Reprogramming and Healing from MS with Aboriginal Techniques

 Reprogramming & Healing with Aboriginal Techniques

The next morning I woke to a nice surprise—it was raining. After so many days of dry, dusty heat, it felt like all the parched cells of my body were opening to this gift of moisture. I sat outside my hut, raising my face to the steady rainfall.

The villagers were bustling around, mostly in silence, positioning tarps to catch the runoff in storage cisterns to use for wash water and cooking. Most of them had taken off their minimal clothing to enjoy the added benefit of a free shower.

“Morning, Mate.” Ray ambled over, shirtless, rubbing the stump of his arm as the drops beaded in his wiry hair and slicked over his face. “Beautiful day.”

I nodded and held up a palm to cup the raindrops, thinking here was another thing to be grateful for. I was waiting for one of Ray’s pithy commentaries on life lessons.

You got it already, Gary. I heard this response clearly in my mind, though Ray hadn’t opened his mouth. I looked up at him, startled.

He just grinned and nodded.

Uncovering Belief System and Current Programming

For the next several days I worked with Rose to uncover my current belief system, my current programming. One morning she came with a stack of papers in her hand and announced it was time to begin the process of reprogramming.

“We have a lot of material to cover, but I’m not going to ask you to repeat all of it. It would take too long. Since you are a Western person and come from a culture that believes in the written word, I’ve created several pages of statements designed to test your belief system.

“If you were one of the people in the village, I would work with you telepathically—”

“Telepathically!” I sat staring at her. So it wasn’t just my imagination, I really had “heard” that silent response from Ray.

That’s right, Gary.

And now I was hearing Rose’s “voice” in my head.

Rose smiled. “You’re starting to get it, Gary. A lot of our communications here in the village don’t require us to speak aloud. You’re not quite there yet, but you soon will be. For now, we’ll keep working verbally.”

The Reprogramming Begins

She held out a stack of paper with writing on it.

“I want you to just glance down these pages. You don’t even have to read them. Just fix your eyes on them, and your mind receives the whole lot, as if you were taking a picture of it. I call this the ultimate speed-reading. Now glance at them and hold your arm up.”

As she pressed on my arm, it once more collapsed. “You don’t believe in any of this,” she observed. “You’re still fighting me.”

“I don’t mean to fight you.” I was still reeling from the revelation that I could learn to communicate telepathically. And I was trying so hard to think positively that beads of sweat were rolling down my face.

Dealing with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

“The next group of statements has to do with your MS. I’m going to read these statements to you. This is the program we’re going to put into you. Sometimes I may repeat things a little bit, because I want to make sure I have covered everything.”

She started down the list:

I allow myself to be open to all communication between myself and others.

I allow myself to communicate with love, joy, peace, and freedom.

I allow, accept, and love my MS.

I allow my soul to give myself permission to release the need to have MS.”

She tilted her head, studying me, then continued, “Let’s test this next one. Repeat after me: I release all issues . . . regarding mental hardness . . . hard-heartedness . . . inappropriate iron will . . . inflexibility . . . and fear regarding MS.”

I earnestly repeated these phrases after Rose, but when she pushed down on my arm, it still collapsed.

“Oh, shit!” It burst out explosively. “Why can’t I get this? I’m trying so hard.”

You're Choosing the Way You Are

Ray suddenly sat up and opened his eyes, smiling over at me encouragingly. “It’s all about choices, Mate,” he advised. “You’re choosin’ to be this way.”

“I’ll put it another way,” Rose added. “We give ourselves permission to feel a certain way, and to hold certain beliefs. No one forces us to act, think, or feel in a certain way. Therefore, you really can choose to have loving, joyous thoughts, to make choices with ease and freedom.”

“But how?” I pleaded.

“That’s where your programming comes in. Now, listen to these statements:

I allow myself to create a loving, joyous, free, and easy life and world.

I allow myself to feel safe and free to release the MS.

I allow myself to release all issues in relation to my nervous system and communication process in my life and in my body.

I allow myself to be open and receptive to all communication from myself and others.”

She paused.

“Now, because your nerves have to do with communication, I want you to listen to several programming statements that have to do with communication.”

She repeated a long series of affirmations, ending with more statements:

I release the need for my immune system to destroy and attack my nervous system and create MS.

I allow myself to open my heart and create only loving communication with myself, others, and my body.”

Autoimmune Diseases, Nerves and Communication

“What did you mean when you said that my nerves had something to do with the way I communicate?” I asked.

“All autoimmune diseases have to do with faulty communication,” Rose stated. “MS, especially, because it causes your immune system to attack your nervous system, the lines in your body that carry communication between your brain, your organs, and your cells. It’s as if your adult self is abusing your child self for its inadequacies. We need to reshape your programming so that you don’t inflict this type of abuse upon yourself. Listen to these statements:

I release the need to believe in cruel, selfish, and uncaring behavior toward myself and others.

I release all suppressed aggression and resentment toward my family, father, mother, and others in my life.

I release the need to be immature and childlike by relying upon others to take care of me.

A feeling of sadness rose up inside of me.

"I Don’t Want To Be Responsible..."

 Reprogramming & Healing with Aboriginal TechniquesRose observed, noticing my distress. “Because of your upbringing by your father—because he didn’t teach you to be responsible, because he behaved irresponsibly—you took that program from him. That’s your deep-seated programming. Now, on a conscious level, you are an intelligent human being who wants to be responsible. However, on a deeper level, you refuse.”

“Really?” I was fascinated in spite of myself.

“It’s like a battle. Your mind knows you are a responsible human being who needs to do responsible things, but this little kid inside is saying, ‘I don’t want to be responsible for taking care of me or my life.’

“Now, repeat after me: I release all suppressed anger and fear regarding not being prepared for the demands of living in an adult world.

“Now that you’re aware of these feelings, you’re ready to start your healing. We’re going to reprogram you so that your inner self is fully capable of living and taking responsibility as an adult in an adult world.”

She gave me an encouraging look. “Okay, let’s try this one. Repeat after me: I release the need to warehouse anger, resentment, and fear regarding growing and having to be responsible for myself and others. This includes handling all the demands as an adult and giving up dependency upon others.”

The Difference between Being Independent and Interdependent

“Gary, do you know the difference between being independent and interdependent?” Rose asked. “The ultimate position we all want to occupy is to be interdependent. As youngsters, we learn to be independent. As we go through life, we tell ourselves that we should continue this behavior.

“This belief is what causes the little kid inside us to rebel. He wants to do things for himself all the time. If someone wants to help him, he replies, ‘I can do that by myself.’ The truth is, we need to be able to accept nurturing, support, and caring from others as well. That’s being interdependent at the same time as maintaining the ability to be independent.”

What she said made sense. All my life, without realizing it, I had struggled to be emotionally independent from others. Relying on another person just wasn’t safe. My family and upbringing had taught me that.

Rose spoke, and pulled me from my reverie, “Okay, Gary, repeat these statements after me:

I allow myself to complete the dependency cycle I began to learn as a child.

I allow myself to accept adulthood with love, ease, freedom, and joy.

I allow myself to feel safe, secure, responsible, interdependent, and independent both as a child and as an adult.

I allow myself to unlock, accept, resolve, and release all unresolved issues, feelings of dependency, and inadequacy.

I allow the adult within myself to love, accept, and embrace the child within.”

Fighting the Little Child Within Yourself

She clarified, “This is to prevent you from continually fighting that little child within yourself in a never-ending, destructive, negative battle.”

She continued the list:

I release the need to have any neurological difficulties and deficiencies.

I release the need to feel needy and abandoned as a child and now as an adult.

I release all fear of the future and how I will take care of myself.

I allow myself to remove all limitations and boundaries, whether self-imposed or imposed on me as a child by my parents, family, or others.”

"I Release The Need To Paralyze Myself"

“Repeat after me: I release the need to paralyze myself.”

The physicist within me was rising up for one last gasp. “All I have to do is to say it, and it will happen?”

“You can’t change your programming through merely repeating positive affirmations,” Rose explained. “You must really believe, with your whole soul, the messages behind the affirmations, and live those messages in your daily life, for the reprogramming to be legitimate.”

Rose summed up the heart of the day’s lesson: “The bad news is the body remembers and will hold something as true, even when the conscious mind does not. The good news is that you can create new memories for the body, new truths.”

Much of the work that remained for me to do in the Outback rested on this concept—that my thoughts and feelings impacted my body on a cellular level, and that it was up to me to consciously and methodically weed out those that did not support my health. In other words, I had to take responsibility for “reprogramming” myself.

Although this was a hard lesson, it was one that gave me hope. If my thoughts could create illness, new thoughts could create health. I was determined to make that happen.

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Secrets of Aboriginal Healing: A Physicist's Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe

Secrets of Aboriginal Healing: A Physicist's Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe
by Gary Holz D.Sc. and Robbie Holz.

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Gary Holz D.Sc. , co-author of the book: "Secrets of Aboriginal Healing"Gary Holz, D.Sc. (1950-2007), was an award-winning physicist, multiple patent holder, founder of a high-tech aerospace company and successful businessman. In 1994, confined to a wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, he went to Australia to stay with an Aboriginal tribe and experienced miraculous healing. After his healing experience with the remote Aboriginal tribe, he returned from Australia and became a Psycho-Neuro-Immunologist, nutritionist, lecturer and holistic healer. He resided in the Pacific Northwest with his wife until his passing in 2007.

Robbie Holz, co-author of the book: "Secrets of Aboriginal Healing"Robbie Holz is a holistic health consultant dedicated to continuing the healing work of her late husband. She healed herself of hepatitis C and has also worked with Aboriginal healers in Australia. Robbie teaches this ancient healing wisdom through her speaking engagements, one-on-one consultations, online course "Use Aboriginal Secrets for Self-Healing" and Holz Wellness website blog. See

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