Bio-Etheric Healing (3)

(continued from Bio-Etheric Healing, Part II)

Bio-Etheric HealingCommunication Skills

The Bio-Etheric Healing method depends on your ability to communicate on a thought level with the Etheric Body, either your own or someone else's. When communicating with the Etheric Body of someone else, distance does not matter. Also, it is these same Communication Skills you will sometimes need to reach and get responses from the Devic Kingdom, Nature Spirits, and Devas in charge of the lower life forms which are involved in certain ailments.


Centering - The Necessary First Step

Decide in advance which energy source (for example, the Etheric Body) you are asking to speak to, and plan exactly what you want to say. You need to physically be where you will not be disturbed. You need complete concentration. Get all extraneous thoughts out of your head and allow your body and mind to relax. Some deep breathing exercises may help to achieve this relaxation.

* Sit a short while and take deep breaths to relax. Then ask your Physical Body, via thought, to become centered; see how it feels.

* Sit for a few minutes with the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

* Hold your hands at your side, raise hands up from the elbows with the palms facing each other. Then bring hands together slowly feeling the energy field of the Aura between the hands until they touch in the center of the body. Then raise both hands up to your face with hands touching each other in a prayer position and lower hands down slowly until they separate about waist level. Repeat as necessary until you experience a feeling of complete calm. You are now centered.


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Communication Via Thought Processes 
(Inner Speaking/Inner Listening)

When I speak of talking with the Etheric Body and having it answer, this all takes place in thought form. We can actually hear a voice in our heads as a response (as we sometimes hear in daydreaming). This is a thought process, or thought form response, and though it is not audible in the sense that we cannot tape it, it is clearly a voice response heard in thought form. It is the voice of our Etheric Body which is responding to our thought form communication. Also, even though the voice cannot be heard outside of our own inner listening, the voice will have its own individual characteristics and will embody the "personality" of the Etheric Body which is speaking. Some voices are very low and tentative, and others are strong and clear. My Etheric Body, for example, comes through very strong, particularly now that we are such good friends. Some of your energy sources will answer in thought form with simple "yes" or "no" answers, but others may come across in thought form with whole sentences and have a rich vocabulary using words not in your everyday speech patterns. Responses may also come in visual image form or symbols and utilizing color.

Using thought processes is the most subtle form of communication and may require more practice than the other methods to feel comfortable. Yet the rewards are many. You will be able to get much more complete information, and you will be quite amazed at the intelligence of your contact.

My Etheric Body has told me that she prefers to communicate with words (mentally), but that she can do it in all ways. Most of my work has been communicating with my Etheric Body via thought processes. By now, we are old friends. Our relationship has grown. Now we are able to converse quite easily. Sometimes my Etheric Body will give me information about itself that I haven't asked for, such as, "Your skin cancer cells are now gone from your Etheric self." I was very pleased to hear that, I can assure you! It meant they would be out of my Physical Body soon, as well.

When I first started talking to my Etheric Body, she would say, "I will try", or "I don't know if I can do it, but I will try." Don't forget that this is as new to your Etheric Body as it is to you. And it doesn't quite know what it is capable of doing, yet it will try its utmost to do what is asked. It will also, by itself, engage other layers of the Aura, whenever that is needed, to help in its healing work.

Your Etheric Body is happy to do whatever it can to make you well. It has a mind of its own, as well, but needs to be directed. It welcomes your suggestions. It also enjoys communicating with people, even others besides yourself. When I talked to my son's Etheric Body in Texas (I'm in New York State), it said to me "I really enjoy talking to you. It gives me a chance to use my voice, which I don't get to do every often."

Two-way communication via thought processes is accomplished via these several steps:

* Have the information you want and the questions you want to ask worked out in advance as much as possible.

* Find a quiet place and time when you will not be interrupted.

* Get into a meditative, inward mood, clearing your mind of all extraneous thoughts. Then get Centered.

* In this Centered state, contact your Etheric Body by phrasing the message in thought form, I wish to speak to my Etheric Body."

* There may be some form of acknowledgment, but not always, so be prepared for any such clue in any form, such as a "feeling", a "ping", or some visual effects. If no acknowledgment is received, assume contact, and move forward to ask your first question. As above, phrase the question in your mind, in thought form, and address it to your Etheric Body. Await an answer. It will come to you as a mental message forming in your mind and making itself heard by you in this thought form. (It is not unlike the conversations we have while in a day dream). Although responses will usually be in this thought form method, some people have experienced responses in visual form, such as symbols or color. For example, a stop sign or a red light to mean "no" and a green light to mean "yes". So be prepared! Then, wait a short while for the Etheric Body to get ready before continuing to ask each question you have prepared. You may find it necessary to follow up each response further to explore your problem or ailment and what needs to be done to help with it.

This article was excerpted from
Bio-Etheric Healing
"Bio-Etheric Healing - A Breakthrough in Alternative Therapies"
by Trudy Lanitis.
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About the Author

Bio-Etheric HealingFor over 20 years, Trudy Lanitis has been involved in various forms of alternative healing as a serious student, teacher, and healer. She has developed her unique Bio-Etheric Healing method over the past six years to overcome the debilitating ailments of Lyme disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Currently, Ms. Lanitis holds individual counseling sessions and conducts workshops in Bio-Etheric Healing for healing professionals and others interested in spiritual healing. Most of her work takes place around St. Petersburg, Florida, and near her workspace in Kingston, New York. To find out more about Bio-Etheric Healing workshops, personalized teaching sessions, or individual healing consultations, write to: Bio-Etheric Healing c/o Trudy Lanitis P.O. Box 58075 St. Petersburg, FL 33715 or you may contact her at [email protected] This article was excerpted with permission from her book "Bio-Etheric Healing", published by New Falcon Publications. 


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