You Are Already A Healer: It Is Time To Reclaim Who You Are

You Are Already A Healer: It Is Time To Reclaim Who You Are

Energy healing is a gift I knew about from an early age, yet only fully explored when my body needed healing physically, emotion­ally, and spiritually. I grew up in Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY and my Grandma Jenny would always do healings on my sister and me.

We would sit quietly in a chair, and Grandma would ask for God’s healing energy for us. She would begin at the top of our heads and in a slow sweeping motion, clear our energy and send it to either God or Mother Earth with love. Then she would lay her hands on our shoulders asking God to keep us healthy and safe.

We would always feel heat and/or tingling coming from her hands, and my sister and I thought Grandma had magical powers. There were occasions when she would burn cloves and clear us with the smoke instead of using her healing hands.

I remember Grandma always saying to us: “Think positive and trust in God’s healing and always protect your energy. Always put God’s healing light around you to protect you from negativity. Never allow any­one’s words to bring you down. . . allow those words to fall to the ground.”

We were never sick and would always say, “Grandma, please stop doing healing so we can get sick and stay home from school!” But she never listened. She just continued to heal and clear us.

From Healing Love to Hurtful Anger

It is May 1966, just days away from my graduation from Lafayette High School in Brooklyn. At two o’clock in the morning, our family receives a phone call telling us that Grandma Jenny has died...

Angry about my grandma’s death, I decided I would no longer do healings and stopped helping two of my close friends who had never made fun of my ability. I simply said to them: “I am sorry, but I do not believe in God’s healing anymore.”

Also, when I saw spirits or heard a voiceless voice, I would say, “You are not real; go away and stop speaking to me. Leave me alone.” This, I thought, was my way of punishing God. However, as the years went on, my body began to break down. I was constantly sick, always stressed, working at a job I disliked plus raising two children.

My First Healing Miracle . . .

I knew I had intuitive abilities and was able to feel people’s energies. I often saw or sensed spirits, but I was so afraid that people would think I was crazy if I talked about it. Remember that this was 1960s New York. I recalled how my grandma would always say, “Shush, don’t tell anyone about my healings because they’ll put us away in a crazy hospital.”

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While I knew in my heart that I was a healer, I found it difficult to express that to others. Meanwhile, my body was crying out for healing and for me to allow my passion and purpose to come forward. This was not an easy task, and I will say that it did not happen overnight. It took time and patience.

Giving myself healing treatments made me realize that the pain I was experiencing was not only physical but also rooted in emo­tional and spiritual challenges. Then a miracle happened.

At the time, I was experiencing black particles floating in front of my eyes, making it hard to see. I was frightened and very stressed. One morning, while looking in the mirror and speaking to myself, I asked God for assistance. I asked God to help me understand what was happening and to please make the black particles go away.

Suddenly I heard a voice within me say, “All you need to do is ask,” and immediately the black particles disappeared.

In that very moment, I realized God does listen and speak to us, but we often choose not to hear. God sees and understands us, but we often choose not to see nor understand ourselves. God loves us unconditionally, but we often choose to love with conditions.

Once I truly began believing in God again, more miracles hap­pened. My body became pain free and my chronic fatigue a thing of the past. No more headaches, no more pain, and I actually lost some weight. I felt human again. I was able to love and be happy with myself.

I knew in my heart that I needed to help people to help themselves to heal, and, in turn, the world would be a better place in which to live.

Gentle Energy Touch

I have come to call what I do Gentle Energy Touch. Anyone can do it. I don’t know where my grandma learned to heal — possibly from her own mother who was born in Istanbul. But there’s certainly nothing new about hands-on healing. It is an ancient method of revitalizing the energy fields of your own (or someone else’s) body.

Imagine being able to utilize the power of your mind for healing just by asking. It amazes me how energy healing truly works on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—truly supporting our inner growth and spiritual development. It becomes more and more powerful with practice, of course, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see dramatic results quickly. Keep at it, and the healing will come.

The key to healing lies in enhancing your life force energy so your immune system will get stronger and you will feel more energized, have improved sleep, and so much more. You must realize that you must do the work for yourself. In order to feel like you have never felt before, you have to do something that you have never done before: change. This is about all aspects of yourself on all levels. Give it a go if you want to be healthy, happy, successful, and fulfill your life’s purpose and passion.

From my own experience, I can say there are no limits to what energy healing can accomplish, provided it is in line with the soul’s life plan. If your journey is the illness, energy healing will enable you to understand why this is happening.

Through my experiences with thousands of clients, I have seen energy healing face some of the darkest sources of emotional and physical pain a human body can withstand and win, lifting the weight of that pain, providing relief for the patients, helping them become the best versions of themselves, and enabling them to fulfill their true life purpose.

You Are Already A Healer

It is important for you to realize that you are already a healer. Our ancestors were able to heal themselves and others without any special training because back then, they were more regularly in touch with their higher self and unified field. However, because of so much negativity around us from the media, Internet, wars, etc., we need to get back to understanding our own abilities to heal.

It is time to rid our bodies of congestion from the stuck energy that causes us to be physically ill. Energy depletion needs to be counteracted.

As I see it,

Healing is a choice. Only you can make the decision to move toward optimum health.

Healing is a way of life. Only you can develop the ways to be healthy and happy.

Healing is channeling. Only you can embrace the flow of positive energy through you for a healthier body.

Healing is knowledge. Knowing the integration of your body, mind, and spirit will have a positive impact on your state of health.

Healing is accepting. Only you can accept responsibility and take charge of your own life.

Healing is love. The key is to love and accept yourself — your whole self.

Life presents a continuous flow of experiences and challenges that trigger emotions ranging from sadness to happiness, which in turn create a state of chronic dis-ease or vibrant health. Once you choose to move forward, take control, and make some positive changes, life becomes astonishing. There is no reason to sit back and hope that things will get better. Awareness allows you to see how you are presently living your life. Education offers you options to explore and change. Growth supports you in undertak­ing the options and reevaluating your journey.

Life can be hectic, especially with all of the responsibilities that people have to deal with on a daily basis. This drains us of our life force energy and leaves our minds unable to focus. Anxiety and other negative emotions arise, making it difficult to deal with peo­ple and our own mood swings.

We are a society drowning in over­doses of medication and that has serious dysfunctional behavior with drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Our bodies are suffering, and we all look for a quick fix by taking a pill that will do more dam­age than good. We need to clear our blockages so we can become independent of prescription antidepressant, antianxiety, and sleep­ing medications.

We have truly lost ourselves because our lives are moving at the speed of light. We are always rushing, multitasking, eating fast food, and not exercising or getting enough sunlight. Our energies are blocked on all levels, and we wonder why we feel tired, drained, ill, and cannot sleep.

Remember, every challenge you face can inspire necessary changes and movement forward. Change helps you to grow men­tally, emotionally, and spiritually. Growth is not always easy, but it can chisel away at unwanted conditions. Welcome your growth with open arms. Look deep within yourself for answers. Become more aware of your lifestyle, your behavior, your motivations, and which aspects moved you toward the lifestyle you have chosen.

Your Inner Journey

Once you begin your inner journey toward healing, spiritual growth and understanding will follow. Your consciousness and clarity will rise to new heights and continue to expand. Under­standing your life’s purpose and trusting your inner guidance bring a wonderful awareness within yourself. Your body, mind, and spirit open up, and you become whole. You become more understanding, caring, loving, forgiving, nonjudgmental, and healthy. Purpose becomes reality; you talk the talk and walk the walk. What an incredible feeling—loving yourself, feeling healthy, and being who you are meant to be.

We need more healers in this world so we can all live life in a more positive and healthy way. It is time for you to reclaim your energy, reclaim your power, and reclaim who you are! When you do, you will be more empowered than you have ever known yourself to be.

©2016 by Barbara E. Savin. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission of Conari Press,
an imprint of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.

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Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner's Guide to Hands-On Healing by Barbara E. Savin.Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner's Guide to Hands-On Healing
by Barbara E. Savin.

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Barbara E. SavinBarbara E. Savin is an inspirational author and speaker, Gentle Energy Touch specialist, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Pranic Healer. Barbara provides individualized energy healing sessions, workshops, seminars as well as clinical and medical hypnosis for guests, clients, corporations, groups, celebrities, directors, producers, at The Ranch in Malibu, California and at Dr. Sharon Norling’s Body, Mind, and Spirit Center in Westlake Village, California. Visit her at


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