How To Clear, Heal, Energize, and Protect Your Energy Frequency

How To Clear, Heal, Energize, and Protect Your Energy Frequency

You have a unique energy frequency that can otherwise be known as your vibration and aura. Your aura is made up of several subtle bodies of energy, which incorporates your physical health, your emotional health, your mental health, and your spiritual health. To have a strong and vibrant energy frequency you therefore need to look after all parts of you so you can help to establish a good level of balance and harmony within your entire being.

If you begin to look after your overall energy vibration, you will also help to ignite healing power on the physical level, improving any health conditions you currently have, easing any pain, and speeding up the healing of any injuries or illness.

What Can Interfere With Our Energy Vibration?

You are living in a world of unseen energies. It is important to add your own positive energy into the world, as this will help to diminish the mass consciousness of fear one person at a time, and you will be participating with God’s plan for peace on earth. As we are energetic beings, our aura can become easily clogged and contaminated with an overload of psychic stress and energetic pollution.

Psychic stress is created within our aura in a variety of ways, such as from the side effects of our own negative mind-set, our fears and worries, our emotional mood swings, and our choice of an unhealthy lifestyle. Energetic pollution is absorbed into our aura from external sources such as other people’s energies, and the energies contained within the atmosphere and our environment. An accumulation of psychic stress and energetic pollution within our aura will begin to deplete our aura power and weaken us. This is why we need to regularly clear, heal, and energize, and protect our vibration.

What Can Compromise the Energy of Our Physical Health?

Our Lifestyle

Our lifestyle directly impacts our physical energy levels. We can breathe, absorb through our skin, and ingest energetic pollution into our body. Chemical toxins from the foods we eat and drink, the effects of smoking, the side effects of any medication, the toxins in the creams and lotions we use and in the cleaning products we use—all can interfere with the quality of our physical energy. The energetic side effects of overwork, lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and movement, dehydration, and any destructive habits and addictions we have, will all help to create psychic stress and energetic pollution within our aura and diminish our physical energy levels.

Other People

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Our aura is a highly sensitive and multidimensional energy field that interacts with all of life by transmitting and receiving energies continuously. Other people, including ourselves, unconsciously transmit a certain amount of energetic pollution from their aura whenever they are overly negative, fearful, depressed, angry, emotionally draining, and physically sick. This contaminated life force will seep into the atmosphere around them, and if we are near and our aura power is low, then we can easily absorb their psychic stress into our system.

Our aura, when in a good, healthy balance, will be able to deal with this, and will eventually process and clear the psychic stress from our system by transmuting what we need and by releasing what we don’t. However, when we are continuously under stress, our aura becomes less able to its job effectively, and then energetic contamination begins to build within our aura. We can then experience symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, irritability, mood swings, and feeling overly sensitive.

Our Environment

Your home and work environment will vibrate at the frequency of all combined energies of those who live or work there; any arguments, fear, worry, and complaints will participate in creating varying degrees of energetic pollution. Even objects such as fluorescent lighting, computers, wireless devices, and cell phones can all interfere with our energy field due to the electromagnetic radiation they emit.

Energetic pollution will naturally ground and become neutralized, or it will easily disperse or transform in time. Until that time it can remain lingering in the atmosphere like an invisible toxic energy cloud.

Generally, the stronger the intensity of the accumulated energy held within the environment and atmosphere, the longer it will last. This is why you can feel eerie when you are in an area where there has been much pain and suffering, such as an old battle ground or an old prison.

There are also areas within our environment that will hold great spiritual power, which can be a wonderful tonic to our aura, helping us to feel energized whenever we visit there. You can even feel this way around certain people. Some people’s energies will uplift you and others will drain you; it all depends on the overall energies that they carry within their aura.

Energetic pollution within your home can be cleared in numerous ways. This is often known as space clearing. [Editor’s Note: Space Clearing Meditation]

Exercise: Ground Your Energy and Make it Sparkle

The following exercise is a very powerful exercise to help you clear any accumulation of psychic stress and energetic pollution contained within your aura. This will help you to quickly regain balance and harmony in your vibration, restore your aura power, and increase your physical energy levels.

  • Visualize an energy bubble of vibrant white light or gold light surrounding your entire body and aura, and use the affirmation “Divine light protects me.”

  • Settle yourself into a comfortable breathing rhythm. Begin by taking a few long and slow deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth, as this will help to get the energy flowing in your body. When you breathe in imagine the aura around you expanding, and when you breathe out, feel yourself relaxing more deeply. Do this several times.

  • Hold the mental intention that you are now going to clear your body and aura of all psychic stress and energetic pollution by grounding it.

  • Place your awareness on the soles of your feet and vividly imagine a tube of golden light coming from each foot and running deep down into the center of the earth. These tubes of light are your grounding cords, and they are going to be used to empty any psychic stress and energetic pollution from your body and aura into the earth to ground and neutralize. (Please know that the earth itself will not be affected by these negative energies as the healing power of the earth’s energy will ground and neutralize them.) The gravity of the earth is going to help to pull out the toxic low energies within your aura—just like a vacuum cleaner will suck up debris from the floor.

  • Next, you are going to use the color gray to represent any psychic stress and energetic pollution. This will help you to easily visualize moving negative energies out of your system more effectively as you cannot physically see energy.

  • Let’s begin. Mentally instruct that any psychic stress and energetic pollution held within your body and aura immediately leave you through your golden grounding cords. Visualize the psychic stress as a gray, smoky energy cloud as it moves from your body and aura and into the grounding cords; the grounding cords will quickly suck this energy away from you by sending it deep into the ground. This should take you a few minutes to do.

  • Once you have finished this process it is time to fill up your body and aura with new and vibrant energies. You will be using vitalizing energy from the earth and also life force energy from God. Red will be used as the color for earth energy, which is very energizing, and white will be used as the color for life force energy, which is vitalizing, purifying, and nourishing.

  • Next, hold the mental intention that you are going to energize your body with earth energy and life force energy.

  • Visualize red earth energy flowing up from the ground, up through your golden grounding cords, through the soles of your feet, up your legs, and then into the base chakra, which is your first main energy center located at the base of the spine. The base chakra will process this energy to help your body and aura. Now visualize some brilliant white life force energy flowing into your crown chakra, which is the energy center located at the top of your head. The crown chakra will process the white light and send it along the central energy channel in your body so that all the other chakras will receive some. You can also imagine your entire physical body and aura being bathed in purifying white light energy, helping to make your energy vibration sparkle.

  • Finally, visualize your golden grounding cords releasing from your feet and disappearing into the ground, and then finish by repeating the following grounding affirmation three times: “I am clear, I am grounded, I am balanced.”

Well done—you have just actively helped to clear, heal, energize, and vitalize your body and aura!

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