destruction, and used it for mass construction instead? Talk about raising the laugh-expectancy on the planet. What if we took the $2 billion we now spend on each B2 bomber, and used it to create something that benefits all? What if we used one B2 ... to be One?

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The Manhelpin Project

During World War II, America focused all its resources on the Manhattan Project -- a team to develop the first atomic bomb. What we need now is a Manhelpin Project -- renewable, nonpolluting energy so abundant we don?t need armies to protect it. Instead of the fear-based emergency mentality, we must encourage a love-based emerge ?n see policy that will ultimately result in way more fun for way more people. It will be a World Win campaign where the whole world wins!

Are you following me? Well, please don?t follow so closely. I get a little paranoid when I think I?m being followed, especially these days.

Join the Right-To-Laugh Party

So please join my World Win Campaign to elect a new precedent. Elect to vote, and vote every day with your dollars and attention. Join the Right-to-Laugh Party (see below), and we?ll laugh ourselves in. Practice random acts of comedy designed to heal the heart and free the mind, and report back to us.

Don?t get even -- get odd! Each of us is one-of-a-kind, so you are totally unique, just like everyone else. Once you realize how odd you truly are, you will lose all interest in getting even. Entertain that odd possibility that we humans were actually meant to evolve in consciousness, and now is the time. Why? Because it is too late to do it sooner.

Copyright 2003 by Steve Bhaerman. All rights reserved. May be re-printed and recirculated with proper attribution only. Please include copyright statement and the following: To find about more about Swami?s Right-To-Laugh campaign, call toll free at (800) SWAMI-BE) or find him online at http://www.wakeuplaughing.com.


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