How to Communicate with Your Pet: To Hear and Be Heard

People often call to ask me to tell their animal something using my intuitive communication skills. They are surprised when I say that they don't have to hire me to talk to their animal. It is something they can do themselves quite easily, because animals are masters at intuitive communication, and they will receive every message sent to them.

If you talk out loud to your animal, your message is received. If you think thoughts to or about your animal, your animal perceives those thoughts. Unfortunately, this also means that it's impossible to keep anything secret from your animal. Think about how many times your cat has disappeared just as you decided to go get the cat carrier! Even a picture formed in your mind can be perceived by your animal, such as when your dog reacts with glee just as you think about going for a walk.

If we had not been trained and conditioned to suppress our intuition, we would be as good at intuitive communication as animals are. However, while you can trust that your animals hear and understand you when you talk to them, or mentally send them information, what you can't bet on is how they will react to what you say. Just because they can hear you doesn't mean they will do whatever you ask, any more than a person would.

You may be a total animal lover, like I've always been, and you talk to your animals out loud already, but chances are you don't truly comprehend how much they can understand of what you are saying. That was true for me, and it is the case for most people I know. It wasn't until I studied intuitive communication and started experimenting that it dawned on me that my animals were hearing and comprehending everything I said to them.

Author and horse trainer Carolyn Resnick discovered this shortly after reading one of my books. She saw a dog locked in a car in a parking lot. The dog was not in any danger or overheated, but he was panicking – barking and racing back and forth between the front and back seats of the car. Carolyn tried talking to him intuitively. She sent him the mental thought that his person would be back soon and that he was perfectly okay. She told him he could stop barking and settle down. To her amazement he froze in midstride, looked at her, sat down, and did not move or open his mouth again.

Karen Berke, a former student who now works professionally as an animal communicator, had a similar experience one day when she was volunteering at a center that brings horses and handicapped adults and children together. Karen was taking care of a miniature horse named Buddy, grooming him and walking him through the rural neighborhood surrounding the center. On the walk, they passed several properties where dogs would race along the fence line and bark. That day there was only one barking dog: a yellow Lab.

The dog raced up and down the fence line as Buddy grazed a little. The dog was going crazy. Karen had asked him to calm down in the past with no results. This time she had a longer talk with him. She told him that he could relax, because she and Buddy were not interested in his property and were just there to have some grass. The dog abruptly stopped barking and running, looked right at Karen, and then turned around and walked to the back of his yard. He didn't even come back as she and Buddy were leaving.

When you start talking to your animals as if they can truly understand you, you may observe some shifts in their behaviors and attitudes. It's as if they are saying, "Well, she finally gets it! Okay, let's play this game now."

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That was Kelly Boesel's experience with her horses. Kelly feeds her horses every morning on her way to work. Her horses are in a large pasture, and in the past Kelly had to hike over a hill or two to find them and bring them in for their feeding. One day Kelly decided to try an experiment. She had a talk with her horses out loud as if she were talking to a group of people. She asked them if they would be so kind as to meet her at eight every morning at the gate so she wouldn't have to go on a hike to find them. The next day, like magic, there they were, waiting for her at the gate. Now she talks to them in the car as she drives to the pasture, telling them she is on the way. They must be hearing her because they are at the gate every morning now.

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