Techniques For Communicating With Nature

Techniques For Communicating With Nature
Photo credit: Sunny studio. Reprinted from the book: The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna

Nature is just like us: it likes to be treated with respect, to be approached with an open heart and with care. Our energy fields will then come into harmony with one another and our intuitive perception will be enhanced.

Good Vibrations

“I’m picking up good vibrations,” as it says in the old song from the 60s. Make sure you are, too. 

Here are some suggestions for ways to ensure good vibrations.

I’m ready!

Be accessible, open up every cell in your body, spread out your energy field to demonstrate your readiness to invite the energies of Nature into every cell of your being. You will be at the helm, directing this power; it will follow your instructions and nothing will happen unless you want it to.

Listen carefully

The messages the elements send to one or other of our senses often take unconventional routes. Listening carefully and paying attention allows us to recognize and take in even the smallest and most fleeting of messages. Being able to wait, and enjoy waiting, is a very special quality and helps us to be present in the moment.

Sometimes the communication will come as the proverbial thunderclap, but at other times it will just be a gentle caress. The elements are wise; follow their lead and their prompting. Turn off your head and turn on your intuition!

Make sure you are on the same wavelength

Research into the way people communicate tells us that those who use similar words, gestures, and body language understand one another better and establish a connection with each other more quickly. It’s no different when you communicate with Nature. The natural elements are filled with dynamic and precious power that they love to use. They are intensely and vitally active for every second of their existence.

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You will communicate with them more easily if you seek contact with joyful expectation and a desire for action. Both your energy fields will then have the same frequency, immediately creating a feeling of intimacy and enabling information to flow back and forth much more effortlessly.

A clear direction

What do you want? What kind of support do you need? What should Nature help you with? Nature can best use its powers if you have clear goals, made clearer by a positive visualization of the outcome.

For example, perhaps you are hoping for a good day’s hiking without getting soaked? Then express a clear ambition (dry conditions for your hike), visualize a positive outcome (a gap in the clouds gathering stubbornly over the area where you are hiking, an enjoyable place for lunch in the open air, clouds that scud away quickly), and add a little gratitude and joy for the support. This is the way to achieve the best results. The energies of Nature like things to be precise, clear, and direct.

Show yourself

Nature has faith in us. It assumes that we will make active use of the powerful gifts it gives us, bringing dynamism to stagnant situations, taking bold action and the next small step in our personal development. There is no giving up in Nature; it is always in motion, and seizes every opportunity.

The best way to thank Nature for its support is by following its example and doing our very best, staying watchful, and making the most of even the smallest of opportunities.

Energy is never wasted with the elements; they seek the path of least resistance, and the more connected we are with Nature, the more easily and smoothly we will deal with life. We’ll learn to apply our strengths more effectively, become more decisive and resilient, and have the courage to stick at even large-scale projects over the long term.

A tiny delicate flower or a mighty active volcano: both are powerful and good at what they do. They don’t hide themselves away, they show their individual strength. In Nature it is not a question of being big or small, but rather of expressing all your strength and not hiding away in a corner. This is self-confidence par excellence and a good example to follow.

Exercise: A greetings ritual

I often do this ritual when I am outside in Nature, whether I’m jogging, digging up weeds, or cycling to the store.

I inhale the forces that surround me with every breath and become more energized. Then I open up every cell in my body and extend my energy field far beyond myself, greeting everything around me with thanks. I caress every blade of grass, bug, and stone with my aura; they are part of my family. I breathe in deeply through my navel and open my senses to the scents, colors, sounds, and fragrances of Nature.

This is my way of giving thanks continually and expressing my appreciation. This ritual brings me an immediate feeling of wellbeing and great strength. Devise a greeting ritual that works for you.

Exercise: A gratitude ritual

I like things to be simple but at the same time highly effective, something that is equally true of my favorite gratitude ritual. I thought of it on the spur of the moment many years ago and it has much appeal.

When I achieve something, I am glad and appreciative, and I have learned something new. I imagine to myself that, in doing this, I gain an inner or outer beauty and radiance, either visibly or invisibly, and so I concentrate on something beautiful nearby and devote myself entirely to this beauty for a minute or two. It might be a force of Nature, but any object or person can embody Nature as well; we have an entirely free choice. I then try to perceive this beauty in its entirety and explore every aspect of it.

Everything in the universe is beautiful in its own individual and very particular way; it is beautiful as it has come from Nature. By honoring beauty, I pay homage to Nature, the beauty within all living things, and the beauty within me. This short and simple ritual lights a beacon of gratitude and makes our world an even more beautiful place.

Give praise and appreciation

We are all happy to receive a little praise or appreciation, and it’s the same with Nature. Each element is useful and important in its way.

Praise the many good things that the energies of Nature achieve, and make this the basis for heart-to-heart communication. A little whisper of gratitude while out walking, as you clean the yard, while you’re preparing food, or driving will strengthen the thin beam of light that connects you to Nature.

Gifts are always welcome (in shamanic cultures people offer tobacco or maize, for example). Nourishing plants with fertilizer made from stinging nettles, allowing the soil time to recuperate before sowing the next crop, watering, choosing a product with less wasteful packaging at the store. Nature loves gifts like these, and will work all the more happily with us.

But you don’t have to get too serious about it. You can still laugh about things; for example, there’s no need to get annoyed if the wind disturbs the pile of leaves you have just swept up—enjoy the joke with the elements and show you can laugh.

I have no doubt that the energies of Nature have a great sense of humor, watching with a twinkle in the eye as they see what we and the other elements get up to. The elements are not striving for perfection; they are working toward harmonic coexistence and asking us to enjoy life!

How to communicate with the elemental forces of Nature

  • Think of an element of Nature and send out a thin beam of light through the universe’s energy field to that element.
  • The more intensely you concentrate on the element, the more powerful this thin beam of light will be. Actually touching or feeling the forces of Nature may help to support you as you focus.
  • You can now send out your request and receive the energy of the forces of Nature.
  • The brighter your beam of light and the more energy it contains, the better your reception will be among the elements, and the more you will feel.
  • This light connection will continue for as long as you wish, and will become stronger with each elemental contact.
  • You will have especially strong light connection to parts of Nature that you like and respect, or elements with which you associate pleasant experiences.

Exercise: Perceive a beam of light

Choose something in Nature, such as a tree or an animal, or a lake or the sunlight, and sit in front of it or look out at it, and imagine a beam of light stretching from your navel to your chosen piece of Nature. Reinforce this beam of light by praising all the things that make this part of Nature special.

Exercise: Receive answers from a stone

Pick up a stone and hold it in your hand. Be aware that this stone has an energetic body and that you are connected to one another by a beam of light; the connection is made as soon as you pick up the stone. You can decide what information you wish to send to the stone, and request answers from it. The link between you will become stronger with every contact.

The more joy, curiosity, and trust that accompanies your communications, the stronger your sensations will be. You will then be able to connect with the stone and exploit its power simply by calling it to mind.

A Short Irish Tale

To round off this chapter, I’d like to pique your curiosity and enthusiasm for other practical applications with a short Irish tale.

One time while I was on vacation in Ireland, I spent a day on the Burren, a treeless, stony landscape whose charm lies in its barrenness.

While looking for a hiking trail, I bumped into a man called Ian, who was searching for his cows. We walked part of the way together and he invited me to join him in visiting a spring. Ian knew the area like the back of his hand.

We were talking about my work when Ian suddenly suggested that he show me a very special place. He was interested in making ecological use of the natural resources. He wanted to clear an area that was covered in shrubs, fully aware that they would grow back in no time, and use them as fuel for heating. But he didn’t want to do this without permission from the elemental beings living there.

Eager for some adventure, I accompanied Ian to his special place, which we reached in around an hour. Once there, I opened myself up to it completely, extended my aura, made contact with the elementals, and invited them to show themselves. There were several “leaders,” and it was to them that I set out Ian’s concerns in thoughts and images. They showed me a very magical place and asked me to leave everything as it was there; they said it was their meeting place and that it also acted as a kind of magnet for elemental beings from other areas.

Ian smiled and said that he always got goosebumps at this spot. He asked if there was anything else he should bear in mind, and whether the noise and the disturbance of the work would trouble the elemental beings? But they smiled and told him that they would support his plan in their way. What was important to them was to be included and to recognize that there was a good intention behind the whole undertaking.

After this successful encounter, Ian had another request. We walked to a ramshackle shepherd’s hut. This hut had once been used by English officials collecting rent and taxes for the landlords, generally a thankless task since the Irish didn’t like them and the officials would much rather have stayed at home. Ian told me that he felt sad for a moment whenever he passed by the hut.

We climbed up on to the roof together and I called to the spirit of the hut, a hobgoblin, in my thoughts. It appeared to me, gagged and in handcuffs. Symbolically, its appearance represented oppression and the loss of liberty. I invited Ian to free the spirit and to call upon the elemental beings of the area to bring that place back to life and develop a new way of coexisting. Ian and I parted, happily and spiritually nourished.

©2019 by Susanne Weikl. All Rights Reserved.
Published by EarthDancer, an imprint of Inner Traditions.

Article Source

The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna: Practices for Tapping into the Energies of Nature from the Hawaiian Tradition
by Susanne Weikl

The Seven Elemental Forces of Huna by Susanne WeiklIn the Huna tradition of Hawaii, there are seven elemental forces whose all-pervading energies flow around us in abundance. Each of us has the ability to easily tap into this rich source of energy to aid us in any situation, empower ourselves and our actions, and manifest good things in our lives. In this full-color practical guide, Susanne Weikl details how to connect mentally and spiritually with Huna’s seven elemental forces of nature--water, fire, wind, rock, plants, animals, and beings of light, including angels. Providing simple exercises, techniques, and rituals, she invites you to sense and meet each of the elemental forces and draw on their powers for manifestation and empowerment. (Also available as a Kindle edition.)

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About the Author

Susanne WeiklSusanne Weikl is a Huna teacher and part of the Alaka`i (experts) of Huna International, Hawaii, a specially selected group initiated in a deep way into Huna wisdom. She is a direct student of Serge Kahili King, one of the most renowned teachers of the long-standing tradition of Huna, and she regularly gives workshops in Hawaii and South Africa.

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