You Can Do It! Healing Yourself with Powerful Affirmations

You Can Do It! Healing Yourself with Powerful Affirmations

Affirmations are statements of intention that are used to manifest something through what is called The Law of Attraction. This can be used for anything: to attract wealth, for life changes, to find a perfect partner, for self healing, to sell a house, for good luck, et cetera. The most powerful type of affirmations are those spoken aloud, strongly and with conviction.

Vigilance is key to working with the law of attraction. Be alert for signs and omens, coincidences and synchronicities, that direct your attention to something, or that bring opportunities and information your way.

Trust your feelings and instincts and follow your nose. I call this bee following. The more you do this, the more profound it becomes and the faster it works. Bee following has taught me many things, and saved my life on many occasions.

Reversing Diabetes: My pancreas is strong & healthy.

I was stricken with type 2 diabetes. I had developed very high blood sugar levels and could barely stay awake for a few hours per day. I said to myself at the time, "That's what you get for spending so much time on a computer and not eating healthy." I started taking the medications and eating healthy, diabetic-type meals. I also started doing affirmations like, "My blood sugar is perfect. My pancreas is strong and healthy." I continued like this for a couple of months.

One morning I woke up with a phrase in my head: "Take action or take your meds." I suspected this was a download from my higher self. Such downloads are always short and quotable. Later that day, I got an email with the subject "Take action or take your meds." The email contained a web link to an article by Gabriel Cousens promoting his book There is a Cure for Diabetes.

I got this wonderful book in a few days and read it. I got the gist only a few chapters in. Raw food was the cure — to eat everything raw, prefer­ably organic. I went to the refrigerator and grabbed a raw carrot and started immediately. I was off my medication in three days. I continued eating 100 percent raw food for a year, then modified this to 50 percent raw. My blood sugar level is still normal, even if I eat chocolate.

Overcoming Addictions: My lungs are strong & healthy.

Not long after reversing diabetes, I started using affirmations on giving up addictions and losing weight. I was a die-hard smoker and had smoked since I was very young. Having gained some personal experience with affirmations, I knew they had to be present tense, positive, and active. It made sense that I could not use the words nicotine or smoking, as in, "I do not smoke. I am giving up smoking. I am smoke free. I do not need nicotine." These phrases caused an upwelling of resistance in my body. So it made sense to work around this by targeting it indirectly.

I used "My lungs are pink and healthy. My teeth are clean and white. I breathe only clean air. My lungs are strong and healthy." I used these in combinations of spoken and silent affirmations for several minutes per day, whenever I thought of it, and always before sleep. I was vigilant, but nothing came my way.

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About eighteen months later, I awoke and took my morning coffee onto the patio. Normally, the first thing I did every morning was to have a pipe full of Irish tobacco. I had almost finished my coffee before I realized that I'd not had a pipe. Then it hit me. An inner knowing. I just knew beyond doubt that I did not need to smoke anymore.

I cleaned my pipe and put it away in my drawer. That was the last time I touched it.

I was a bit edgy for a few days, but had no major withdrawals. I'd given up smoking a couple of times, years before this, for a few weeks each time. The withdrawals then were major and the cravings huge. Now, over sixteen months later, I am still smoke free and confident I will stay this way for the rest of my life.

Affirmations & Time: Be Creative -- Make the Time

You Can Do It! Healing Yourself with Powerful AffirmationsI have worked with affirmations not only with myself, but with hundreds of people over the years. Generally speaking, there seems to be a delayed effect. There is also a relationship between time and effort put in, and how long it takes to get results. The more work put in, the faster results will appear.

There are many other factors involved, including state of mind, emotions, and beliefs. The beliefs of other people you might tell about what you are trying to manifest also affects the manifestation process. It is wise to keep such things secret so you do not dilute your efforts.

People often say to me that they do not have time to do affirmations, or that they can't do the spoken aloud version. This is understandable, as you do not want people to think you are crazy by talking to yourself. There are creative workarounds to these problems. Make use of alone time during the day, even while in the washroom, to speak your affirmations softly. Make good use of driving time. Turn the radio off and speak your affirmations strongly and with conviction as you drive. Pay attention to how you feel as you say your affirmations. Adjust your feelings to get the maximum amount of positive intention into your voice. Use music to cover the sound of your voice. Be creative. Find a way to do it.

Affirmations: Just Keep Doing Them Until It Happens

Over the years since I started the affirmation journey in earnest, I have taught many people — with everything from cancer to acne — who have gotten similar results as in the above examples.

The more faith you have in affirmations, the more powerful they become. But most people have little to no faith at the beginning, as they lack any personal experience with the successful use of affirmations. The best way to get personal experience is to just keep doing it until it happens.

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