Expanding the Healing Process: It's Not Just About You

Expanding the Healing Process: It's Not Just About You

Healing is not just about you. It is about healing the whole of humanity, which is currently suffering in unprecedented ways. The burden of humanity’s suffering includes the growing gap between the world’s richest and poorest people, which leads to severe economic disparity around the globe and poverty.

This in turn leads to global regional conflict, war and terrorism, increasing disconnection and violence amongst our youth, and the growing illusion of separation amongst the world’s population, despite being more connected through advancing technology. Hu­manity is also inflicting suffering on the earth in the form of climate change and destruction of the planet’s various delicate ecosystems in the name of corporate greed for profit.

Why is humanity experiencing such incredible suffering?

The reason is that each and every one of us who make up the body of hu­manity is living through some degree of unresolved personal pain and grief.

This pain arises from many causes. These include childhood physical and emotional abuse; not being fully and unconditionally loved while growing up; being brainwashed into false beliefs by our flawed educational systems; addictions resulting from the inability or unwillingness to go deep within; falsely believing that the source of our wealth and abundance lies outside ourselves, which leads to financial struggle; strained and challenging rela­tionships with others who are broken and in pain; living with chronic dis­ease and physical pain, with no clear means of healing; and seeing ourselves as limited beings with limited potential.

The reason we are all suffering is because we have not been given the tools to heal ourselves from the issues mentioned above. The problem is that it is not enough for each of us to heal in isolation; this healing has to spread globally, to every individual in the collective body of humanity, if we are to right the wrongs and heal the ills that humanity suffers from. The reason why humanity continues to suffer is because our world leaders, many of whom are suffering themselves, are trying to solve our global problems through external means, whether it be war, terrorism, economic disparity, poverty, slavery in the form of human trafficking, or climate change.

Just as we cannot heal from chronic diseases through medications and surgery, without a multidimensional, multifaceted approach to healing, the world’s problems will never be solved through solely external solutions, as they do not address an individual’s daily inner crises. The well-known fa­mous physicist Einstein was quoted as saying that you cannot solve a prob­lem with the same level of consciousness that created it.

All the pain, angst, and turmoil that we carry inside becomes external­ized and manifests as the global crises that we face in this day and age. What we see in the world is a reflection of the collective inner state of all of hu­manity, which speaks volumes to the degree of anguish and torment we are all experiencing. This is not any one person’s fault, because very few of us have been taught how to live in alignment with our true nature.

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The Inner Reflects The Outer

Few people realize that their inner state reflects the outer state they ex­perience in the world, and yet so many of us want desperately for humanity to change. It is important, therefore, that the healing process be taught not only as a means to self-healing but also as a means to effect change in one’s environment.

Evidence that our collective inner state affects the external environment is supported by the Washington Peace Study, which took place from June 7 to July 30, 1993. Even though this is an older study, its results are still relevant today. For this study, a 27-member project review board was set up comprising independent scientists and leading citizens. Their task was to en­sure objectivity and research rigor by reviewing and approving the research protocol and then subsequently monitoring the research process.

Washington’s immediate history at this time showed that during the first five months of the year prior to the research project, violent crime had been steadily increasing. This increase continued on into the first two weeks of the project, when homicides actually continued to increase.

The intervention involved having a number of practitioners of transcen­dental meditation (TM) engage in meditation practice daily during the study period. The numbers of these practitioners started out at 800 and grew to 4,000 by the end of the study period.

The results showed a 23.3 percent drop in violent crime over the study period, with the statistical probability of less than 2 in 1 billion that this re­sult could reflect chance variation in crime levels. In addition, the research­ers tested their findings for other possible causes of crime reduction, such as temperature, precipitation, weekends, and police and community anti-crime activities and found that the drop in crime could not be attributed to any of these other possibilities.

In fact, forty-nine research projects conducted in numerous countries around the world over the last forty years show that regular group meditation reduced war deaths, reduced terrorism, reduced crime rates, resulted in less emergency calls, fewer suicides and accidents, less alcohol consumption—concrete proof that our collective inner state affects our external environment.

These studies only looked at meditation, a means of achieving inner flow that is one of the steps in the healing process outlined in this book. Imagine if a threshold of individuals were to engage in the entire healing process, from intention to creation. This would surely have an exponentially greater effect than meditation alone on crime, war, terrorism, and environmental decimation.

The sad thing is that the majority of humanity is caught up in the false premise that we can solve our global problems through the traditional means that we have been trying to employ for years. But if we look at the world we live in today, it is painfully obvious that this is not true. We just keep spinning our wheels trying hopelessly to achieve results that can only be obtained by going deep within.

Who Wins? Who Benefits?

The sad fact is that there are people who actually benefit from the state of affairs as they are. For example, war and terrorism support the military and defense industries, which feed the profits of corporations involved in manufacturing the weapons and arms needed to wage war and fight terror­ism. It is not far fetched to surmise that somehow, even if indirectly, these corporations promote, for their own selfish profit, the political turmoil and international tensions that create the circumstances resulting in war and ter­rorism. Political leaders may also stand to benefit from conflict, by oppress­ing the majority in order to protect the financial interests of the minority.

The political leaders and CEOs of these corporations are shortsighted and blinded by their limiting beliefs, subconscious and emotional blocks, identification with their life stories, low vibrational frequency, and feeling disconnected from others and nature. As a result, they are not in the flow, and their fear of the unknown leads them to seek personal financial security at the expense of others.

The way to engage these individuals in the healing process and change their perspective is to seek them out and show them how this process could benefit them or someone close to them. This is not hard to do since eve­ryone either suffers from or knows someone who suffers from a chronic disease, chronic anxiety, or the effects of stress. You have to be anxious and stressed to want to inflict pain on others for your own personal gain.

Once the people in power start to realize how the healing process can help them, they will naturally want to move away from and eventually stop the activities they engage in that perpetuate other people’s suffering. The key is to get this information into their hands so it can become the focus of their attention.

There are many means to do this, including sending the key players emails, petitions, and engaging mainstream and alternative media and social media. There will be resistance to something new and innovative at first, but with relentless persistence, this information will eventually disseminate to corporations, government offices, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and community associations.

Even if this information is initially ignored by those who have power and control, it will take hold at grassroots levels in these organizations and slowly filter its way up through the hierarchical structure. A process that is beneficial for all, no matter what their physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual situation is, can only be ignored for so long before it garners the attention of leaders in all realms of society.

The Expansion of the Healing Process

Once the benefits of this healing process start to be realized, they will naturally attract attention and reach those who need it the most, includ­ing, hopefully, influential leaders. Eventually, those leaders with influence over others in society will change their choices and decisions in a way that is beneficial for the greater good of humanity and beneficial for our planet.

There is another, even more powerful way that our inner state can affect our external reality. In the chapter on intention, I have already discussed how we are all connected. This connection permeates to the deepest levels of who we are, and any change in our own inner state will naturally realign those of others in our immediate environment. They, in turn, will effect similar changes in other people in their surroundings in a healing chain reaction.

In this way, the healing process, once initiated in a handful of individu­als, can exponentially spread to others, influencing those at the highest levels of society, once it reaches a tipping point. In this way, the whole of human­ity can be healed once a threshold of individuals has experienced the healing process. This is my ultimate hope and dream for this healing process, and I feel that it is inevitable once it takes hold in society.

Copyright 2017 by Nauman Naeem MD. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press. www.findhornpress.com

Article Source

Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life
by Nauman Naeem MD

Healing from the Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease and Radically Change Your Life by Nauman Naeem MDThe principles in his book can be applied to many situations including improving personal relationships, finding your life’s purpose and mission, and increasing focus, productivity, and creativity. The purpose of this book is to take you on a journey to the core of your being. This is done through unraveling layers and layers of density which most of us accumulate throughout our lives which often initiate and perpetuate chronic disease.

Click here for more info and/or to order this book.

About the Author

Dr. NaeemDr. Naeem is a physician specializing in pulmonary and critical care medicine whose intellectual journey has taken him far beyond the confines of conventional medicine. Over the course of his career he has treated tens of thousands of patients and has realized that the majority of patients with chronic disease do not heal, a percentage of whom have no desire to heal. This realization compelled him to dive deeper into the psychology of healing, human consciousness, metaphysics, and healing traditions from the past through his own personal research and study to uncover how he can facilitate healing in his patients and clients. He now coaches clients in how to heal, despite any condition they may be suffering from, and to find their unique life’s mission as an expression of their life’s purpose. He also coaches entrepreneurs and other business leaders on how to accelerate their focus and productivity for exponential success.


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