Clutter & Storage: Does Your "Stuff" Support Your Soul's Expression?

Clutter in Storage: Does Your "Stuff" Support Your Soul's Expression?

Everything we bring into our lives, we will eventually have to get rid of. And that is much, much harder to do than bringing it in. In the buzz of accumulation, we forget this. Unless, of course, we decide to leave it to our children.

So unless you really need something or you are very clear its presence supports your soul’s expression, where is the best place to store it? The store! That’s why they’re called “stores.” Let them store it. Otherwise, your life slowly becomes a warehouse, which by definition, wears you out.

As our awareness grows, we see that everything we surround ourselves with and spend our energy on has a direct effect on our soul. Everything.

From Storage Mania to Storage Madness?

Here’s a story from my friend Mary, who told me about her friend Becky. Mary and Becky both lived in Bakersfield, California, but eventually moved to Oregon.

Moving is a time we all end up facing our addiction to our things. It can be overwhelming! Where did all this stuff come from? What was I thinking?

Clutter in Storage: Does Your "Stuff" Support Your Soul's Expression?When Becky moved, she was confronted with the arduous, yet potentially freeing and blessed task of deciding what was truly important and what was it time to let go of. She took time to separate it out and agonized over everything. She just couldn’t release. So she got a storage unit down in Bakersfield for $50 per month.

Stuff she decided she didn’t need, want, or even like sat in this unit for five years as she dutifully wrote a check every month. If you’re doing the math, after five years that’s $3,000!

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Letting Go...

Then one glorious day, Becky forgot about her Chotchky. No check was written. No ink wasted. No postage stamp licked. The heavens rejoiced!

Guess what happens when someone doesn’t pay their bill? The company that’s taking your Chotchky money holds a storage sale. Everything must go! And do you know who comes to such a sale? The neighboring storage-unit renters. Guess where they end up putting all the junk they have just liberated from someone else’s soul? In their own storage units! Often they have to rent another unit to contain it all, and this means there’s a good chance they will end up putting your junk back in the unit it was sitting in, in the first place.

Oh, the humanity.

Chotchky Challenge

If you are currently paying for a storage unit, stop. Have a storage-unit sale. And the next time you move, allow it to be a time of complete and total freedom from the past.

Let it all go. Don’t take all your junk from one storage place in your home and move it to the next. You’re paying for all that square footage while your soul waits on the sidelines. Your time, your money, and your life are worth more than that.

©2012 by Barry Dennis. All Rights Reserved,
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This article was adapted with permission from the book:

The Chotchky Challenge: Clear the Clutter from Your Home, Heart, and Mind...and Discover the True Treasure of Your Soul
by Barry Dennis.

The Chotchky Challenge by Barry DennisChotchky is the excess “stuff” that we’ve accumulated in our homes and hearts — the meaningless possessions, negative beliefs, self-doubts, and toxic relationships that drain our time, energy, and money. The challenge is to identify our chotchkies and understand how they’ve infiltrated our lives and lulled us to sleep. In this deeply insightful and often humorous work, spiritual teacher Barry Dennis shows you how to attain complete and total freedom from all of your chotchkies. Your soul awaits. Become part of a new paradigm that is leading the way to a more balanced and peaceful world. It’s time to take the chotchky challenge!

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Barry DennisBarry Dennis is a world-renowned singer-songwriter, inspirational speaker, and cutting-edge spiritual teacher. He is the founder of both Celebration Church in Portland, Oregon; and the groundbreaking “Coexist Celebration,” a movement without walls whose mission is to create peace of mind, heart, and planet through understanding and joy. The Coexist movement includes leaders from all the world’s spiritual traditions and is held approximately once a month in different locations around the globe. Learn more at

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