Sweep and Clear the Aura for Better Health and Well-Being

Sweep and Clear the Aura

It’s time to clear the aura. Sweeping and clearing remove congested and diseased energy and cleanse, strengthen, and greatly facilitate the healing process. Many simple illnesses can be healed just by sweeping and clearing the aura.

Our auras and chakras are like magnets, picking up vibration energy from the environment (including the energies of other people, whether positive or negative). These energies are then distributed throughout the physical body, which in turn, sends energies outward via the chakras to the aura. This is an ongoing process of receiving energies and emitting energies.

How To Prepare to Sweep The Aura

When sweeping your own or someone else’s energy field, your concentration and intention should be to cleanse the aura of any diseased/negative energy that may have gotten attached. Even though you are not actually touching the physical body while sweeping the aura fields, sweeping heals and balances those fields that directly affect physical health.

Once again, begin by surrounding yourself and the person you are doing a session on with white light for protection before calling for healing energy. Say a prayer giving thanks for this opportunity to help another person and for that person’s return to good health. If you have called for energy prior to scanning, then it is not neces­sary to call it in again.

The person you are working on can choose to sit in a chair, stand, or lie down while you sweep the aura. Any position is appropriate as long as your partner is comfortable. Healing is a lot easier if a person is relaxed and receptive. It is important not to have any expectations about the outcome of the treatment. Remember it is your partner’s healing, and it is that person’s choice to accept it or not.

Procedure For Sweeping

Your hands and fingers are used in sweeping and clearing the aura. Basically there are two hand positions: one is a cupped-hand position facing upward to receive the energy, and the other is a spread-finger position that is the same as putting your hand into a baseball glove. The spread-finger position is effective in the removal of diseased energy, and is also utilized in combing and straightening/smoothing out the area after you have removed the diseased energy with the same hand. It doesn’t matter which hand you use. The spread-finger hand will sweep/clear down, while the cupped hand is turned upward. If the healer does not concen­trate on one receiving hand (one turned upward), the healer may become easily exhausted since they tend to use their own energy instead of Divine energy.

Begin by sweeping/combing through the aura surrounding the body from head to toe. Place your hand a few inches above the physical body and slowly sweep through the aura with fingers spread. Do this for the front as well as the back of the body. If you feel dense or heavy areas, then sweep the area for a few moments until you feel the area is beginning to clear. Keep in mind that when you scanned the aura before you made mental notes of where there might be congestion. Just a note here: while I sweep and clear the aura with my spread-fingered hand, I visualize that hand is like a spiderweb, catching all the congested energy into it.

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As you clear the diseased/congested energy from the aura or chakras, visualize a fire or a bucket filled with green or orange flames on the ground beside you and constantly throw all the con­gested energies into the fire/bucket. This will prevent any accu­mulation of unwanted energy next to you. Be very careful not to step on this area of discarded energy since you might pick it up into your own aura. When your sweeping is complete, make sure you put out the fire. Simply visualize the fire or bucket of energy being extinguished with healing water and send those energies seeping into Mother Earth with love, light, and healing.

Then scan the aura again to be sure that the unwanted ener­gies have been removed. Learn to use and trust your intuition.

It is important to fill the areas that you have cleared of unwanted energies with God’s healing white light. Use a clock­wise motion with the palm of your right or left hand as you visu­alize this white healing light pouring into the areas where you removed energies. The white healing light will heal, protect, and energize the area. This should be done after you have completed your scanning, sweeping, and healing session. If you are doing only scanning and sweeping, then make sure you fill in the areas with God’s light when that is done.

Things To Avoid When Scanning And Sweeping

Do not apply too much sweeping energy on infants, very young children, the very weak, or the elderly. The chakras of infants and very young children are not as strong as those of adults and can easily be overenergized and become congested.

The chakras of very weak and/or elderly patients are similarly fragile. Sweeping a weak aura can result in a choking effect on the chakras. This is similar to the choking reaction of a very thirsty person who drinks too much water in too short a time. Weakened and older people are slow to assimilate prana. They should be scanned, swept, and cleared gently, gradually, and over a period of time. They should also be allowed to rest and assimilate prana for about fifteen to twenty minutes before being swept again, or stop the sweeping and begin healing with Gentle Energy Touch.

Important Notes

  • Never sweep the heart from the front. The heart is quite sensitive and delicate and must be swept from the back and not for a long period of time. Too much sweeping may cause the heart to beat faster than it normally does.
  • Do not sweep/clear the eyes directly. The eyes are very delicate like the heart, and you can easily cause conges­tion in that area. The eyes should be swept/cleared from the back of the head and not for a long period of time.
  • Always sweep in a downward motion; never sweep in an upward motion. Sweeping upward will cause the body to become contaminated with congested energy.

Please know that prana scanning/sweeping/clearing is quite safe as long as you properly follow the given guidelines and instructions.

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Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner's Guide to Hands-On Healing by Barbara E. Savin.Gentle Energy Touch: The Beginner's Guide to Hands-On Healing
by Barbara E. Savin.

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Barbara E. SavinBarbara E. Savin is an inspirational author and speaker, Gentle Energy Touch specialist, Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Pranic Healer. Barbara provides individualized energy healing sessions, workshops, seminars as well as clinical and medical hypnosis for guests, clients, corporations, groups, celebrities, directors, producers, at The Ranch in Malibu, California and at Dr. Sharon Norling’s Body, Mind, and Spirit Center in Westlake Village, California. Visit her at www.gentleenergytouch.com.


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