Color Therapy Healed My Husband

Color Therapy Healed My Husband by Olga Horvat

Every morning, I would awake early and anxiously look in on my husband, Alex. I needed to know he was still breathing. Would I lose him? Inevitably, survival instincts began to kick in. Something changed in me and I started praying and calling upon a higher power.

I would cry and pray, cry and pray, although I did not know to whom my prayers were directed. I just wanted to connect with that superior light I’d always believed in. My prayers were focused and directed: I was asking for a miracle, for Alex to recover.

I asked Alex to pray to a higher power for his recovery, as well. We were both agnostics, but it did not matter. With all my heart I just knew that somehow the Universe would help us find a way out of this excruciating situation.

Receiving Signs, Colorful Signs

Shortly after that, I started receiving signs through colors. As I have been an artist my whole life, this was a most natural way for a higher power to communicate with me.

In one event, I was painting a custom dog portrait for a client when I noticed that my tube of black oil paint was not in my color box. I knew darn well I had selected all the paint tubes I was going to use for that project and had put them in the box. Now the black was gone. It was as if something didn’t want me to find that color. But why?

I had a headache all day long, but now that I couldn’t find that black oil it was getting worse. The deadline was that coming morning. Without the black I couldn’t have the dog on a cement pedestal, since I needed black and white mixed together to get the right shade of cement gray. I had the idea of placing the dog in the grass, that way I could use green oils. I set to work and soon finished the whole job. My headache had gone away and I had a delightful portrait I knew the client would love.

As I put my paints away, I found the tube of black oil in the color box. It had been there all along, or had it?

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Healing with Colors

Color Therapy Healed My Husband by Olga HorvatAt that time I did not know of the connection between the color green and headaches, but later I learned that color therapists use green to help get rid of headaches. While I was painting the grass I was intensely focused on the green color. Meanwhile, the healing power of green had gone into effect. I had taken no medication. The pain had stopped by itself.

For some reason, the Universe was teaching me the therapeutic use of colors. Odd incidents, things connecting with me through colors, continued to happen.

Soon another incident happened, even stranger.

In the middle of the night, I was awakened by an unusual noise. I opened my eyes and saw a small boy riding a toy horse, leaping and bounding about. Both the boy and his horse were in a radiant violet color. Then I heard Alex’s voice saying something like, “It’s me, Olga!”

The next moment, the apparition disappeared.

Startled, I ran to the other room to check on Alex. He was sleeping soundly.

The Color Purple: It's Not Just A Movie

Another lesson I was to learn. The color violet represents our connection to the greater world beyond, offering a spiritual link and pure bliss. It’s the light of truth and clarity.

I knew from that moment that Alex would get better. To me, that little boy on the horse was a personification of my husband, reborn with spiritual health and happiness. I had no idea how he would recover, but I knew the sign had been given to me. I’d been praying every day and here was my answer.

A Call Out of the Blue: Color Therapy

I got a call from my cousin Branko from Croatia. “Have you heard of Bioptron?”

“No, what is it?”

“It’s a color therapy device. I think it could work for Alex.”

Bioptron color therapy is considered to be very successful in rheumatology, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation. It sounded quite plausible that this device could help Alex with his own muscle problems.

At that moment, a lot of things came together with a reassuring click. It was no coincidence, this new idea. I knew that it was an intervention from the other side. I knew what I had to do.

Each Organ & Each Color Have Their Own Vibration

As soon as the equipment arrived, I began color therapy with Alex. Each organ has its own characteristic vibrational energy, and disorders can be healed by emitting the color of the corresponding vibrational energy. By using a certain color on Alex’s legs, I started correcting imbalances in his internal energy patterns that previously led to muscular atrophy.

It did not take long for signs of recovery to appear. Within weeks Alex began gaining weight, and in a couple of months he could walk again, with the help of a cane. Considering that he was in a wheelchair before, this was a big improvement. But his condition was still not good.

He had lost the ability to raise his right foot, a condition called ‘drop foot,’ caused by muscular atrophy. The doctor told Alex that he’d never be able to lift his right foot again, and that there was no cure for drop foot. He had to wear a metal brace.

I was fascinated with the effectiveness of color therapy, convinced of its rejuvenating powers, and began using it on his foot. It took several months of patient application, but there was a miraculous regeneration of muscle tissue.

Soon, Alex was able to raise his right foot and eventually did not need the metal brace at all. Not only that, but he began walking without a cane. His physician couldn’t believe it, as he was sure that the atrophy had permanently disabled the nerves that control muscle action in the leg.

Reprinted with permission of the author.
Published by Omega Publications. ©2011 by Olga Horvat.

This article was adapted with permission from the book:

Paranormal Pooch by Olga Horvat.Paranormal Pooch
by Olga Horvat.

A true story of the dog who healed one family, is an eye-opening story about one family's four-month sojourn into the dark and unknown side of the canine world. The kind of experiences they went through have never been fully documented in nonfiction.

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About the Author

Olga Horvat, author of Paranormal PoochOlga Horvat, MA, is a founder of Royal Dogs Gallery, a company that provides spiritual and holistic products and services exclusively for dogs and their owners. She is a Paranormal Pet Expert and a certified Lumia Science Color Therapist who is clearing behavior and health problems in pets by utilizing unconventional methods such as colored light, crystals, elixirs, and essential oils. The strange experiences the Horvats had with their dog Princess inspired a video blog where visitors can post their pet-related supernatural stories:


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