How To Increase Your Healing Ability and Let Your Body Heal Itself

How To Increase Your Healing Ability and Heal Yourself

Everyone is a healer. Yes, you too! Just as everyone is alive and breathing, everyone has the power and the ability to connect with the life energy that brings in healing. You don't need training, though you can certainly learn techniques and earn confidence by taking classes; you don't need certification, though if you're going to become a "healer" officially and provide your services for hire, then certification is recommended. And even if you're only wanting to increase your healing ability so that you can use it for your own healing, it's still right there waiting for you to tap into it.

Many of us go through life seeking healing from other people when really the only person who can heal us is ourselves. We run to doctors or healers to have them "heal" us. Yet the body is the one which heals itself with the assistance of whatever remedies or assistance it receives. Whether one is taking pills, vitamins, or herbs, the body is the one that utilizes these as it sees fit. You could be eating the best foods, yet your body has to be capable of utilizing them in order for you to be "healed".

The body is the one which knows what to do with the calcium, the vitamins, the enzymes, the healing energy... If it didn't have its own innate intelligence, it would not know how to utilize these healing substances that we ingest and accept into our being. The medicines or the medical staff are not the healers... the body itself is the healer.

Thus, the responsibility for healing oneself returns to its only true home, yourself. Possibly you have felt helpless in healing yourself and you haven't felt like you know where to start. A good place to start is with convincing yourself and accepting that you indeed can heal yourself. This means reprogramming the thoughts you carry of lack... lack of self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. You might begin the re-programming with statements such as these:

  • My body is healing itself and the cells of my body are constantly giving birth to new healthy cells.

  • Everyday, I get healthier and happier (and whatever other qualifications you want to increase in your life).

  • My body is constantly healing and rebuilding itself every day and every moment.

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  • Each and every cell in my body is healthy; each and every cell in my body is vibrantly healthy.

  • I am connected with the life force and always have access to enough energy and vitality to be completely healthy and happy.

Practice talking to yourself. (No, they won't lock you up.) If you are afraid of being thought weird, speak silently to yourself... Talk to the cells of your body. Tell them you love them. Tell them you now give them permission to be healthy.

Visualize (a fancy word for imagine) your cells being healthy and vibrant with life force. See your body being filled with radiant healing energy. Feel it spreading from the top of your head down to the bottom of your feet. Tell yourself that you now give yourself complete permission to be 100% healthy and 100% happy.

How To Do Hands-on Self-Healing

You can do "hands-on" healing on yourself. All you need is the willingness to accept that this is indeed possible and give permission to have Divine energy flow through you.

  1. Start by asking for Divine protection and see yourself surrounded by white light. A good way to do this is to fill your heart with white light and then have the light keep expanding until you are filled with while light, and surrounded with light in somewhat of an egg-shape.

  2. Hold up your left hand, palm outward, and ask for healing energy to flow through you. Imagine the healing energy coming into your body through the palm of your left hand. You can visualize it as white light, or green energy, or whatever seems appropriate to you at the moment. Trust your intuition or gut feeling on this one, as different healing situations will call for different energies, or colors of light, or warmth, etc.

  3. As you keep holding up your left hand and allowing the Diving energy to enter, place your right hand, palm down, on the area of your body which needs healing. You may feel some warmth entering your left hand, and the palm of your right hand may get hot. You might also feel a tingling or vibrating effect. This is the energy of healing moving through you. (If you don't feel anything, don't worry. The energy is still there -- you simply are not sensitive to it yet.)

  4. Relax and be grateful for the ability to be a channel for this energy. You may use this for digestion problems, muscle soreness, tense shoulders, headaches, stress, etc. etc. etc.

You may also use this God-given talent to share with friends. Teach them to connect with this force. Everyone is a healer.

The body was built as a self-healing mechanism. When given the chance the body heals itself. Animals know this which is why they go off by themselves to rest when hurt or ill. The human animal (that's us) can also do the same. We can respect the needs of our body for quiet, rest, fasting, and healing energy. Listen to the quiet inner voice which guides you as to what you need to do.

When feeling ill you may choose to take some time to be alone and quietly apply some healing energy to your body. After all, this body is the only one you've got. When it is properly connected to life energy it can heal itself, so plug in to the source and heal thyself...

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