Change Your Mind and You'll Change Your Health!

Change your Mind and You'll Change your Health!

"You wish to know why you were sick?... We will tell you. It was your Truth! It is time that you become aware of the power you have been wielding unconsciously all your life... the power of your Mind to command your body to actualize its beliefs and thoughts..."  -- Enoch

Enoch, channeled by my trusted friend Cheryl Knight, was talking to me back in 1983 in answer to a question about why I was experiencing chronic health problems and more than my share of accidents... and I was getting an answer that you won't find in the medical books!

He continued...

"Your Body Consciousness is hierarchical in function... like a pyramid. Your Mind acts as the Capstone. It tells the body -- even down to the tiniest cell -- what to do. Thoughts held long and intensely enough are actualized in flesh! ....What thoughts, you wonder?... Endless possibilities! but always your Truth, which you first choose and then symbolize through your Belief... and you would do well to ask Self what beliefs have been most creative in your own life....."

Your Beliefs Impact Your Health

Then, he helped me search my mind for beliefs that were impacting my health... Here are the significant ones we came up with:

"The belief that doctors and drugs and medical technology have the power to heal you...

"The belief that your body, alone, does not! ... We wish you to know that your body is filled with indescribably powerful and resilient life force energies! These energies will ensure perfect health -- provided you do not get in their way!

"The acceptance of extreme passivity -- an open invitation to "predators" of all shapes and sizes! ...from hunting lions on down to the tiniest of microscopic entities! ...

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"The unconscious habit you have of turning your body into a Battlefield! ...tolerating repressed and co-existing conflicting beliefs, and so you have set yourself up for inevitable struggles upon the battlefield of your body! the fever and flu symptoms you just experienced these past few days!"

Shocked Into Good Health!

With those words, Enoch shocked me into good health! So it was that over fifteen years ago, I was empowered to resolve my major struggles with colds, flus, tonsillitis, ulcers, and mononucleosis.

It did not happen overnight, but with my new understanding and acceptance of personal responsibility I "tipped the scales" in my favor and began winning all subsequent attacks on my health as well as gradual healing of chronic problems. Another surprise was a dramatic reduction in "accidents" since then, too...

Today I Enjoy Perfect Health

Today I enjoy perfect health, as I have for the past dozen plus years. One of my biggest challenges is not to take my good health for granted. Gone are the fixations on "health food", the endless search for "the right healer" or doctor (I had "been there and done both!").

I'm no longer hung up on vitamins, herbs, or even meditation or visualization (although I may use any of them on occasion, if I become aware that my body needs a certain "raw material" in order to work its own magic).

The Aquarian Age is about really -- yes, I mean really! -- taking responsibility for your physical health and your life in all respects. It can be done. I'm no expert, but I'm going for Mastery and I'm happy to share what I know with others who really want to move their lives in the same direction.

Perfect Health and a Successful Life ARE Possible

I am living each day with the belief that perfect health and a successful life ARE possible. It IS working! I am not exaggerating. I'm not doing it alone; the wonderful people I have been sharing my life with are making it work for themselves too, and we are helping each other become co-creators in amazing ways that have surpassed all our wildest dreams.

Care enough about yourself and your loved ones to join us and come along on this empowering journey! Free yourself of old limiting beliefs, of the traditional constraints of medical technology, and release yourself from harmful habits that lead to poor health. Learn the secrets of perpetual youth too...

Go beyond even traditional spiritual healing and take back the power that is your birthright to truly walk the earth as a co-creator in the most personal sense possible -- conscious creator of your own body's health and well-being!

Recommended Book

If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss? Minding Your Body's Business
by Elaine Smitha.

If You Make the Rules, How Come You're Not Boss? Minding Your Body's Business by Elaine Smitha.Elaine Smitha, a popular TV talk show producer and host, introduces amazing discoveries that empower you to take charge of your life in a faster, surer way than previously known. You'll learn the secrets of how your body communicates, what to do to strengthen your immune system, and when you're most at risk. You'll learn tools to deal with the loss of loved ones, to recover from divorce, and to get your life back when you're stuck on the treadmill of convention

Info/Order this paperback book and/or download the Kindle edition.

About The Author

Renee AndersenRenee Andersen is a co-founder of The Omega Foundation in Helena, Montana. She is also Director of Education for the Foundation and Editor of the monthly journal The Delphi Oracle (official publication of the Omega Foundation). She is a Clinical Mindforce Hypnotherapist with many years of experience helping people with traditional as well as conscious reality creation and self mastery goals. Renee moderates an egroups discussion list called Reality Creation Mastery. Just click on: to subscribe to the egroup discussion list.

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