Believe in Miracles and All Things Become Possible

Believing in Miracles So That We Can Then Create Them

When we believe in miracles, we then create them.

Ever since I was a child, I believed in miracles. Miracles are not once-in-a-lifetime supernatural events; rather, miracles are at the root of everyday occurrences. We ourSelves are miraculous! Imagine the great Truth of who you are. Imagine the miracle of the creation of each Being: the baby who is born nine months from the moment of conception; the oak tree that was once a seed; the miracle of people flying through the air within jet planes or of voices transmitted via telephone wires; and who does not perceive the Internet as a rather miraculous feat of technology?

We live in a world filled with miracles, and yet we take them for granted. Since childhood, I was always amazed at the life around me. I watched in awe as my daughters discovered the miracles of their own hands and fingers -- what baby doesn't suddenly expand their awareness to their limbs in surprise and glee? Why do we, as adults, forget to see the miracles of our world?

As one who believed in miracles, I always felt safe. It is not that I was fearless; it is simply that I knew that I would always land on my feet. When I was younger, I always felt protected by God, and so I knew that no harm would ever come to me...and it never has. But now I see the greater picture. I created my safety simply by my belief that I am safe!

Knowing Who We Are

Knowing who we are is very powerful. It is from this knowing that all miracles take place. For a miracle is simply an energy created by our choices...because we are all-powerful and limitless! Once we know that we are all-knowing, then all things become possible.

So who are we, really?

We are God!

I present this great Truth to you as a challenge, for we have all been taught that God is outside of ourSelves, a Higher Power or energetic Being, which we are separate from. Do you not believe that God is all things? Is God not the majestic mountains, the powerful oceans, the vast deserts, the endless stars in the night sky? Is God not the song of the birds, the colors of the butterflies, the strength of the mother bear defending her cubs? Can you not feel God within you as you fill with joy at the sound of a child's laughter or dance in a field filled with beautiful flowers?

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All things that exist are God; so, therefore, we, too, are God! And since we are God, we have the power, as God, to create all things in our lives. And we do, whether we are aware of this truth or not. We are creating in all moments, whether we know it or not. But when we create from love as God, we then experience miracles!

Believing in Miracles Makes Them So

I believe that all miracles can, and do, occur, and part of what I do in my work is to impart this belief to the hearts and minds of my clients. Cancer can be cured in a moment, once the person believes that this is so.

When we are diagnosed with life-threatening illness, we become surrounded by the grief and mourning of family and friends -- and ourSelves -- and it becomes difficult to acknowledge the possibility of personal growth during this experience. However, when we choose to focus on the experience as an opportunity to learn, tremendous opportunity for self-discovery is uncovered. And, as we discover the magnificence of Self with wonderment and the recognition of our power, miracles begin to happen.

I had a client, Jane, who was directed to me following a diagnosis of an inoperable form of lung cancer. Her sister had recently died of this same ailment, so the fear in Jane's voice was palpable. The greater aspect of this diagnosis was that, because it was inoperable, it was also incurable. When Jane called, she simply requested that the work we would do energetically would make the tumor operable, so the surgeon could do the rest.

I immediately challenged her and told her that we would not do the work halfway, that she could simply and surely clear out the tumor completely! Jane was not sure she could believe that this was possible, and so I began to work with her on her belief system and self-limitation.

I worked with Jane a few times. The first session was filled with her life story, and I worked within her body to move blocks created in this lifetime, opening her up, so that she could learn to truly love herSelf. We also worked on her belief that God is separate from herSelf, so that she would be able to fully acknowledge her power.

Once Jane embraced herSelf in love and acceptance, she came to recognize that the cancer was simply an experience created to teach her this very lesson, and that it was no longer necessary in her life. She chose to push away doubt and dispute the beliefs regarding the nature of her illness, and she powerfully chose to love herSelf and be empowered in her life.

Jane went to her chemotherapy sessions dressed up as though she were going to a fancy luncheon, and the doctors were always amazed at her spirit and energy. During her chemo sessions, Jane visualized armies of little soldiers marching through her body, fighting against the tumor and all stray cancer cells within her bloodstream and other organs.

By her next-to-final chemo session, x-rays could not locate the offending tumor. During this session, Jane "saw" the same little armies entering her body, but when they reached the tumor itself, they found nothing but what she described as a "vast wasteland." They began a "clean-up" of the area, and Jane instinctively knew that "the grass will grow back again."

Jane chose to complete the chemo cycle, which I wholeheartedly endorsed, and she successfully became healed of her cancer. Within a period of six months after the diagnosis, this marvelous woman had turned her belief system around and embraced the miracle of her perfection.

In this instance, Jane was my teacher. Her willingness to let go of her fears regarding her illness was the true miracle, for without this choice, she would not have accomplished her goal -- the full and complete release of the disease within her body. I was not the healer; I was simply a facilitator, bringing Jane to the full understanding of her truth -- that she is God. As God, Jane embraced her power of creation and created her renewed health.

Discovering Your Own Power

Many people experience illness as a means of discovering their own power. Once we get past the shock of the discovery of the illness, we face many choices regarding the actions we can take in our efforts to heal. Many people who create illness choose to follow a healing path solely with a medical doctor, which is a viable option. However, if the patient gives his or her power fully to the doctor and is not an equal partner in the healing process, then the healing may be only temporary. The illness may rear its head again at some future time, because the root of the energy is still within the core of the person.

People may allow the technology to do the work. However, if they choose not to embrace their own creation of the disease, this does not honor them. Too many doctors approach a person, saying, "I will take care of this for you. Just do as I say," without bringing the whole person to the table.

Choosing to be pro-active leads to a different experience from choosing to be disempowered...and we can freely choose to approach healing on all levels. More importantly, we do not need to focus on the statistics which can sink our hopes, knowing that how we experience everything in our lives is a choice and that we do not need to make choices based in fear. Instead, we can believe that anything is possible and that miracles happen every day!

When I work with a client, I approach the session having expressed my choice about what will occur by the end of our time together. Having previously spoken with the person in order to make the appointment, I already have an idea about the issues to be worked on. A person will call me because of a pain or an imbalance in their body, and I sense the energy behind the anomaly, concentrating my energy in that region. The work I do addresses the physical body, as well as the emotional creation of the ailment.

There Is Always a Greater Purpose

No illness is created by accident. There is always great purpose for the experience, and this is what I help my clients discover so that the experience of illness is no longer necessary and can be released. Each illness has a root, a core issue the person has either chosen to ignore or has concentrated an overabundance of attention upon, thus manifesting the discord.

Miracles are endless! How else could I "merge" with another's energies and feel the health or the discord within the body of that person? What enables me to affect the energies of selfLove so simply and quickly, working with most people during a one-and-one-half hour session, changing their lives forever? It is the miracle of my belief, transposed into their acceptance of the possibility -- and once we are together in the same energy of thought, the miracle becomes their belief, and the shift occurs. They feel love in a different way -- deeper, lighter, freer. And so, the healing begins.

Take the time to notice the miracles of your world. Take less for granted and pay attention to the miraculous details, the synchronicity of your life. There are no coincidences. Believe in miracles and watch them become a part of your everyday life.

We are all miracle workers. We each have the ability to change our lives with nothing more than a thought filled with love. So many people wish to change their lives but are in fear. The fear simply increases the discord they desperately want to release.

If there is an aspect of your life you wish to change, it is imperative that you know what you wish to create for yourSelf, and that you desire it as an act of self-Love. It is in this energy that the miracles will take place. All healing occurs through love -- love of Self -- and that is the true miracle of life!

Exercise: The Power of Why

This is a powerful way to voice positive affirmations. Acknowledging that the event has already taken place, you are allowing for its manifestation. This can be used when you wish to create an experience different from the one you are currently having.

For example, if you are experiencing lack of financial abundance, "trick" your belief system by affirming that you already have abundance by saying, "Why do I have so much money?" Always use positive, pro-active word choices.

The following are more examples:

Why am I resonating in perfect health?

Why am I feeling so filled with joy and peace?

Why is this day so glorious?

Why do I have enough money to pay all my bills?

Why are my children so well-behaved?

Why are we having a peaceful family dinner this evening?

Why am I easily accomplishing all of my goals for today?

And so forth.

Do this exercise whenever you have a free moment -- while showering, shopping, or driving to work. Simply flow with the words, have fun with it, be in joy...and be surprised at what you might hear yourSelf say!

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Healing Arts Publishing.

Article Source:

Healing Through Love
by Marilyn Innerfeld.

Healing Through Love by Marilyn Innerfeld. Healing Through Love teaches that through self-Love, a body can fully heal. Share the author's journey of her own healing, and learn the tools that lead to empowerment, healing and ultimately, the importance of loving all that you are.

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About the Author

Marilyn InnerfeldMarilyn Innerfeld is co-founder of The Worldwide Center located in Evergreen, Colorado. She is a medical intuitive, a certified hypnotherapist, and a long-time member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Marilyn has studied nutritional therapies as well as Chinese medicine. She has a mastery of past-life regression in her work as a hypnotherapist, but is currently focused on total wellness through the elimination of present-life issues and blocks. Marilyn has healed from cancer and uses her personal experience to assist her in her work.

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