Aura Beautiful: How Your Aura Affects Your Life

Aura Beautiful: How Your Aura Affects Your Life

The aura, a field of energy that surrounds people and other living things, reflects the energy of the spirit in that body. Commonly called the etheric field, this energy extends about two to four inches around the body and is usually a light or pastel shade.

Layering the etheric is the aura which contains every color and shade in the rainbow and usually extends 2- 5 feet from the body. Its colors, textures and patterns reveal much information about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.

An aura is like a thumbprint; it is completely individual and expresses who you really are in all your splendor.

A person may have several different colors in the aura,
but one color will usually predominate.

Throughout history, mystics, seers and clairvoyants have reported seeing colored lights surrounding a person's head and body, and have been able to give detailed descriptions about peoples' lives by describing what they saw in the person's aura.

Aura Photography: How It Works

Guy Coggins of Redwood City, California, invented and is now manufacturing cameras that produce photographic representations of the aura. The camera is an optical measuring procedure and is a refinement of Kirilian photography. Fine sensors scan and measure the electromagnetic energy field of the hand. The measured values represent different vibratory rates and therefore different colors. The information is then transferred into the camera and translated into the corresponding colors. The resulting color combination corresponds to the unique energy field of the person. The optical system then produces a high quality Polaroid photo which displays the individual's colors.

A person may have several different colors in the aura, but one color will usually predominate. I call this your color "sign", which is similar to your astrological sun sign in that it describes your general personal makeup. The colors in the aura may change dramatically due to illness or stress, but usually will return to the original pattern and predominant color once the person returns to a more balanced state.

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A Photo of Your Aura Reveals the Inner You

Aura Beautiful -- How Your Aura Affects Your LifeI remember the first time I had an aura photograph taken — the experience surprisingly changed my life. I had been suffering with acute back pain for years, and had been diagnosed by several well-respected medical doctors as having degenerative disc disease, and facet arthrosis.

At 30 years old, the doctors told me I had a spine resembling someone at least twice my age. I was severely limited in my capacity to do simple things, like stand for more than a minute, lift anything just a little bit heavy, sit for more than an hour, or do household chores.

For some reason, I thought having an aura photo done of myself would be a good thing to do, although I really had no idea about what it was, or why I wanted to do it; I was just curious.

A Shot Of Health: What Your Aura Says About Your Path

Once the picture was taken, a charming, humorous, and insightful reader interpreted my photo for me. She told me, "At this moment, you are beginning a major transforming healing process that will ultimately change the rest of your life. See all the bright white surrounding your head and that indigo blue at your sides? These colors and patterns indicate personal healing at the deepest levels. You're beginning a mega-major healing cycle and you will never be the same.

I told her about my back and she said that I was beginning a journey in which I would question and eventually destroy my beliefs in my limitations. She was right, as during the following year, I began reading and researching spiritual and alternative healings. Through the insights gained and applied, today I am completely pain free and can do anything I want with no signs of abnormalities in my spine.

Seeing The Inner Beauty: The Aura Speaks

Aura Beautiful: How Your Aura Affects Your LifeThis affirmation and support of a person's inner beauty and worth is one of the most important and loving gifts we can give to one another. In fact, inner beauty is essential if we wish for and expect love, sanity, health and security in our lives.

Nowadays there's too much emphasis on outer appearances, self-importance in terms of wealth and personal accomplishment, winners and losers, fear, sickness, frightening subjects, bad news, sad stories and horrible endings. As a result, we find ourselves living in a sensationalistic, materialistic, media-driven culture that actually promotes and endorses our isolation, poor self-image, confusion and ignorance about what we really are and what our relationships with one another could be like. How radical a thought to propose that human beings living in industrialized societies could generally inspire each other and prosper rather than fear and exploit one another!

We must imagine and concentrate on the opposite of fear, which is love, by seeing each other and ourselves in our power. We can then begin to transform ourselves, our world and open up to what love really is: validating and supporting one another's essential and undeniable self-worth.

Looking Deeper: Understanding the Messages in the Colors of the Aura

Learning about your own and your partner's aura is one way to understand the nature of complex, intimate and sexual relationships. For instance, a person with a dominate red aura might wonder why his purple partner doesn't seem interested much in sex, and would rather be absorbed in some romantic novel than be intimate with him. By knowing that those with a predominate purple aura would rather daydream and fantasize about sex and play with images in their heads rather than actually having sex, a red partner would begin to understand this and be able to handle the situation in a loving way.

Through aura readings, we can begin to understand the inherent differences of another and can then release confusion and anger when problems arise.

I don't know of a better way to visually experience one's inner beauty and uniqueness than to see the rainbow of glorious colors that are in one's aura. The brilliant colors contained in the aura vibrates to the purest essence of the essential You and reveals yourself in all your magnificence!

Article Source

Aura Energy For Health, Healing & Balance
by Joe H. Slate.

 Dr. Joe H. Slate illustrates how each one of us has the power to see the aura, interpret it, and fine-tune it to promote mental, physical and spiritual well-being. College students have used his techniques to raise their grade-point averages, gain admission to graduate programs, and eventually get the jobs they want. Now you can use his aura empowerment program to initiate an exciting new spiral of growth in all areas of your life.

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About The Author

Susana Madden: Aura Beautiful -- How Your Aura Affects Your LifeSusana Madden is a freelance author who travels extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada, taking aura photographs at various holistic fairs and events. She is a contributing author for the book Aura Awareness: What Your Aura Says About You. Susana can be reached at Aura Imaging Systems, 921 Main St., Redwood City, CA 94603. Call 800-321-2872 for free information on Aura Imaging equipment, or visit Contact Susana Madden or Guy Coggins at [email protected]

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