Fix It For Me...Please!

Fix It For Me...Please!

by Marie T. Russell. Were you raised on Fairy Tales?...where Prince Charming and/or the fairy Godmother made everything better... where lovers got married and lived happily ever after (without having to "work" at their relationship). Having grown up with these 'role models' is it any surprise that...

Healing Is Possible: Eight Important Steps

Healing Is Possible: Eight Important Steps

Intensive interviews with people who have made personal and spiritual transformations show several dimensions as being important to their healing. People with miraculous healings show: A belief that healing is possible; A belief in their own personal capacity to heal; etc.

Healing Allowed

As we finished lunch at a spiritual retreat center, one of the participants stood behind me and massaged my neck and shoulders. Suddenly I was jarred by a deep voice booming, No healing allowed here! To my surprise, the retreat center security guard was standing behind us...

Ayurveda Guiding Principles

According to ayurvedic teaching, starting any form of treatment without first dealing with the toxins in the system that have caused the disease will only make matters worse. Toxins may either be eliminated or neutralized. This applies to both the physical and emotional level of disease...n>

Healing in a Sacred Garden

All of us have fond memories of locales we've been to in life, settings where we've felt complete, at peace, and at ease. Often these are places in nature where we feel a strong sense of connection. In our meditations or in our daydreaming, we often spontaneously revisit...

Ayurveda is a Verb

"Doing" Ayurveda does not require conquering complicated Sanskrit terms, memorizing mantras, mastering body contortions, or struggling with religious beliefs. It requires nothing except that you commit your time and energy to your own supreme well-being. What's more, it asks that you do this in as relaxed...

Color for Healing

Color therapy is an ancient approach to healing that has been used since the earliest of times. Decades of research show that color influences our thoughts, our actions, our health, and even our relationships with others. Indeed, many color energies are so powerful that even the visually impaired can sense their vibrations...

Increase Your Healing Ability

Increase Your Healing Ability by Marie T. Russell

by Marie T. Russell. Everyone has the power and the ability to connect with the life energy that brings in healing. You don't need training, though you can certainly learn techniques... If you're wanting to increase your healing ability so that you can use it for your own healing, then it's right there waiting...

What To Do When Stress Strikes

What To Do When Stress Strikes

Slicing huge chunks of stress out of your life can actually be quite easy. But let's face it: Sometimes no amount of planning and organizing can keep stress away. "Down days" are part of life, and there are times when we feel truly blue. What to do when that happens?

Spirit Medicine and Physical Medicine

Spirit Medicine and Physical Medicine

Our view of health care is changing, and increasing numbers of spiritual seekers and health-care providers alike are reconsidering the role that the mind — and by association, spirituality — plays in healing. In the process, society at large is becoming increasingly aware of...

Light The Final Frontier

Life is basically an energy experience. It is now clear that different aspects, or frequencies, of this energy have different effects on our moods, behaviors, and vital functions. Each separate frequency, or color of the spectrum, is the food for the development and evolvement of certain aspects of our being.

Human Harmonies

So sensitive are we to sound that noise pollution has been called the most common modern health hazard. High levels of unpleasant sounds cause blood vessels to constrict; increase the blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates; release extra fats into the bloodstream; and cause the blood's magnesium level to fall.

Healers and Healing Energy

All living things have a natural self-healing ability, but on occasions this ability is unable to function due to low energy. No one can cure another person; a psychic can give the healing energy, but the receiver's own centers distribute it where it is most required. Healing energy is given primarily to balance and encourage the positive aspects and energies of a person.

Fragrance as a Protective Shield

When dealing with the invisible forces people have often used fragrance as a protective shield between them and the perceived negativity. This manipulation of fragrance for spiritual ends binds people very distant from each other in belief, space, and time, and often they use the same widely dispersed species of plant to facilitate more or less the same effect.

Clearing the Atmosphere of Your Home with a Spiritual Cleansing

Clearing the Atmosphere of Your Home with a Spiritual CleansingRooms can have a different atmosphere that cannot always be attributed to such things as decor, light, ceiling height, or even good or bad feng shui. Rooms also have an aroma that reflects all that is in, and goes on, there. Another factor is cleanliness. If a place does not feel conducive to good energy flow, it may simply need a good energy cleaning.

Aura Beautiful: How Your Aura Affects Your Life

Aura Beautiful: How Your Aura Affects Your Life

by Susana Madden. The aura, a field of energy that surrounds people and other living things, reflects the energy of the spirit in that body. Its colors, textures and patterns reveal much information about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. An aura is like a thumbprint; it is completely individual and expresses who you really are in all your splendor...

Magnetic Stimulation

by Eric Benjamin Lowe.

In the past decade, magnets have attracted the interest of many health consumers and have carved out a sizeable iche in the alternative medicine market as a treatment for multiple ailments - from arthritis to back pain. Now a preliminary study, one of the first to provide scientific evidence of magnets' medical benefits, suggests magnetic stimulation may lead to a safe, revolutionary treatment for patients with clinical depression who do not respond to standard medications.

Are Certain People More Prone to Miracles Than Others?

Are Certain People More Prone to Miracles Than Others?Medical tests confirmed that I had been rescued against all odds from a virulent Stage IV cancer that had eaten away my bones and left me dying in agony. I tried to tell my doctors to spread the news that miracles are real. I wanted them to embrace the words of David Ben-Gurion that "in order to be realist you must believe in miracles".

Connecting to Energy

The world we perceive, conceptualize, and think we know is only a surface reality. Underneath it lies a magical realm, more elusive and yet more vivid. Every philosophical, spiritual, and religious tradition, every art form, in every corner of the globe, in every century of human existence, teaches about this deeper reality.

Healing through Deep Sleep

There is a cultural shame that is implied when an individual has the need for too much sleep or feels tired without having a good reason. You have thoughts such as God, I don't know why I'm so tired! or What's wrong with me? And these very thoughts and attitudes negate a simple, natural flow...

Body, Mind, and Qi

According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger damages the liver, too much joy and laughter damage the heart, too much thinking and reflection affect the spleen and stomach, too much sadness and weeping affect the lungs, and anxiety damages the kidneys. This theory corresponds to a psychosomatic explanation of the change in organs, and the origin of disease.

Adrenal Glands Revival

The adrenal glands were long regarded as emergency glands -- pouring out their internal secretions only when a person was confronted by a dangerous situation and had to resort to 'fight or flight.' Later, it was shown that adrenaline is so vital that humans cannot live for 4 seconds if it has been drained from the blood.

Color Therapy

Color therapy is an ancient approach to healing that has been used since the earliest of times. Practitioners of Chinese medicine believe that colors have a profound effect upon health and that illness can be diagnosed through the color of certain parts of the body, including the tongue...

Am I My Personality?

Consider for a moment the possibility of your personality acting as your mask, as the protection you don for the world. Like performers, each of us presents ourselves as having certain personal characteristics. We may be aggressive or meek, loud or soft-spoken, dominating, loving, inquisitive, or good-natured...

Honoring Sacred Spaces

Sacred space is a place where we honor the divine in its material form. The dimensions of a sacred space vary. It can occupy anything from the corner of a room to an altar, a Gothic cathedral, a mountain, the ocean, the planets, the solar system, the universe, or beyond.

Aromatherapy for a Healthy Child

From earliest times parents around the world have taken from nature the herbs and plants they needed to care for the health of their children. In my practice as a clinical aromatherapist I've seen the wonderful healing effect of aromatherapy and essential oils on children.

Bio-Etheric Healing

One of life's greatest rewards is to have control over one's body and to have the power and ability to stay well, and to have the knowledge to heal yourself. Most disease or sickness starts at the Etheric level and most healing starts there also. Make friends with your etheric body - it will work miracles for you.

Bio-Etheric Healing (2)

One of life's greatest rewards is to have control over one's body and to have the power and ability to stay well, and to have the knowledge to heal yourself. Most disease or sickness starts at the Etheric level and most healing starts there also. Make friends with your etheric body - it will work miracles for you.

Bio-Etheric Healing (3)

One of life's greatest rewards is to have control over one's body and to have the power and ability to stay well, and to have the knowledge to heal yourself. Most disease or sickness starts at the Etheric level and most healing starts there also. Make friends with your etheric body - it will work miracles for you.

Colon Cleansing

A toxic colon is a major factor leading to chronic ill health. If the main organ responsible for ridding the body of toxic waste is under-functioning, the effects are irritation and inflammation of the colon, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, headaches, dull eyes, poor skin, spots, aching muscles, joint pains, and depression.

Defending Homeopathy

by Herbert Rothouse, B.PM., M.S. Homeopathy has been maligned, and vilified, and homeopaths have been charged as liars and frauds. All this in spite of 200 years of therapeutic successes.


Osteopathy is a distinctive and complete system of health care which promotes healthy functioning in a person by correcting mechanical imbalances within and between the structures of the body. By structures we mean the muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, and fascia. Its goal is...

Healing thru Osteopathy

A holistic approach to health means that every part of the body is seen within the context of the whole. As all the organs and systems of the body are interconnected, we cannot treat one part without influencing and changing the whole. The cause of a problem may be far from where the symptoms are found.


The whole body is represented on the feet and hands through points that can be individually stimulated to produce a reaction in the corresponding body part. Someone who has a stiff and painful left shoulder following a sports injury, may feel immediate relief in their shoulder as I work the corresponding part on the foot.


The Japanese word shiatsu means finger pressure: shi finger,  atsu pressure. In shiatsu, the fingers, thumbs, elbows, knees, and hands are all used to stimulate or sedate the energy flowing through the body to promote health and healing. Like acupuncture and other Asian medical practices, shiatsu works with the body's energy system.

Essential Oils

by Nicola Naylor. The history of healing with essential oils has often been confused with the history of perfumery or of herbalism. Perfumery is the non-medicinal use of aromatic substances while herbalism is the medicinal use of the whole plant.

Exploring Human Potential

Various esoteric sources have long suggested that human beings are capable of healing one another. Only in the last several decades has modern technology and the consciousness of enlightened scientists evolved to the point where laboratory confirmation of subtle energetic healing has been made possible.

Fingertips Calm The Mind

You may be familiar with the term Relaxation Response. This was coined by Dr. Herbert Benson, who wrote a book by the same title. All stress reduction techniques generate this response, marked by physical and mental features which contribute to good health.

First Aid Buttons

We came into this world with special "buttons" pre-installed. These "buttons" are specific spots on the surface of the body that can be used to regulate the flow of energy in the body and improve your state of health.

Folk High School

A spiritual base is an absolute essential, not only in the role of healing, but in daily living. Any physical disease can affect a patient's emotional or spiritual state, and any emotional or spiritual upset can bring about physiological change.

Accessing Healing Process

It is important to realize that all healing techniques whether they be physical, energetic, mental, or emotional are an attempt to reestablish proper flow. Blockage or stoppage has occurred because somewhere, somehow there has been limited perception. The direction of healing then always moves from the more limited picture to the big picture, from the personality to the essence.

Homeopathy: History from Germany to the USA

by Herbert Rothouse, B.PM., M.S.

Today, homeopathy is widely accepted in most Western or industrialized countries except the United States. In France, some 25 percent of all pharmacies are homeopathic. In England, half of all physicians either use or recommend homeopathy. In India, it is taught in almost all medical and pharmacy schools.

Magnet Therapy: Its History Around the World

Magnet Therapy: Its History Around the World

by William H. Philpott, M.D. and Dwight K. Kalita, Ph.D. with Burton Goldberg. While magnet therapy may just now be gaining more widespread use and popularity in the United States and elsewhere, the use of magnetic energy for healing dates back thousands of years. The earliest written medical text, published in China around 2,000 B.C., mentions the application of magnetic stones to correct health imbalances.

Homeopathy: What is it?

Homeopathy uses substances which create disease in a healthy person, will - in minute amounts - cure disease in an ill person. For example, homeopathy will use minute amounts of poison ivy, Rhus tox, to help cure poison ivy's effects.

Homeopathy: Treating Cause

by Herbert Rothouse, R.Ph., M.S. The word "homeopathy" comes from the Greek words homeo and pathos, meaning "similar" and "suffering", respectively. Homeopathy does not actually concern itself with a germ or a bacterium or the names of diseases because homeopathy does not treat a disease. What homeopathy does is to treat the individual according to his or her discomfort.

Sound and Healing

Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds, identifies healing as the result of a formula he defines as: Frequency + Intention = Healing. This can be accomplished in various ways through sound.?Chant is one way that sound and intention have been combined throughout history to create various states of healing.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing arts system believed to have been created by a friend and a contemporary of Buddha, over 2500 years ago. At first, Thai massage was only practiced in the Buddhist temples. It was looked upon as an extension of the spiritual practice of the monks who performed it.

Healing Yourself using Urine Therapy

Healing Yourself using Urine Therapy

"Me? Drink Urine? Never!" Many patients have exclaimed these words when their therapist has suggested this form of treatment. However, the fact remains, everybody has done it before, namely in the mother's womb. Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.), namesake of the Hippocratic oath, was the first in the Western world to record and teach the practice of uropoty (the drinking of urine).

Basics of Healing Energy

Movement is energy. Emotion is energy. And we all know when we are lacking in energy, for without it we cannot function. The power of our healing work comes from this understanding of energy: we can effect form intentionally...

Chantways: A Song for Healing

In many places in the world when a person is ill, a song is sung to heal. The notion of singing a person to wellness and health may sound strange. You may think it irresponsible of me, a trained physician, even to mention it. But I am not talking about a New Age or alternative treatment. I am speaking of the medicine ways of my tribe...

Inner Health

When I calmed my mind enough to listen to God's Voice within me, I realized I hadn't done anything wrong. The cancer was part of the unfoldment of the part I had to play... Through prayer and meditation, it came to me that breast cancer was an opportunity for growth, just like any other challenge I'd confronted in my life.

Healing with Dream Imagery

In ancient Greece, dreams and visions were the most common method of inquiry into the cause and cure of disease. Galen documented and recorded a description of the effect of images and the imagination on health. He believed that one could study the records of a patient's imagery and dream content to glean important diagnostic information. Such inputs would help doctors help teach their patients to learn how to heal themselves, and help...

Acceptance of Self

When I discovered that my illness was a cancer that needed to be powerfully and quickly released through surgery and chemotherapy, I became quite depressed. I couldn't blame the circumstances of my illness on my environment, for I ate well and cared for my body. I began to reflect on my own lack of selfLove by...

Healing the Emotions

by Barry S. Weinberg. As you continue to journey on a clear path to healing, it is very common for different feelings and emotions to arise. Old guilt, anger, and doubt may enter your mind and heart from out of nowhere. Likewise, new fear, anxiety, and sadness may develop if you see no end to the path before you.

It's In Our Genes

Most of the time, many of us succumb to the thought that something "in our genes" is going to catch up with us. The next conclusion then, is that nothing can be done to prevent it. However, we have been given the conscious ability to choose from life's menu...

Self-Healing Exercises

Psychic or not, we all need to energize and balance our energy centers each day. The following exercises can be carried out every morning and throughout the day as needed. They will energise the body, pinpoints imbalanced areas, and enable us to attend to our own well-being.

What Is Aromatherapy & Essential Oils

Does the aroma of baking bread or hot apple pie make you hungry? Perhaps on a subconscious level it takes you back to a time when your mother was baking for a holiday and at the same time a warm, secure feeling creeps its way into your being...

Listen to Your Body: It Knows What It Needs

Listen to Your Body: It Knows What It Needs

by Zoosh. If you are seeking someone to lead you to physical mastery, seek no further than your own physical body. Look to your ancient tribal cultures, not only in North America, but in South America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand. These people know, whether they tell you or not, how to live in harmony.

Aura Painting: Changing the Color of Your Aura on a Day-to-Day Basis

Aura Painting: Changing the Color of Your Aura on a Day-to-Day Basis

by Judith Poole. In this exercise, we will experiment with changing the color of the aura. Observe any feelings, emotions, sensations, memories and thoughts as we try on the colors of the rainbow. Some colors will feel cooler, warmer, more comfortable, more alert. Be attentive too to how the aura it affected. It may feel compact or porous, loose or tight, heavy, dark, or light.

Why Energy Medicine? Emotional Problems Create Energetic Imbalances

Why Energy Medicine? Emotional Problems Create Energetic Imbalances

by Richard Gerber, M.D. Vibrational or energy medicine has finally found modern-day scientific validation in our Einsteinian understanding of matter as energy. For medicine and psychology to truly advance over the next several decades, we must begin to think about our emotional problems as energetic imbalances that affect the functioning of our subtle and physical anatomy.

How to Manage Stress: One Change at a Time

How to Manage Stress: One Change at a Time

by Dawn Groves. Life doesn't have to be a process of ongoing damage control. There are many things we can do to keep stress from eroding our health and happiness. The fastest way to fix the problems in your life is to remove your stressors. But don't worry; there are alternatives to firing your boss, leaving your home, redesigning your spouse, or trading in your body.

The Dance of Life: Tango Dancing For The Immune System

The Dance of Life: Tango Dancing For The Immune SystemI dreaded turning fifty. My father had died of a massive heart attack soon after his fiftieth birthday. For years, I assumed the same thing would happen to me. Instead, I've been pleasantly surprised... The years since I turned fifty have been ripe with rich, unexpected developments and expansive opportunities.

Magnet Therapy: Magnetic Fields Can Affect The Body's Functioning

Existing magnet application: magnet ringsScientists have discovered that external magnetic fields can affect the body's functioning in both positive and negative ways. The use of magnets and electrical devices to generate controlled magnetic fields has many medical applications and has proven to be one of the most effective means available for diagnosing human illness.

Good Vibes and Bad Vibes are Contagious

Contagious LoveEverything is contagious -- not just germs, but good vibes and bad vibes, too. When a person begins laughing hysterically, watch how others laugh or at least smile. When someone is expressing hatred, notice how those in the vicinity tighten their bodies, develop a defensive posture, and maybe clutch another's hand.

A Self-Healing Personality Can Be Yours

A Self-Healing Personality Can Be YoursI recently met a 'senior citizen' with a childlike twinkle in his eyes, the mental acuity of a 20-year old and the nimble body of a person at least 35 years younger than his 100 years on earth. When I asked his secret, he replied, 'I live right now. I live only in this moment. The past is over, and it is a joy to be on earth.'


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