Bypass the Subconscious and Remove Emotional Blockages with EFT Tapping

Bypass the Subconscious and Negative Emotions and Remove Emotional Blockages with EFT Tapping?
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The mind and the body form an intimately integrated whole that is indivisible. Our thoughts (beliefs and emotions) dwell throughout our entire body. Because of this, our physical sufferings often have their own stories to tell.

A backache can signify that we have had enough of carrying the full responsibility for a household, or a pain in the knee can be a statement that we need to stop for a moment to think about our life. In other words, the body notifies us when the time has come to make significant changes.

We All Have An Ally: The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is an immensely powerful companion provided to us by nature to help us travel through life in the greatest possible comfort. In the ideal situation, its role consists of applying its phenomenal powers to help us achieve our dreams.

Our role is to clearly indicate to it just what those dreams are. Other than providing this clarity in our requests, there should not be much left for us to do, other than to take advantage of life—our dream life, of course!

However, we are more often ill and starved for love or money than we are satisfied and happy. This suffering is entirely the result of ignorance. Quite often we are not even aware that this collaborator is living inside us, or we are not skilled at putting its expertise to work to our benefit. This is why it heads in one direction, busy with matters it considers important, while we go off in the other direction, concerned with tasks we believe are equally essential. This divergence creates an exhausting conflict, from which we always emerge the loser.

Our Subconscious Mind Has Absolute Control

No one can say for sure where the subconscious resides in the human body. But we do know, and have known since the advent of meridian techniques, that the pieces of information it holds are at the very least anchored in our energy system.

Our subconscious mind has absolute control over everything that happens (or does not happen) in our lives. It is what brings us ideas, tells us how we should conduct ourselves in this or that situation, determines who we meet or don’t meet, and opens a door for us over here while shutting another one over there.

It is also our subconscious mind that causes us to continually repeat the same mistakes. But this is not because of a malicious intent but solely for our own protection.

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Our subconscious mind is actually obsessed with protecting us. If it could, it would imprison us and throw away the key, so as not to run the risk of something bad happening to us. And most certainly we are already locked up somewhere. All we need to do to realize it is to write up a list of our problems.

Everything stems from the fact that our subconscious mind follows the directive we give it in our moments of weakness. So if the first experience of speaking in public is too terrifying, for instance, it becomes impossible for us to henceforth speak in public. If our subconscious mind has a lesser opinion of our merits, as a result of various betrayals and other misguided notions about our true skills, we are unlikely, for example, to earn a larger salary.

The Subconscious and Problems

If there is a domain in which everything appears to work against us, it is clearly that of our problems. They arrive, obviously outside of any direct action on our part, and spoil our lives with blatant unfairness. We were so happy before, but that tranquility is now gone. Armed and ready, we then engage in a fearless battle. We won’t go down without a good fight!

However, if we are overwhelmed and exhausted by all the battles we have already waged, or if we just don’t know what else to do, we remain rooted to one spot, desperately waiting for help. Each time we look outward for solutions, not knowing that our problems—and their solutions—reside within our subconscious mind, which is solely responsible for both.

To get a better grasp of this, let’s say that our parents have expressed great animosity toward our artistic talent because it would cause us to abandon the path they had envisioned for us. We decide, nonetheless, to continue on the artistic path we have previously chosen, but all of a sudden, things no longer go as they once did. Doors that were once wide open suddenly slam shut, our creativity withers, and our talents suffer. In short, problems arise, often followed by blistering self-attacks. We obviously lack any talent; this is clearly the proof.

In one sense we are right. We have lost our talents. They are no longer accessible to us because our subconscious mind has shut the door on them to protect one part of the self. This part is the well-behaved child who does not want to disobey his or her parents, whether out of love and respect or out of fear of reprisals.

The unpleasant turn of events is therefore not the real problem. It is the childish mind-set that lurks behind it, preventing us from advancing in our adult life as we wish. This is how we end up being robbed of our possibilities in life. Our talents can remain dormant for an entire lifetime beneath the wing of an imperturbable subconscious.

Internal Oppositions

These internal oppositions or psychological reversals are the cause for all setbacks. Sensational opportunities are ruined as quickly as possible, exams are failed against all odds, weight that’s lost is gained right back, with some people putting on more weight than they started with.

These situations can be readily attributed to bad luck or lack of will, although the actual fault always goes back to the data stored in our subconscious mind. If someone seems doomed to remain forever fat or financially challenged, more diets or more money will not change a thing.

All of this takes place unbeknownst to us in the mysterious depths of our energy system.

Energy Blockages

As Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, has often said, “All negative emotions come from a disruption in our body’s energy system.” In this conceptualization, negative emotions are not treated as adversaries that must be immediately annihilated. To the contrary, they are allies that are embraced and completely accepted, because they act as a bridge. They are an absolutely essential link to the corresponding energy blockages that need to be removed from our energy system.

All our negative reactions are due to these energy blockages. Often very old, they were ensconced in our energy system over the course of traumatic events, events that may have been too shocking to be processed normally. Following an initial traumatic event, the slightest thing that evokes the memory of it will trigger the blockage associated with it, immediately producing the energetic ­disruptions that are responsible for our negative feelings.

The energy system can be compared to a television set. As long as the transmission is steady and everything inside it is functioning properly, the sound and images will be clear. But as soon as something goes wrong, static or a fuzzy picture will appear. The television set will display its personal version of a negative emotion.

In the same way, an incident that has disrupted the harmonious flow of energy throughout our energy system produces a kind of buzzing that is responsible for our negative emotions. This famous “zzzzz” is the intermediate stage between a memory and the emotional pain its evocation inflicts, or the one between an event and our negative reactions.

Without the energy blockages that produce this “zzzzz”, there are no feelings of terror at the idea of undertaking something challenging, or feelings of anger in response to the actions of others, or feelings of grief from recalling a previously painful memory.

What Is “EFT”?

The letters “EFT” are commonly used to represent a new treatment procedure, Emotional Freedom Technique, that has been the subject of much talk in recent years. Because its treatment methods are easy to use and produce sensational results, EFT is a fascinating topic.

The central tenet of its theory is that any discontent or disorder in our lives is the result of an imbalance in the energy that flows through our physical bodies. Its main concern is the restoration of harmony using the meridian points of Chinese acupuncture, for which EFT is an emotion-based variation.

EFT is also known as psychological acupuncture, meridian therapy, and, most commonly, Tapping therapy, or simply Tapping. This term refers to the light tapping of meridian points during a treatment session.

The Results of EFT (Tappng)

The emotional intensity of a problem, or the length of time it has been in existence, has no relevance in the practice of EFT. Its cause always lies in the energy blockages that disrupt the harmonious functioning of the bioenergy system. Extremely old problems are no more deeply rooted in this system than new ones.

The complexity comes from the number of aspects a problem may have, each of which represents one energy blockage. Rounds of EFT (Tapping) on every possible angle are then necessary to solve the problem.

EFT provides extremely quick results in the treatment of phobias and numerous pains connected to the memories of tragic events. Feelings of horror, terror, guilt, or heartrending separation are dissolved and replaced by a sense of deep tranquility.

On the other hand, problems with tentacles that extend into many aspects of our lives, such as a chronic lack of money or a disastrous relationship, take more time to resolve. Persistent use of EFT is called for to remove all the mental boundaries and restrictive beliefs that have led to these kinds of situations. There may also be important decisions to make and significant turning points that should not be rushed into. In these cases results may take longer to manifest. But they will manifest, that is certain.

Persistence Truly Pays Off In The Practice Of EFT

EFT is a simple technique that nevertheless requires the correct approach for best results, so for thornier challenges, it may be advisable to work initially with a therapist who can help you in that regard.

In the case of a recurring problem, the problem may keep cropping up because its roots have not been treated, so another aspect of it keeps appearing. Several tapping sequences will be required to eliminate a new aspect of the problem.

EFT offers excellent results for physical problems. It is a choice addition to any kind of treatment because of its ability to regulate the flow of energy through the body. It is an undeniable fact that emotional suffering contributes to physical suffering. Because of this, the elimination of one often removes the other as well.

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The Book of Tapping: Emotional Acupressure with EFT
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The Book of Tapping: Emotional Acupressure with EFT by Sophie MerleA step-by-step guide to the simple acupressure self-care technique of tapping for acute and chronic emotional, psychological, and physical ailments. * Effective for emotional conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, anger, jealousy, and phobias, such as stage fright or fear of flying. * Can treat chronic pain, nausea, and headaches; alleviate insomnia and nightmares; encourage the release of painful memories; boost self-confidence; support weight loss; and improve concentration. * Offers the full tapping protocol as well as a shortened version for acute situations. * Illustrates easily accessible points to tap and in what order

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