Here's What The Science Says About Animal Sentience

Here's What The Science Says About Animal Sentience
The definition of sentient is simply “able to perceive or feel things”. Today most of us would probably also say that animals are able to feel emotion, form attachments and have distinct personalities. Yet for many decades the idea of animals feeling emotions or having personalities was dismissed by behavioural scientists.

5 Diseases You Can Catch From Pets

5 Diseases You Can Catch From Pets
Love them or hate them, it is hard to get away from pets. And even if you don’t own one yourself, you are likely to come across them (or things they have left behind) regularly.

The Day I Discovered My Cat Could Talk

The Day I Discovered My Cat Can Talk
I was as skeptical when I loaded Rodney, my cat, into his carrier to take him down to the holistic veterinary clinic where a psychic was seeing animals. I was having some problems with Rodney that my regular vet couldn't help, and I figured, why not give the psychic a shot? I had found a human being who could talk to a cat...

Animals, Even Ferrets, Are Natural Healers

Animals, Even Ferrets, Are Natural Healers
Animals seem to be natural healers. In the Healing Power of Pets, Dr. Marty Becker explores many health benefits of having animal companionship. He cites studies showing that people who have animal companions also tend to have lower blood pressure, less stress...

Mysterious Chimpanzee Behavior May Be Evidence Of 'Sacred' Rituals

Mysterious Chimpanzee Behavior May Be Evidence Of 'Sacred' Rituals
I trampled clumsily through the dense undergrowth, attempting in vain to go a full five minutes without getting snarled in the thorns that threatened my every move. It was my first field mission in the savannahs of the Republic of Guinea. The aim was to record and understand a group of wild chimpanzees who had never been studied before.

Why Chocolate Can Be Your Dog's Worst Nightmare

dogs and chocolate 5 23There is a significant increase in the risk of chocolate poisoning in dogs over the festive period, our latest study reveals. Chocolate contains a caffeine-like chemical called theobromine that is toxic to dogs (and cats) because they cannot metabolise it as quickly as humans do.

Sorry Cat Lovers, But Dogs Are Smarter

Sorry Cat Lovers, But Dogs Are SmarterDogs have significantly more neurons in their cerebral cortex—”little gray cells” associated with thinking, planning, and complex behavior considered hallmarks of intelligence—than cats, researchers report.

Why Some People Love Animals And Others Couldn't Care Less

Why Some People Love Animals And Others Couldn't Care LessThe recent popularity of “designer” dogs, cats, micro-pigs and other pets may seem to suggest that pet keeping is no more than a fad. Indeed, it is often assumed that pets are a Western affectation, a weird relic of the working animals kept by communities of the past.

Do Cats Purr When Humans Aren't Around?

Do Cats Purr When Humans Aren't Around?Why do cats purr? Humans tend to think that purring is a sign of happiness in a cat – and indeed it can be – but there are other reasons why our feline friends produce this particular vocalisation.

How Our Pets Strengthen Neighborhood Ties

How Our Pets Strengthen Neighborhood TiesTalk to any pet owner and you are bound to invoke stories about the joy and companionship of having a pet. But evidence is mounting that the effect of pets extends beyond their owners and can help strengthen the social fabric of local neighbourhoods.

Is There A Link Between Owning A Cat And Mental Illness?

Is There A Link Between Owning A Cat And Mental Illness?Over the past few years, cats have increasingly attracted media attention due to a number of scientific studies reporting that a Toxoplasma Gondii (T. Gondii) infection is linked with mental health issues, including schizophrenia, suicide and intermittent rage disorder.

Dharma -- My Little Furry Angel

Dharma -- My Little Furry Angel of Peace and LoveNearing the lake on that warm September morning, I heard a tiny mewing sound. My first inclination was to ignore the cries. I've been through enough lately, I thought; I can hardly take care of myself. Meow! Meow! The insistent pleas continued.

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away

Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me AwayI raised my hand in class at the University of Santa Monica and quietly shared that there was something I needed to own. I told the class that I’d had an extraordinary experience of personal healing in my life, and that I was a healer. That I had been working for a number of years on developing and refining my approach...

Watch Mom Teach Young Chimps To Use Tools

Watch Mom Teach Young Chimps To Use ToolsAnthropologists for the first time have captured on video wild chimpanzee mothers teaching their offspring to use tools to find food. The videos were made at termite mounds in the Nouabalé-Ndoki National Park in the Republic of Congo.

What Have Cats Ever Done For Us?

What Have Cats Ever Done For Us?The bird experts and authors of the book Cat Wars recently called for all free-roaming cats to be euthanised or kept on a lead. They argue that cats’ tendency to kill birds and small mammals has lead to a catastrophic decline in the numbers of these creatures.

What Dogs See When They Watch Television

What Dogs See When They Watch TelevisionDog owners often notice their pets watching televisions, computer screens and tablets. But what is going on in their pooch’s head? Indeed, by tracking their vision using similar methods used on humans, research has found that domestic dogs do prefer certain images and videos.

Spying On Pets At Home With Pet Wearables

Spying On Pets At Home With Pet WearablesThe Williams’ residence in suburban Melbourne is home to three dogs and five humans. Life is often chaotic as each member of the household negotiates for space and attention.

Do Dogs Most Desire Food Or Praise?

Do Dogs Most Desire Food Or Praise?Given the choice, many dogs prefer praise from their owners rather than food, according to one of the first studies to combine brain-imaging data with behavioral experiments to explore canine reward preferences.

Are Parakeets On Course For Global Domination?

Are Parakeets On Course For Global Domination?Love them or hate them, ring-necked parakeets have invaded Europe and they’re here to stay. Already a staple of many urban parks and gardens around the UK, some of these charismatic bright green birds are now so comfortable in their new surroundings that they will happily sit and feed from your hand.

Becoming Family: Love Has No Time Limits

The Long WaitMowgli arrived at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah after being rejected by two shelters. On my day for volun­teering, I saw the eight-month-old malamute sitting off by himself, and I walked over to the fence to talk to him. When those mahogany eyes looked deep into my heart and touched my soul, I fell in love.

A Lesson in Love and Acceptance from Morris the Cat

Morris the CatAbout six months after Morris first ap­peared at Lauren’s door, he started to appear at my door instead. All my life I’d had a cat phobia. Cats terrified me so much that I had recurrent nightmares about a cat jumping from a tall staircase and landing on the back of my neck.

How Serious Is Inbreeding In Show Dogs?

How Serious Is Inbreeding In Show Dogs?A German shepherd with a sloping back that was awarded best of breed brought the dog show Crufts in for this year’s annual bout of criticism. Viewers took to social media to accuse the owner of animal cruelty by suggesting that its unusual shape meant the dog must suffer health problems brought on by inbreeding – something the owner denied.

Why Dog Breeds Aren't Considered Separate Species

Great Dane, meet Chihuahua. You have lots in common. Ellen Levy Finch, CC BY-SA

Dog owners might disagree, but as far as evolutionary biologists are concerned, all dogs are just dogs. It may seem odd that Canis (lupus) familiaris extends from rabbit-sized Chihuahuas to Great Danes which can be almost the size of a small pony, whereas seemingly much smaller differences place many animals into separate species or sub-species.

How Did Moscow's Stray Dogs Learn To Navigate The Metro?

How Did Moscow's Stray Dogs Learn To Navigate The Metro?For most of us, commuting is a task to be endured. Busy, noisy and often cramped, the world’s underground transport systems are places that we humans tolerate as a matter of necessity. But not so for Moscow’s “metro dogs”.

Dogs Really Can Tell How Their Owners Are Feeling

Dogs Really Can Tell How Their Owners Are FeelingCan dogs tell when we are happy, sad or angry? As a dog owner, I feel confident not only that I can tell what kind of emotional state my pets are in, but also that they respond to my emotions. Yet as a hard-headed scientist, I try to take a more rational and pragmatic view. These personal observations seem more likely to result from my desire for a good relationship with my dogs.

Spare A Thought For Our Furry Friends This Christmas

Spare A Thought For Our Furry Friends This ChristmasChristmas is typically a time for celebrating and spending time with loved ones. But while we party, give lavish presents, and visit our families, we can sometimes overlook how some very important family members — our pets — might be affected.

Why Cats Are Fussy Eaters But Dogs Will Consume Almost Anything

dog drinking teaWhy Cats Are Fussy Eaters But Dogs Will Consume Almost AnythingAnyone who’s watched a cat throwing up after munching on grass knows that our feline friends aren’t natural plant eaters. So you might be surprised to discover that these carnivorous animals share some important genes that are more typically associated with herbivores. And this might help explain why cats aren’t always easy to please when it comes to food.

When Is It Ethical To Euthanize Your Pet?

When Is It Ethical To Euthanize Your Pet?In the 1960s, I knew people who, before going on vacation, would take their dogs to a shelter to be euthanized. They reasoned that it was cheaper to have a dog euthanized – and buy a new one upon returning – than pay a kennel fee.

What Horses Can Teach Us About Ourselves

Learning About Ourselves by Communicating with HorsesNews of my communications with the horses had spread in the small Costa Rican community. The horsemen, the veterinarian, and the cabin retreat employees were all aware of it. Some had reacted with apprehension, suspicious of my abilities, while others were afraid that I might be reading their minds, too.

Equine Encounters: Hearing The Horses Whisper

Equine Encounters: Hearing The Horses WhisperI share the treasure I have received in communicating with horses so that other people may better understand their inner world, and the ways it can help us understand our own. And for those who ride or own horses, I tell this story as another way for you to learn to trust what you hear when your horse needs to speak.

Can Dogs & Cats Live Together Peacefully & Happily?

Can Dogs & Cats Live Together Peacefully & Happily?

It can take time for dogs and cats who have never met to acclimate to each other, but many dogs and cats can coexist peacefully and happily together, and great friendships can develop between them. Here are some guidelines to follow to make this possible in your...

When Your Pets Behave Outside Their Nature

When Your Pets Behave Outside Their Nature

When a dog behaves unnaturally in response to any neurotic, chaotic, or disruptive energy taken on from humans, he tends to look confused because he has nowhere to put the energy that is reverberating within him. He doesn’t really know why he is acting out, nor does his behavior make the least bit of sense to him.

Liberotter Plays Hey You Get Off My Keyboard

Liberotter Plays Hey You Get Off My Keyboard

A group of the National Zoo's Asian Small-Clawed Otters recently performed a genre (and species) shattering song: a discordant, eight-pawed keyboard jam that will guarantee a loyal fan base at the Smithsonian, if not a Carnegie Hall spotlight.

Your Dog Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Your Dog Does Talk & Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

So often I hear people mutter, “If only my dog could talk. Then I would know what it really wants. I would know what to do!” All the while I am thinking — they are communicating with you. They are communicating with you more than you communicate with yourself. That is the problem.

You Have the Power to Heal Your Pet

You Have the Power to Heal Your Pet

We love our animals, and when they're sick, we want to take extra special care of them. The good news is that you don't have to be a veterinarian to heal a pet. You have the power to influence your pet's healing...

A Blind Dog With His Own Seeing Eye Dog?

A Blind Dog with his own Seeing Eye Dog?

A dog is not only man's best friend, a dog can also be a dog's best friend. And such is the case with the Husky Isaac who happens to be blind, and his best buddy, the little dog Isabella, who has taken it upon herself to be his seeing eye dog.

Preventing Arthritis In Your Pet

Preventing Arthritis in Your Pet by Shawn Messonnier, DVM

I’m often asked if there is anything that can be done to prevent arthritis in dogs and cats. Here are my tips to “prevent,” “minimize the chance of,” or “delay the onset of” arthritis in your dog or cat.

What Diet is Best: Pet with Arthritis

It is important to consider how diet can affect the pet with arthritis. Let’s take a look at pet foods first, then we’ll talk about obesity and how controlling this major health problem can help the pet with arthritis walk more comfortably.

How to Live with More Than One Dog

Living with more than one dog can be a rewarding experience. Dogs love the company of other dogs. Knowing how to prevent problems and teaching dogs how to share resources so they do not bully each other, or pester you, is pivotal to having a harmonious...

What's in the Cat Food Bag?

 Let's take a look at the ingredients on the actual label of a dry cat-food product. I examined one of the brands that's quite pricey and sold through veterinarians. I found that it contains poor-quality ingredients and substances that aren't at all appropriate for...

Horses and the Mystical Path

Horses and the Mystical Path

by Adele von Rüst McCormick, Ph.D., Marlena Deborah McCormick, Ph.D. and Thomas E. McCormick, M.D. When our journey with horses and healing began, more than twenty-five years ago, we never imagined that horses would lead us down a mystical path. Nor did we foresee how valuable and enriching this experience would be, not just for us but for the hundreds of people who have participated in our Equine Experience...

Veterinary Acupuncture: Pins, Needles and Pets

When conventional drug therapy couldn't help her arthritic collie, Pat Green tried one last option: the pins and needles of veterinary acupuncture. The results were astounding. Twelve-year-old Brandy, who had been unable to rise to her feet, soon was rushing to greet...

Pet Nutrition: Minerals, Enzymes, and Supplementation

Most people and animals are usually prescribed drugs -- specifically antibiotics and vitamins -- at times when they are ill. However, antibiotics kill germs and rarely discriminate between good and bad germs. When the 'good' germs are constantly assaulted by antibiotics, the 'bad' germs can become supergerms...

Dogs Never Lie About Love

Can anything be as joyous as a dog? Bounding ahead, crashing into the bushes while out on a walk, happy, happy, happy. Conversely, can anything be as disappointed as a dog when you say, "No, we are not going for a walk"? Pure joy, pure disappointment.

Art of Non-Violence & Dog Training

Nonviolent dog training allows you to create a partnership with your dog using gentle persuasion based in kindness, respect, and compassion. This gentle persuasion is what the nonviolent dog training is all about. In this method, you use gentleness with a flexible yet non-compromising attitude...

Animals Teach Us Spirituality and Heighten Our Capacity for Love and Joy

Animals Teach Us Spirituality and Heighten Our Capacity To Love and To Experience JoyThat animals touch us in a deep, central place is not a modern-day phenomenon, but one that pervades the history of the human-animal relationship. We sense that we can benefit spiritually in our relationship with animals, and we are right. They offer us something fundamental: a direct and immediate sense of both the joy and wonder of creation.

Communicating with Your Pet

You can communicate with your pet verbally or by thinking about what you want. Your pet can read your thoughts whenever he or she wants to, but most of your thoughts are of no interest to anyone else, pets included. Consequently, your pets will pay attention only if something you are thinking about relates to them and they happen to pick it up.

Animal Connection

As far as love of its master goes, dogs give us much unconditional love, not asking for anything in return. He or she will be there to help, give joy, and also serve you. Cats happen to be fantastic empaths and telepaths.

It's Not About the Horse

If you want to deal with your demons, it's appropriate to make a pit stop at a place as hot as hell -- Tucson, Arizona, in the summertime. It's 100-plus degrees right now -- with dark, ominous clouds erasing the Santa Catalina mountaintops in the distance...

Alternative Therapies for Pets

by Deborah Straw. As is true in human medicine, alternative therapies are becoming more popular in veterinary health care. An increasing number of practitioners are using alternative modalities along with the more conventional treatments. Use of the term alternative is somewhat controversial; many veterinarians prefer the term holistic or complementary.

Animals As Love-Detectors

You've heard of watchdogs who let people know when danger is near, but our yellow Labrador retriever, Taylor, lets us know when love is lurking. Linda began to notice that when Allen was away and called home, Taylor often knew about it in advance. About a second before the telephone rang...

Beloved Pet Stormy

This is the story of our collie Stormy who passed away and reincarnated - I thought that his story might uplift those who have also lost beloved pets. Animals DO have guides and guardian angels around them, just as we do, and animal guides as well ... just as we do. They also have bodies of light, and when they pass over they continue in their bodies of light in the heavenly realms ... just as we do.


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