Why Energy Medicine? Emotional Problems Create Energetic Imbalances

Why Energy Medicine? Emotional Problems Create Energetic Imbalances


Vibrational or energy medicine has finally found modern-day scientific validation in our Einsteinian understanding of matter as energy, especially as it is applied to the examination of biological systems from the perspective of interactive energy fields. More simply stated, the Einsteinian viewpoint sees human beings from the higher dimensional perspective of fields within fields within fields. Matter itself, from the infinitesimal subatomic particle to the level of the physical and higher vibrational bodies, is now seen as dynamic energy contained within the constraints of fluctuating energy fields.

We have observed that experimentation in the fields of high-energy particle physics, Kirlian photography, holography, and the study of the effects of psychic healing on biological systems, have converged to teach us new ways of understanding the energetic field nature of all life processes. As we begin to think about human beings as multidimensional spiritual beings of light, we can start to comprehend the powerful effects of vibrational healing modalities which deliver specified quanta of subtle energy to promote healing through reintegration and realignment of our mind/body/spirit complexes. Vibrational healing methods work by rebalancing disturbances of structure and energy flow within the context of our multilevel interactive energetic fields.

Many of the energies that make up the etheric and higher dimensional worlds of human subtle anatomy vibrate at speeds faster than ordinary light. The physics of so-called magneto electric energy, predicted by Einstein's equations, holds the keys to deciphering the scientific principles which underlie the behavior of higher vibrational phenomena. Our thoughts and our emotions are indeed manifestations of this special energy.

Emotional Problems = Energetic Imbalances

For medicine and psychology to truly advance over the next several decades, we must begin to think about our emotional problems as energetic imbalances that affect the functioning of our subtle and physical anatomy. If we can accept that these emotional disturbances are partly due to problems within the subtle fields of human physiology, then we can begin to utilize other natural forms of subtle energy that can remove or correct the problematic imbalances. Because homeopathic remedies, flower essences, gem elixirs, crystals, and color energies affect the subtle-energy fields of the human body, such vibrational therapies can have powerful impacts on stress and illness. Over the next twenty years, we will see the creation of a whole new science of energy as it applies to human consciousness and subtle physiology. Spiritual scientists will begin to extend the limits of known science to incorporate higher energetic phenomena.

Humankind is at a unique turning point in history. The development of new technologies in pharmacology, surgery, and electronic imaging systems for diagnosis has allowed traditional medicine to evolve in this century toward tremendous breakthroughs in the treatment of serious illness. We have come far in treating many common infectious diseases, in providing relief from various types of cancer and heart disease, as well as in knowing better ways of controlling hypertension and kidney ailments. Orthodox medicine is truly a marvelous field of continual discovery. We cannot deny that modern medicine has uplifted the human condition significantly, for many people would have died prematurely had it not been for some of the miracles of its scientific discoveries and applications. The problem lies in the fact that orthodox medical approaches still fall short of treating the true causes of illness. Traditional physicians can treat the effects of disease; but can they really approach the emotional, mental, bioenergetic, and spiritual precursors of disease?

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Conventional Medicine and/or Vibrational Healing

At the present time, we simply cannot do without conventional drugs or surgery. Our expertise in the field of vibrational healing is still at an early stage. The current structure of health care in America is such that one may have difficulty obtaining insurance coverage for any type of medical treatment other than that provided by orthodox practitioners of medicine. Seen from an economic standpoint, third-party payer organizations who reimburse physicians for medical treatment are still locked into the Newtonian medical model as the only mode of therapy. As such, those who have their health care provided by health insurance providers and the growing organizations of PPO's and HMO's can only have their health-care dollars spent on traditional approaches. Holistic medical practitioners are slowly becoming more prevalent, but the system is slow to change.

Of course, one can always pay out-of-pocket for vitamins, flower essences, and homeopathic remedies, but not everyone can afford the expense. Generally speaking, however, many subtle energy and natural healing remedies tend to be much less expensive than conventional drug treatments. Holistic and vibrational medicine is not something that should be strictly for the upper middle class. It is a type of healing system which should apply to everyone, should they be open and interested enough to try it.

Unfortunately, the increasing cost of health care in this country has made it necessary for many to obtain health insurance to provide for the medical needs of their families. Because of the third-party payer's attitudes toward reimbursement for services, the tendency is still to encourage orthodox medical approaches. An optimistic note can be derived from the observation that a number of third-party payers, including Blue Cross, are opting toward the promotion of wellness programs of prevention. These third-party payers have learned that it is significantly more economical to prevent than to treat illness. Hopefully, this is a positive sign of things to come.

Health Insurance for Vibrational Medicine

As practitioners of vibrational medicine begin to acquire greater amounts of clinical data on the efficacy of their treatment approaches, and as more holistically directed physicians become inclined to use such subtle energetic methods, we may eventually see the proliferation of New Age health insurance companies which will not only cover orthodox medical and surgical treatments, but also flower essences, homeopathy, Voll and other electroacupuncture diagnostic workups, and many similar procedures.

Unfortunately, the insurance company of the future is still a long way off, mainly because of the political power and dogmatic opinions of antagonistic organizations like the American Medical Association. Much of vibrational medicine is still considered quackery by the Newtonian minds of the AMA. That is why it is so crucial that vibrational medicine and the subtle anatomical connections between health and illness become scientifically established through medical research utilizing new etheric scanners and imaging systems, which can prove the validity of this system of diagnostic theory and practice.

Orthodox medicine has been an important and necessary stepping stone in the evolution of our modern healing sciences. Newtonian physics was also an important stepping stone toward the eventual recognition of Einsteinian models of relativity and energetic field theory. Modern medicine is largely based upon Newtonian models of mechanistic behavior. It is a system of understanding that must now expand and grow by incorporating the newer discoveries in science.

Far-Sighted Thinking Ahead of Its Time

Why Energy Medicine? Emotional Problems Create Energetic ImbalancesJust as Einstein was initially thought to be crazy when he first expounded upon his radical theories, many of today's proponents of energetic and vibrational physiology are also considered to be too far out. This is often the case with far-sighted thinking that is a little too ahead of its time. It took more than 60 years for scientists to begin to validate what Einstein had told them. Now he is heralded as a genius. Such examples of common roadblocks to progress suggest some of the difficulties in acceptance encountered by pioneers like vibrationally minded healers who are also just a little too ahead of their time. Unfortunately, growth is often painful not only for individuals but for human cultures and civilizations as well.

As we evolve toward new paradigms in science, and embrace the Einsteinian understanding of matter as energy and physiological systems as interactive energy fields, doctors will begin to slowly replace older drug and surgical techniques with more subtle and less invasive methods of treatment. The newer systems of subtle-energy medicine will not only relieve the symptoms of illness, as does traditional medicine, but they will also address the emotional, mental, bioenergetic, subtle environmental, and spiritual causes of disease.

The future vibrational physicians will be more than doctors who dispense pills and potions. They will be healers and sensitives. They will diagnose the emotional imbalances and bioenergetic disturbances which may eventually manifest as illness within their patients. They will be able to identify those biopsychoenergetic factors which can predispose to sickness, and assist their patients in preventing illness by teaching them to modify these elements of imbalance. Physician/ healers will instruct their patients in ways that can promote greater wellness through improved nutritional and exercise habits, healthier patterns of emotional response, stress reduction techniques that promote relaxation, and self-awareness meditations which help an individual discover the real causes of their dis-ease and distress.

Diagnosing Imbalances in the Body

Spiritual health-care practitioners will also be able to diagnose imbalances in the body at the levels of the chakras and the meridians through a variety of intuitive and instrumentational techniques. In addition to prescribing the vibrational tinctures already mentioned, they will also direct sound and laser energy into acupuncture points, and move healing energies into the body through the laying-on-of-hands. However, in order for vibrational physicians to be successful at healing illness, people must begin to accept responsibility for their lives and for their recovery. They must work as a team with physicians in moving their lives into patterns of greater balance and an integration of the interactive elements of mind, body, and spirit.

As difficult as it will be for some to accept, we must begin to acknowledge the validity of reincarnation as a system by which the soul evolves to gain experience. For it is through the reincarnational process that illness is often created as a teaching experience for the soul. It is only when disease is understood in this context, and when we grasp the true spiritual nature of the consciousness that seeks to manifest through the transitory physical body, that we can correct our patterns of emotional imbalance and work through the obstacles and lessons that our soul has chosen for us.

We have seen that orthodox medicine does not hold all the answers to dealing with illness in our high-tech industrial nations. Subtle-energy medicine does contain solutions to many of the problems that orthodox treatment methods cannot hope to correct. Vibrational medicine is revolutionary in both its theory and its methods of application. It is a healing system whose time has finally come.

Accepting Responsibility for Our Actions

The discord and unrest occurring upon the planet at this time is a higher reflection of the emotional and spiritual imbalances that exist in many people throughout the world. We must begin to heal dis-ease and distress at the level of causes and not just at the superficial world of physical effects. In order to accept and work with vibrational healing methods, one must begin to make the transition toward personal transformation that is necessary before true physical and spiritual healing can occur. Already we are seeing how certain segments of humanity have begun to manifest the transformational consciousness necessary to assist the Earth and the people upon it in making the critical leap from planetary distress to peace and global healing that is critical if this small blue sphere is to survive.

Vibrational medicine appears to hold some of the answers for a world that seems quite ill, but it will only work if we can work with it. If utilized correctly, subtle-energy methods of healing promise to create a new wave of healing, balance, and peace upon the planet as has not been seen for thousands of years. That which we are beginning to use in the form of vibrational treatments have had their origins in ancient systems of healing which have been held in secret for many centuries. Perhaps humanity has finally begun to accept enough responsibility for its actions that the knowledge and grace of our ancient spiritual teachers may again be visited upon many needy people in this, the dawning of a New Age.

Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.This article is excerpted from the book :

Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves
by Richard Gerber.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Sun Bear & Co. / InnerTraditions Inc. www.innertraditions.com

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Also, recent book by this author:
Vibrational Medicine for 21st Century: The Complete Guide to Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation.

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Richard Gerber, M.D., author of the article: Energy MedicineDr. Richard Gerber practices internal medicine and is a very popular international teacher. This book, Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves, is the culmination of twenty years of national recognized research into alternative medical diagnosis and treatment and has become the definitive text for energetic medicine. Recent book by this author: Vibrational Medicine for 21st Century : The Complete Guide to Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation.


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