Beloved Pet Stormy

Beloved Pet Stormy

by Lori Jean Flory

This is the story of our collie Stormy who passed away and reincarnated - being a spiritual medium, I thought that his story might uplift those who have also lost beloved pets.

My husband Charles and I think all dogs, cats and all of our animal friends come as four legged angels. Animals DO have guides and guardian angels around them just as we do, and animal guides as well ... just as we do. They also have bodies of light, just as we do ... and when they pass over they continue in their bodies of light in the heavenly realms ... just as we do. There are special angels who care for them and love them.

This is the story of a seven year old tri-colored (black, white, and tan) collie that we had whose name was Stormy. (Pinewynd's Spring Storm). Our animal friends are also highly evolved spiritual beings in their own right .... we have always felt such. They are also individuals who have feelings, emotions, and thoughts on things.

I often speak telepathically with them and it's surprising some of the things they think. They come with spiritual lessons to learn and teach their human friends and we learn from them as well. They are LOVE on four paws. We feel that angelic light can manifest itself in an unlimited array of ways to bring forth divine energies to our lives. Coincidentally angels don't ALWAYS have wings, but will come in whatever way makes one comfortable so that a relationship may commence. There is no limit to the ways that God's love flows.

Look into the eyes of your beloved pets and you will see God there smiling back at you. Stormy came to this earth as a blessing from May 25, 1987 to August 13, 1994, a little over 7 years. He had lymphatic cancer, problems with heart, lungs, respiratory, dehydration, as well I think as diabetes. He taught us much in his illness.

When Charles and I moved from Aurora CO up into the Colorado Mountains, we did not know Stormy was ill. We did know that a couple times a year he had had bouts with his tonsils and had allergies, and was prone to sore throat occasionally. He also had thyroid problems.

One evening, not long after we had moved into our house, I knew he was ill. I felt his glands and they felt as large as golf balls. We called the vet and rushed him over for treatment. That was when the roller coaster began. For 6-7 weeks, while Charles worked, I took him to the vet 26 times, about $1500 in bills gladly paid, and his care became my 24 hour a day project. We mentally and emotionally exhausted ourselves. An entire kitchen counter was devoted to his special diet, medications that had to be taken at different times, and in different amounts, and coordinated. I was up every 2 hours taking his temperature (which he did not enjoy needless to say) and every 2 hours giving him an injection just under the skin ... we were trying to help him since at the time he had telepathically told me he wanted to try to live.

Sleep was a thing of the past ... he also had digestive enzymes, antibiotics, specific meds, vitamin therapy, honey, sea salt, Bach remedies, all kinds of things from a holistic vet .... even an experimental treatment that was supposed to be helping dogs with lymphatic cancer ... and 3 other pets and ourselves to care for as well. I would massage him and try laying on of hands.

Sometimes he would get better and then he would nose dive ... teaching us the gifts of little "feel good" miracles I would call them ... what hurt was that he was too sick to enjoy his new yard and he would hide out, as he was so sick. He had X rays, tests of every kind, EKG's, he would be hooked up to tubes for electrolytes and I would sometimes sit for hours and hold his paws or cradle his head as did Charles when he was not at work. 

On August 13, I had once again taken Stormy to the vet who was short in the compassion area (have not seen him since) ... and we were running out of money ... that one day we were charged more than we were told we would be charged and I lost my temper. I also knew that either we had a difficult choice of continuing and losing our house, or letting Stormy go. I remember calling Charles at work that day, hysterical. We both decided together that it was time to let him go, that he had no quality of life left, and by this time was miserable.

He had suffered, was in pain, his eyes dark and hollow, he was exhausted. He had trouble getting up, walking, and would not come when called. Being released for him was a gift. My angel Daephrenocles told me he would personally care for him.

I remember he was laying by the couch and the last thing I heard when I took him out the door was Yanni ... so I could not listen to that for a long time without being reminded. Charles was down in Denver and we had agreed to meet and take him to the vet - his original vet, not the one whom we felt was rather cold emotionally ... the whole ride down he lay depressed in the back seat ... when we finally got near the vets office he got up and came up and started to lick Charles face as he drove. He knew relief was near.

For us it was horrible ... we both began to cry so hard in the vets lobby that we could not speak for minutes ... in between sobs we both explained again to them what the situation was. They led us into a room and we both kissed his nose and said good bye and asked him to let us know he was ok once he was in spirit. We stayed a while longer, and once Stormy was gone, we went home and could feel his relief already.

When we got home the first thing that happened was that in the place where he had laid by the couch, a bright white light flashed. Then a picture of an angel that was securely tacked to the wall fell to the floor. When we went to bed, I saw his face, now in spirit, hovering at the ceiling at least 2-3 times and I felt his presence at the side of the bed. I saw him quite clearly. This was the start of 6 months of communications from him to me that he was coming back. I saw him in outer vision, inner vision, spiritual hearing, sense, dreams, everything.

The next morning I heard a dog bark next to the bed when our other two dogs were upstairs. I told him "Stormy, we love you deeply and you will always be family to us notmatter what, but we do not want to impede your progress into the light. If you are ready to go into the light now its okay and we will always be connected. We will always love you." I received major resistance to that suggestion, he was not yet ready to go.

I heard, saw, sensed, and felt him on the inner and outer levels, dreams, visions - everything. He kept letting me know he was coming back. Spirit told me late March and they were right - he was born actually again March 25. I remember March 25. Charles and I had been watching a Lassie movie and all of a sudden an intense wave of energy came over me and I KNEW that he was back that day ... (and it turned out to be correct) ... we actually picked up the puppy to take home May 14 on Mothers Day.

I began to see him as well as sense him all over the house. I often saw his face with my open physical eyes ... or hovering behind Charles. He would come to visit with the angels and guides. I would see a white light face here, floppy ears and a ruff ... first within I saw his dead body and then he with our 2 other dogs, sparkling and healthy ... he wanted us to know he was fine.

I would dream of things like Stormy trying to get across a bridge to me, or through a window to me ... once I saw him trying to cross a bridge between two buildings to us. Another time, I saw him as clear as day with my open eyes laying on the floor watching me exercise.

In many dreams I saw him trying to come back ... one morning just for the fun of it, I decided to look at the classifieds and look at collie puppies ... I had no real intent of doing anything. As I opened the paper to that section, I heard a very loud booming noise at that moment ... I thought okay someone is not happy about my doing this. He had telepathically told me not yet ..... We live in the mountains, it is silent up here, and there are no loud booming noises that simultaneously occur.

I knew who and what it was. One night, as I fed our other two dogs chopped liver, I heard a loud bark behind me that was not the other two. (Stormy loved liver). I looked at our other collie Laddie who was laying in his "cave" under the dining room table and he looked at me as if to say "sorry mom but I did not bark". Once again I knew who it was. Also sometimes when I would go to give the other two liver, I would see a bright flash of blue light next to them ... again I knew who it was.

One night our cat Whiskers was sick. I saw a white light dog next to her with floppy ears and a long nose. Stormy again. Next morning she was feeling better.

Once when the light was flashing as I was feeding the others liver, I playfully held out the liver to the light and said "Here Stormy!" and the light stopped flashing. One night Charles was in the back yard and heard a dog behind him bark, when the others were inside. He turned and no one was there. I playfully told him to go back out and announce to Stormy that he knew he was there, tell him he loved him, and that he was always welcome here. He got chills all over.

Chills are a verification of truth - it is as simple as the angels or guides touching the edge of your aura and causing a chill. Kind of like a Yep, that's true, listen to that? feeling ... dogs by the way do have auras and chakras just as people do (all animals and birds do).

We had really had a hard time finding Collie puppies in the state of Colorado .... and we used to show collies and had many contacts but just could not find any. Finally one evening I was looking in the Sunday ads and lo and behold - COLLIE PUPPIES!! This was May 13 and Charles still laughs, I jumped up and started to get all excited and said look, look Collie Puppies!!! and I about went nuts telling him we HAD to call these people and check it out. It's not like we had $250 for a puppy but I convinced Charles to call - even though it was a couple hours drive from us and they had but one female puppy left and promised to hold her for us to the next day.

When we went to see the puppy, we fell in love with her right away. I saw again a vision of Stormy's face right above her and then his essence merged with that of the puppy and I didn't have another vision of him. He had come back. Almost immediately the puppy began to do things he used to do that only we could have known. We believe in reincarnation but also have a deep belief in God, a deep spirituality. I knew that if I met a puppy who instantly thought I was a human napkin for his nose that I would know who it was - the other two dogs never did that.

She began to do things only we would have known (she has never once howled) .... and we knew that we had been blessed with a gift and given another chance to be together again. We named her Cherie, her AKC name is Cherie Star Bright Angel.

I wanted to share this story with you in the hope that it might touch someone who has lost a pet and to know that they DO move into the light just as we do and sometimes they DO come back. If not, when you make the transition someday, that beloved pet will be there to meet you. LOVE LIVES ON!

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Beloved Pet StormyLori Jean Flory is a spiritual channel who has been experiencing angels since the age of three. She is the co author with Brad Steiger of the book "The Wisdom Teachings of Archangel Michael" and has been a writer of uplifting heart brightening sharings for over 10 years. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit her inspirational web site at: