What Does My Aura Look Like?

Your aura is filling the space around you with light and energy at this very moment. Never before has there been an aura in the world that looks exactly like yours does right now. As your moods and ideas change, new colors and designs of varying intensity and beauty appear around you. If you have a cold or illness, your aura hugs your body more closely than usual. If you feel sad or scared, your aura is smaller than usual. If you are feeling loving or loved, your aura is much bigger than usual. When you are dreaming or are "out of body," part of your aura stays close to your body, and another part of your aura — the "etheric double" — travels.

In this chapter, you'll get a chance to find out what condition your aura is in without even looking at it. By truthfully answering sixteen questions, you'll soon have a much better idea of your overall auric health.

What Does A Healthy Aura Look Like?

You can assess your overall auric health and find where your energy leaks are located by observing the answers to questions on the healthy aura self-assessment test.

The healthiest auras (regardless of their color) can he described as clean, bright, and tight. People with healthy auras typically enjoy good physical and emotional health, good luck, and prosperity. People with dark, muddy, or ill-defined auras are at risk for a wide variety of health ailments, bad luck, and accidents. They also tend to attract unpleasant and less-than-enjoyable people and situations. To find out how you score, take the quiz below and give yourself one point for each "True" answer.

Healthy Aura Self-Assessment: True /  False

1. I sometimes feel quite irritable and grouchy.

2. I've worried so much that I couldn't get to sleep.

3. I often can't remember what I was about to do next.

4. I've become so angry with someone I felt I'd explode.

5. I sometimes feel depressed for days at a time.

6. I envy those who have what I should have.

7. I often feel like I'm drifting away, high above everything.

8. I have alcoholic drinks every day.

9. I feel intimidated by people who are angry with me.

10. I often worry about things going wrong.

11. I take recreational drugs regularly.

12. I frequently fantasize about being rich and famous.

13. I've sometimes held a grudge for weeks, or longer.

14. I often complain about how badly things are going.

15. I smoke cigars or cigarettes regularly.

16. I often feel fatigued for no apparent reason.

Ranking (# of Answers = True)

0--1 Radiant: an all-around radiant person to he around

2-4 Average: fairly bright, with typical amounts of dark areas

5–10 Scattered: bright and dark areas of aura are about equal

11–16 Muddy: aura has more rips, tears, holes, and, or dark areas than brightness

How Healthy Is Your Aura?

If you answered the questions above honestly, and were rated "Radiant" on this test, congratulations! You've developed a healthy lifestyle that supports excellent auric health in every facet of your life. You are the kind of person that other people love to be around, and most likely find yourself welcome wherever you go, feeling good about yourself and your life.

If your score was in the "Average" range, you're in good company. Most people aren't saints, and subsequently have several energetic weak spots. If you would like to change some of the behaviors that indicate problems in your aura, you now have a better idea of what changes can make the biggest improvements in your life. If you don't feel like making any changes at this time, that's fine, too. While your aura won't be shining at its maximum potential, it will be strong enough to maintain an average quality of life.

If your score put you in the -Scattered" range, you will definitely benefit from reviewing areas you can improve. Doing this review will greatly enhance your energy body, and therefore the quality of your life. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of making so many changes at once, choose just one thing to work on first. Promise yourself that when you start seeing improvement with that one thing, you'll move on to looking at a second area for improvement. Keep track of your score on the healthy aura self-assessment test in a journal, so you can observe the steady improvement you make.

If your score put you in the "Muddy" range, your aura colors are not appearing to be anywhere near as bright as they can he. You can make a big difference by even making one small change as indicated on the self-assessment, so choose one thing you can change today. Setting the intention that your aura will he brighter is the necessary first step for making this change, so congratulate yourself for being honest with yourself!

A Weak Aura Means You're Losing Energy

The most important part of taking this healthy aura self-assessment test is that it allows you to examine parts of your life in which you may be experiencing a loss of a sense of personal power. There is great value in learning to constantly observe the state of your energy body—noticing where problems may be cropping up, so you can start taking steps to reclaim your essential life force. When you feel brave enough to ask, "Why am I losing energy?" you will be rewarded with seeing ways you can stop the energy leaks. At first you may feel a bit overwhelmed, like the Dutch boy in the age-old fable who stopped the leak in a dam with his finger. As your skills at sensing how and why you are vulnerable to energy drains increase, you will find it becomes much easier to quickly assess and resolve your auric energy leaks.

Strengthening Your Aura and Your Self-Esteem

There are striking similarities between auric energy levels and self-esteem. We know from studies conducted on people with low self-esteem that they are more likely to suffer from all manner of psychological and physical disorders ranging from anorexia nervosa, to suicidal tendencies, teen pregnancies, and homicidal impulses. When self-esteem improves, so does the quality of your energy body, and when your energy body becomes more radiant, clean, and defined, your self-esteem improves. There are obvious advantages to improving your self-esteem: You will be more likely to feel inspired to do creative new things, make new friends, he an involved member of your community, and complete your tasks.

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Aura Advantage by Cynthia Sue Larson. Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain Your Desires and Attract Success
by Cynthia Sue Larson.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Adams Media Publications. ©2003. www.adamsmedia.com

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