Children and Homeopathic Medicines for Colic, Teething, Ear Infections, and more

Children and Homeopathic Medicines for Colic, Teething, Ear Infections, and more
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Children respond extremely well and rapidly to homeopathic medicines. What is even better news is that they love to take homeopathic medicines, since the remedies are usually made with lactose or sucrose and thus tend to be sweet.

One of the most common remedies for infants is Chamomilla (chamomile), the best remedy for certain kinds of infants who are teething or who have colic, indigestion, or ear infections. Chamomilla is indicated when infants are extremely irritable. These infants throw tantrums, ask for things and then refuse them, and cry until they are held or carried.

Typically, when Chamomilla is the correct remedy, the infant's health will improve within minutes. This remedy convinces many parents of the power of homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathy for Teething, Colic, Indigestion

Another common homeopathic medicine for children is Pulsatilla, which is also indicated for certain kinds of infants who are teething or who have colic, indigestion, or ear infections. Infants who respond to Pulsatilla are very affectionate, desire attention, and crave sympathy.

Although these infants cry, their crying is not sobbing, like the type of crying experienced by infants who respond to Chamomilla, but a sweet weeping that beckons the parent to hold and hug them. These infants tend to throw off their clothes and blanket and prefer being in the open or cool air (or at least have an open window).

Magnesia phosphorica (magnesium phosphate) is a good remedy for colic and sometimes for teething. It is indicated when infants experience cramping or pain in the abdomen that forces them to bend over. These infants are also relieved by warm applications on the abdomen or by warm drinks.

Diaper Rash

Calendula (marigold) is applied externally in ointment, gel, or spray form. Calendula is a very soothing and nutrient-rich herb that both reduces inflammation and heals the skin. Calendula is also available in soap form. It makes a wonderfully rich soap that is great for an infant's skin (and for those who want their skin to be as soft as an infant's).

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Infants who experience recurrent diaper rashes and who do not adequately benefit from Calendula are recommended to seek professional homeopathic care for an individualized constitutional remedy.

Homeopathic Medicines Reduce Ear Infections

A recent study in a leading pediatric journal showed that individually chosen homeopathic medicines reduced ear infection symptoms in children as reported by their parents within the first twenty-four hours after treatment as compared to children who were given a placebo (Jacobs, Springer, and Crothers 2001).

Homeopathy is developing the reputation as the best treatment for this common pediatric complaint. Chamomilla and Pulsatilla are two important remedies to consider (for details about these two remedies, read the section above).

Another important homeopathic remedy for children with earaches is Belladonna (deadly nightshade). This remedy is indicated when the child has a reddened ear, ear canal, and eardrum, and even a flushed face. The pains are severe, throbbing, piercing, and may extend to the throat. The child may become agitated and in extreme cases may bite and/or scream. Sitting semi-erect and receiving warm applications provide temporary relief.

Mercurius (mercury) is a leading homeopathic medicine for ear infections accompanied by an offensive smelling discharge. The pains may extend to the throat, and the child may have swollen glands and bad breath. Both hot and cold applications aggravate these children, and they tend to have such excessive salivation that they will wet their pillows with it.

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This article is excerpted from the book:  Essential Homeopathy by Dana Ullman. Homeopathy, based on the simple principle of stimulating the body's own healing response, is more popular than ever. This book answers frequently asked questions, introducing readers to the practice and explaining which conditions respond best to homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy offers safe alternatives to more intrusive medical practices for treating digestive troubles, colds, flus, allergies and headaches.

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