Interspecies Bond: Animal Connection and Healing Technique

Interspecies Bond: Animal Connection and Healing Technique
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Connecting with animals involves so much more than petting, grooming, rewarding, or feeding. Connecting in a profound way strengthens the inseparable bond we already have with our ani­mal friends. For me, the deep bond enables me to understand animals better, on every single level: behaviorally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Here are a few examples of how, when we connect with animals, we can stimulate their well-being:

* To reassure our animals that they are loved

* To enable us to differentiate between their vocal sounds

* To help us know what they are feeling inside by the behavior they are displaying on the outside

* To help us to learn what we can do to enhance their health and well-being, and undertake any dietary adjustments

* To bring to light any special needs they may have

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* To understand why they don’t connect to some people you invite into the home

* To establish if they are in any pain or discomfort

* To understand what they might they be able to teach us on a personal level

How Our Vibration Affects Animals

I have come to realize, throughout the course of my work, how human energy can influence an animal’s well-being and behavior. Animals mea­sure their trust in us, their communication with us, and their under­standing of us by the energy that we send out.


When we think a thought, we give that thought energy. Watch what happens when you have a negative thought and you’re around an animal. If you’re having a less than positive thought, first observe what happens within your own body and note the changes. Dogs in particu­lar will sense the changes on the outside; they will smell those chemical changes your body is emitting when met with inner negativity. Further­more, if you are depressed or sad, your tone of voice will change and will most likely lower in pitch and cadence. If you are angry your tone may be louder or more piercing; all are identifiable by our animals.

Body Language

When met with negativity, our body language also changes. Our body posture adapts to our thoughts. If we are depressed our shoulders may slump, our head may drop, and if we’re nervous our gestures may be more jerky, not smooth and controlled. We may pace, our heart rate will change, we breathe more quickly, our blood pres­sure shifts, and we may even perspire; this in itself promotes a release of salt. All of these bodily changes send signals to our animals.

In such instances some animals may hide, some may cower, some will walk away and not look at us, and others may appear to be providing com­fort by placing their paws on us, jumping on our lap, or whimpering and whining; all of these desperate actions intended to stop us thinking negative thoughts. All animals, just like humans, respond to negativity.

Raising Our Vibration

When I’m around animals my personal vibration is always heightened, irrespective of whether I’m healing them or simply petting them. Vibra­tion can be described as “energetic spirit” (the atmosphere or energetic aura given off by a place, situation, or person; a spiritual frequency).

When we raise our personal vibration we begin to resonate at a higher frequency and things become possible that aren’t possible at the other end of the scale. Furthermore, healing takes place at an amplified rate. When we work to raise our own vibration, it has the benefits of increas­ing our awareness of animals and how they are feeling, which in turn allows them to connect with our energy in a more productive way; this is essential when healing.

Psychic ability develops on a higher vibra­tion too, and a higher vibration brings us closer to fulfilling our soul’s growth. Personally, this is what aligns me to my true self; our true self, our own vital essence, is what animals see and sense all the time.

My heightened vibration when healing allows me to be more objective, more balanced, more focused, and more a part of the animal’s world. It’s a time when I am totally in sync with them. This in turn allows the healing energy to flow with ease and go to wherever it’s needed most; to me, this state of being is “pure resonance.”

Animal Vibration

Every animal has a beautiful energy; they see the world without all the conditioning and indoctrinations that we humans have. Their souls are pure; their vibrations are unbiased. One of the reasons why they enrich our lives so much is because they live entirely in the present moment.

Unlike human beings who may think, “I wonder if I should do this tomorrow” or “things will be better when so and so happens,” animals react to the present moment, and when the present is gone, they move on to the next second, and so on. This is why I am humbled by their nature to trust again after having suffered so much abuse at the hands of another human being.

Healing is all about being present in that very moment. It amazes me how the dog that is abused by its owner will be open to forgiving the person a minute after the abuse has taken place. The dog will respond to his owner, perhaps crawling over to them on his belly with his tail tucked between his legs, but he will still forgive.

Ultimately, however, negative human actions and our energy will eventually take its toll on any animal, resulting in either mental upset or physical or behavioral manifestations. During the course of my heal­ing work with animals, I see horses that stamp their feet, wind suck, or have their heads hung low. I see dogs that lick their paws obsessively or urinate inside the house, and I see cats that attack others, groom inces­santly, or suffer from fur loss.

We all want our animals to be well, so we ask ourselves how we can fix these problems. It is, however, important to recognize that not all physical problems are physical in origin. In fact often the physical problems that I see are the direct result of a situ­ation that has been contributed to by the animal’s human. Our vibra­tions, through our thoughts and actions, totally affect our animals. If we respond with concern over their wellness, we also need to give a thought to how we establish the link with our own behavior.


Animals mirror us; they are a direct reflection of who we are. They respond to our touch, our tone of voice, our movement, and our moods. If you have an argument at work with a colleague and come home still reeling, notice how your dog responds when you walk through the door; take a look at their body language.

In short, if you are having a problem with your animal, please take time to study yourself, your situations, your life, your day, your attitude, and your vibration. Your animal’s issues will more than likely resolve once you take yourself into account. If an animal is suffering from a condition, especially behav­ioral, then I will look at how their owner relates to and responds to the world around them.

Once we become united with ourselves we establish a deeper bond with our animals, and a new world of awareness and vibration opens. I have given an exercise below to allow you to release any negativity and just allow you to “be.”

Step by Step—Animal Magic Deepening Connection Technique

Sit beside your animal in a place where you will not be disturbed.

Sit upon the floor and allow your animal to lie side-on, so that you are sitting beside their shoulder. If you are doing this technique with a horse, try this post-grooming; you still need to stand beside your horse’s point of shoulder.

With your hands on your lap or beside you, palms facing upwards, allow yourself to feel calm, centered, and grounded.

Take three cleansing breaths but don’t exhale over your animal; turn your head to the side slightly.

Observe your animal, watch the rise and fall of its body closely, and allow your breathing to synchronize with that of the animal.

Bring your mind to the center of your forehead, and focus on an invisible eye, your third or intuitive eye.

Now gently place one hand under your animal’s chin, allowing them to make a connection to you by sniffing; your palm should be fully open.

Allow your other hand to stroke the animal gently, starting around the chest area (a non-threatening area) and move along to the base of their tail. Try not to touch the tail, though, as animals can often move after this contact.

Move the hand that is closest to the rear of their body back to their shoulder point, at the side of their body in line with your heart. For about a minute maintain contact with your animal; allow them to enjoy this intimate and heartfelt connection. If you wish you may place the hand that is closest to the front of their body over your own heart too.

Begin to notice any area that comes into view in your third eye. You may notice your animal feeling tense, twitching, feeling cold or hot or damp, or that their fur, feathers, or scales become raised or even look a different color.

Begin to notice anything else and pay attention to the feelings within your own body.

After a few moments, about two inches above your animal, move one of your hands over the animal without touching the skin, from head to tail.

When you move your hands over certain areas of the body, notice again what you feel: Has your animal’s breathing pattern changed? Is your animal looking around at your hands? Do you feel emotional when you move your hands over a certain area?

Are you receiving any images in your mind’s eye? Are you experi­encing any physical symptoms?

After around five minutes, allow your energy connection to ease and run your hands from the top of your animal’s head down to their tail. Repeat this three times. This is a grounding of energy technique (more about this in a later chapter).

Take three grounding breaths and place your hands together at your heart center, as if in a prayer position.

Make notes of any connection discoveries in a journal.

This technique, if practiced a few times every week, will allow you to synchronize with your animal and to make great discoveries about their health, along with their physical and emotional well-being. Not only will you be able to ascertain any changes, it will also allow you to estab­lish any additional emotional requirements that your animal may have.

Deepened Relationships

To deepen relationships with our animals when they are relaxed and healthy will help us become more aware of their “normal’ demeanor. Not only will we be able to notice physical changes before they become more serious, but we will be better able to judge the effectiveness of our intuitive connection to them.

Additionally, your animal will be more familiar with your energy and recognize it as something they enjoy and feel safe with, and will be more welcoming to your intervention should they become ill or are injured.

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Animal Healing: Hands-On Holistic Techniques
by Niki J. Senior

Animal Healing: Hands-On Holistic Techniques by Niki J. SeniorProviding in-depth descriptions and case studies that illustrate the healing modalities, Niki J. Senior sheds light on the true nature of animal health and disease. Through ground-breaking methods and exercises, she helps you use gemstones, crystals, flower essences, and other natural remedies to effectively heal your animal. (Also available as a Kindle edition.)

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