The Magic of Beltane and The Transformation of the World

The Magic of Beltane and The Transformation of the World

Hello Beautiful   

Let's just hold it right there. Before we get into the magic of Beltane and all the hope and love in the world, I have to ask, did you skim over that greeting? Did it feel like some general non-sense at the top of any old email?

Well, it's not. I'm not just saying that. I mean it. 

I'm talking to YOU

Hello, Beautiful YOU.

In this moment, I want you to feel how amazingly, uniquely, divinely beautiful you are. Is that too much to ask?

I know it's hard to feel this way every moment of every day, but can we just take this moment right here and let the truth of your beauty sink in. 

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How about a deep breath to go along with it? Inhale, "I am so freakin' beautiful"... 

Exhale, "thank you very much".


Feeling The Beauty of Nature

This is such a fabulous time to feel the beauty, the blossoming, the sacred celebration that is happening in nature.

It makes me feel like this ------>


Swinging out among the wild flowers. Because I know in my heart of hearts that life is beautiful.

And I know, deep down, that if we as humans can feel more beauty in ourselves, in our homes, in our environment, how much that can change our very experience of life itself. 

If we see and experience more beauty in the world then we can't help but being touched and moved by it. 

We feel the connection. Our hearts open to love and beauty.

We soften. 

When we soften a little, we let the love in and we let it flow out with more ease.

Why am I talking about this?

Well, May 1st (May day) is also known as Beltane, an ancient holiday of abundance and a celebration of the fertility of the Earth.

What is Beltane?

Most recently observed on May 1st (or October 31 – November 1 in the Southern Hemisphere), festivities typically begin the evening before, on the last night of April. It’s a time to welcome the abundance of the fertile earth.

Beltane is a time of great fertility. This Sabbat has been celebrated by cultures for centuries for its fertility + to honor gods of the hunt or of the forest, goddesses of passion + motherhood, as well as agricultural deities.

There are three ways of calculating Beltane:

1) Calendar Beltane always falls on May 1st. {AKA: may day}

2) Solar or astrological Beltane occurs when the sun is at the exact midpoint between spring equinox and summer solstice (or fall equinox and winter solstice in the southern hemisphere)

3) Lunar Beltane occurs at the full moon in Scorpio, this is the oldest calculation method.

Celebrating the Beauty of Life

As a kid, did you ever leave flowers on your neighbors doorstep on May day?

It's a time for celebrating the blossoming and the beauty of life

I mean really, where would we be without Earth? Uh, nowhere.

So let's celebrate how truly amazing it is that the flowers bloom and turn into fruit. It's a beautiful thing, don't you think?

Celebrating the Beauty of You

All in all, I stand by my opening statement. 

You are beautiful, my friend. You are an amazing creation, one of a kind throughout all time. The fact that you are alive and reading these words is cause to celebrate.

So, throw your arms around yourself and say "I love the crap out of YOU!". (come on, you can do it.)

The World's Transformation

Through the recognition of beauty in our world and the feeling of beauty penetrating our hearts, the world transforms

We feel the web that connects us all.

Go out, look around. Look up at the trees, look down at the ground.

Something beautiful is bound to catch your eye if you are looking for it. Seek out the beauty and you will see it everywhere. 

With my whole heart, I believe that life truly is beautiful and SO are YOU!

May the Beltane blessings shower on you like petals falling at your feet.

Written by the creator of:

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About the Author

Sarah Love McCoySarah Love McCoy is the visionary artist behind the I Stand For Love movement and the creator of the "Life Is Beautiful and So Are YOU!" calendar. Art and magic intertwine in all of her creations. Besides firing up the Love Revolution, her most favorite things to do are finger paint, hike through lush landscapes, sip jasmine tea and ponder the mystery of it all. Say hello to Sarah (and find out how to become a Love Warrior) at www.istandforlove.


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